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The One By Dolce and Gabbana for Men, 3.3 Ounce

The One was launched by the design house of Dolce & Gabbana. It is recommended for casual wear.

Key features

  • The One was launched by the design house of Dolce & Gabbana
  • It is recommended for casual wear
  • This product is a fragrance item that comes in retail packaging

Honest reviews


lovely fragrance, but doesn’t last more than couple hours on my skin

Another authentic fragrance purchase from Amazon direct. The only other fragrance i ordered from non-Amazon was Angel Men from Frangrancenet and that was better than I could have imagined.The One has a very sensual, sweet, ginger, amber, tobacco notes. This is a fabulous date night cologne. I know I can score if I wear this….actually I can score anyway. Ha ha.

Sue Newmanstown, PA

Strong opening turns into good scent

I tried this one and have to say the opening is incredibly powerful and seems to have a scent that is of cloves (Is it the Cardamom?). I have only experienced this with one other cologne, “Cigar”. I didn’t (and don’t like that smell) but waited for it to die down, which it did over several hours. After that, the real and great scent of this cologne came out, and it was very satisfying.I can’t say I would actually buy this cologne due to it’s strong spice (clove) opening, but supposedly women love this stuff. But half of the experience is liking it on yourself as well, soooo.Beautiful bottle on this one, though. Definitely something for night, winter, or fall.I would try it and see if you have a problem with the opening, if not (you might be one of the “non-clove” smellers) you might have a winner. It also lasts a VERY long time, I smelled it the next day after a shower when smelling my wrist.

Sasha Scarsdale, NY

excellent perfume

I bought this because it is a gift, even though the package was lost and it did not arrive on time in good condition, I rate with maximum punctuation that is original and I got very good price, which is not like me not arrive on time and is was unrelago: (…. they are very nice guys reciendo for us women;)

Lillian Secondcreek, WV

good smell

good smell but doesn’t last too long. If it lasted it would be a 5 star but since it disappears in 6 hours or less I cannot give it 5. Great smell for dates though.

Monique Effingham, IL

Stunning Bottle, lovely Smell

I am always looking for new, and unique colognes for my guy friends, and dates alike. Nothing really says I love you, or you’re a great friend than a bottle of their favorite cologne. Therefore, I was sure to do a little research; you know how birthdays are, and believe it or not, this was one of his top three choices when it came to cologne. As such, I decided to buy him a bottle. He had tried it on, and I have to say, I fell in love with the smell instantly. For those of you looking for a quality, and unique sent (being that to me, a lot of colognes smell the same) it’s wonderful; even to someone such as myself. Therefore, this is on the top of my recommendation list when it comes to a great gift for those of you looking.

Nelda New Eagle, PA

Smells wonderful

What a great smell on my man. I love how sexy he smells when he wears this cologne. What a great price as well. I am going to buy him one for Christmas or his Birthday every year.

Hallie Cunningham, WA