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The Naked Bee Vitmin C Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF 30, 5.5 oz

The Naked Bee Vitamin C Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF30 Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF 30, 5.5 oz (163 ml.) 70% Certified Organic. ingredientsVitamin C enriched moisturizes and nourishes skin while providing broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Made with vegetable glycerin, organic aloe vera, sunflower seed oil…

Key features

  • vitamin C Enriched
  • SPF 30

Honest reviews



I loved it. It is amazing. Very matte, no thick white residue. Simly moisturizing. It has strange honey odor but you might like it. I live in Miami and I recommend it. If you have oliy skin and you hate shining on your face. This is the produict for you.

Susie Aberdeen, WA

From my blistering shoulders to you… this is NOT water-proof!

Just a fair warning too all you other sun and beach lovers, remember to reapply often, especially after getting in the water. This is NOT water-proof sunscreen. I discovered this the hard way after a very innocent and enjoyable ride wakeboarding. I then spent a few hours under the blistering heat waves of the sun under a spot where there is surely a hole in the ozone. I’ve had way too many sleepless nights due to the unholy sunburns I have ruthlessly endured from this beach despite the massive amounts of sunscreen I’ve slathered myself in over the years. As I sit here typing this with my boiling, flaming shoulders, it is a sure reminder to me to always put on plenty of sunscreen in the future… and to read the label on the bottle clearly stating it is not water-proof. However, I should mention, my fair-skinned toddler uses the face sticks from this company almost daily and never gets burned. She also wore this sunscreen at the beach the same day as me and since she didn’t get wet and I reapplied on her often, she didn’t burn at all. Some people complain of the smell, I found it to be mild-smelling and sweet, so no complaints here.

Alissa Plymouth, IL

Good under makeup

I mostly use this as a moisturizer under my BB cream. I’m typically sensitive to scents and I find this one rather pleasant, it rather reminds me of what Smarties smelled like when I was a kid. It doesn’t leave a chalky white residue and it absorbs into the skin really fast. With that said, I still use SPF of "solar flare" when I go to the pool with the kiddos so I mostly only use it for a daily moisturizer and on my arms when I go running. It is a sunscreen not a sunblock though so keep that in mind, you will still tan.

Rosa New London, OH

Naked Bee Sunscreen SPF 30

Works nicely, non greasyGood Price and shipped fast

Estelle Pilot Hill, CA

Naked Bee products are excellent

The sunscreen, the natural and effective moisturing qualities and the LACK of harmful additives make the Naked Bee products perfect for our household

Casey Screven, GA