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The Naked Bee Naked Bee Hand & Body Lotion 6.7 oz lotion – Orange Blossom Honey

A natural, paraben-free moisturizing and skin conditioning hand and body lotion.

Key features

  • Natural
  • Paraben-free
  • Helps moisturize skin

Honest reviews


At least the bottle has a pump. Never gets absorbed, makes me sweat.

Smells OK, tube looks OK and actually has something inside for its size, but the stuff just does not get absorbed and sticks on surface of skin, even dry middle aged skin… Makes me sweaty and sticky. Blocks the pores with a thick greasy film. Maybe good for snowy areas and cold climates, so you can warm up a bit, lol.

Holly Oglala, SD

The fragrance was not as hoped

Smelled like cheap handsoap. Not orange-y as I had hoped. It seemed creamy but the scent was just not as described.

Laurel Vanndale, AR

Very Pretty Scent

I gave this four stars because the smell is really nice. It doesn’t stay long enough for me. It does make skin soft and is not greasy, but just not strong enough for me. I like a lotion that the scent stays and makes my skin like butter. I probably will not purchase again. I have had this product for quite a while now and I have changed my mind. I now give it five stars and it DOES last. Sometimes I get caught up with too many products at once.This is truly a nice lotion and I WOULD purchase again.

Shawn Southwest Harbor, ME

Sorry, but I cannot stand the smell!

I honestly hate that I bought this lotion because the smell actually sickens me. In fact, I’ve tried it on two different occasions and each time, I become nauseated and get a horrible headache. I don’t know if it’s the active ingredients or the actual scent but I will not be able to wear this stuff. I bought it because of the raving reviews and how wonderful the smell but come on now, it’s not wonderful at all. Oh well, a waste of money for me. The interesting thing is that the lotion boasts “all the good stuff and nothing bad”. Really? Well, why then does this stuff make me sick?

Concepcion Eubank, KY

Very sweet scent that overpowers

I must admit that I read a few reviews saying this lotion smelled like Pez candy before I purchased, but I thought maybe those reviewers were just exaggerating (my fault, I know!). After a few uses I decided the scent was too overpowering and I had to return the lotion. The lotion itself is adequately moisturizing, though nothing special. I thought I would really like this lotion because I LOVE honey and love the smell of honey, but this didn’t smell like honey to me (just plain Pez-zy sweetness).If you want a decently moisturizing hand lotion that really smells like honey, I would try Burt’s Bees Honey & Grapeseed Oil Hand Cream.

Rachel Genoa, IL

Love, love, love this lotion.

After trying this lotion, I bought 3 more for me, one for my Mom, neighbor, sister-in-law and friends. This stuff is great. It smells wonderful and absorbs well. I have used many lotions over the years – including the other bee lotion – but nothing even comes close to this. Everyone I have given it to loves it. I have tried several of the other Naked Bee products – they are ok – but this lotion is wonderful. Make sure to get the Orange Blossom one.

Ella Wellsboro, PA

Smells amazing

Goes on well and has a great refreshing smell to it’s isn’t sticky at all and leaves skin very moisturized and refreshed.

Sasha Burnside, KY

Great smelling!

This was a gift for my mom for christmas. She loved it and keeps saying how amazing it smells. Highly recommended!

Stacie Montana Mines, WV

I fell in love with the smell………

A good friend of mine let me use a sample of this lotion last Sunday, October 6, 2013, and here it is October 12,2013, and I have this lotion in my possession. It was on my door step when I arrived back at home this afternoon. I purchased it using my Prime membership, and it came right on time for the two-day schedule. It smells ssoooooooo good! I can’t wait to use it tonight once I get out of the shower. Try it ladies, you won’t be sorry. It’s so think and rich too!

Kaye Cambridgeport, VT

Love the Scent, it’s great for a man or woman.

I was given a sample of this product at a store and my husband loved the product. It smells great and feels good on the hands. Some lotions can be too greasy or too sweet smelling, we both liked this product a lot.

Alfreda Ernest, PA


Fast delivery and excellent packaging. Item as described and pictured. Wonderful lotion. I usually do not buy scented lotion but this has the best scent ever and it’s not overpowering. It feels great on your skin. I also bought this product for my daughter and she also loves it and the smell. I Highly recommend and I will be purchasing again! I wish it came in a huge pump bottle.

Araceli Portsmouth, RI

LOVE Naked Bee!

I am a huge fan of Naked Bee products, and I think the Orange Blossom Honey lotion might be my favorite. It has a lovely smell and feels silky and moisturizing without being greasy. Plus I love that I can feel good about using it on myself and my littles without harsh chemical ingredients. Definitely highly recommend!

Janie Ephraim, UT

Smells great

This is one if my two favorite body lotions! it smells great and doesn’t cause a bad reaction on my skin (I have very sensitive skin that reacts to certain lotions) this one doesn’t cause me any problems and I love the smell. Its also made with super light oils so it sinks in very well and isn’t oily. The smell is orange blossom honey but it reminds me of pez candy and I LOVE it!

Concepcion Pleasantville, NY

Smooth and Pleasant

I like the Naked Bee Hand and Body Lotion. I apply it to my hands several times during the day and at bedtime. The smell is good; and I love the way it makes my hands feel. I will purchase this product again and recommend it.

Natalie Witt, IL

Wonderful, delicate lotion for even sensitive skin

I happened across this lotion while during a recent inpatient hospital stay. The lotion they give patients is practically caustic, so my loving hubby found this in the gift shop. From the first moment I used this lotion, I was hooked. It is very non-greasy, which is surprising since it’s based on beeswax. I’ve used other brands that tend to leave behind a slick feeling that doesn’t go away even after wiping hands down with tissues or washing them.. The quick absorption also helps keep my cuticles (the utter bane of my existence, I swear) soft and hang-nail free. This lotion has become my go to prep before mani and pedi’s to get the best results possible. I’ve used the unscented as well as the orange honey blossom, and neither has a scent that is overpowering. The scent on the orange honey blossom is a tad sweet, but nothing overpowering. Paired with a nice, light floral summer scent, this combines to make a very alluring, romantic evening aroma.If you’re someone that suffers from sensitive skin or has bouts of atypical dermatitis, this might be a lotion for you to try. The ingredients are 70% certified organic. Though this certainly doesn’t mean it won’t cause a reaction, but I’m quite pleased to say that I’ve had no redness, itching, flaking or any other sort of sensitivity/allergic reactions that I’ve had with other natural and/or organic products. It’s just a great, luxurious lotion that will leave your skin feeling soft, lightly scented and feeling wonderful.

Allie Port Barre, LA

Oh that fragrance.

I have been using this product for about one year. It is a wonderful lotion, soaks in quickly and leavesyour skin soft.The fragrance is an extra bonus.Love Naked Bee.

Alisa Negaunee, MI

Stop, Hey, what’s that smell?

This stuff is great for my sister, she has eczema and is pretty much allergic to everything. I think I actually hate the way it smells. It smells like nectar and sugar. But, my sister loves that it doesn’t smells like Vaseline, so more power to her and whatever makes her happy, makes me happy.But seriously, I can smell when she walks into a room. This stuff is strong.

Diana Crum Lynne, PA