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The Naked Bee Moisturizing Orange Blossom Honey Lip Balm

Moisturize, pamper, and protect your lips with this natural lip balm. “All the good stuff, none of the bad stuff” — and your skin will surely thank you for it!

Key features

  • Size: 0.15 oz.
  • None of the bad stuff like paraben, gluten, laurel, proylene glycol, mineral oil, laureth sulfate, artificial colors and dyes, phthalate fragrances, or EDTA.
  • No animal testing!
  • All the good stuff like certified organic olive oil & beeswax, soybean oil, and honey.
  • Contains 55% Certified Organic ingredients.

Honest reviews


Decent lip balm, but disappointed in the scent

I purchased this because I was a huge fan of Shadow & Light’s “Black Tea & Orange Blossom Honey” scent. The company went out of business and reopened as The Naked Bee, and claimed that they were using the tea/honey scent in their new products.Not so much. This lip balm smells like bubblegum, and nothing at all like the luscious Black Tea & Honey scent they used to make. I’m very disappointed.

Christy Greenland, NH

Very moisturizing

I bought this product for my son, who hates chapstick but his lips get super chapped during the winter. And I wanted something more natural. He’ll only usually let me do two swipes before he throws a fit and I can say that even that little bit helps keep his lips from being chapped.I realize some of the other reviewers didn’t like the scent, but it didn’t bother me and my son hates all chapstick so there is no such thing as a good scent.

Wendi Deer Park, WI

The Best

Wasn’t to sure about purchasing this with mixed reviews but sure glad I did.Only have used this for a few days now and to my surprise my chapped lips healed .This isn’t like the typical chap stick they goes on dry,this goes on so smoothly and keeps my lips moisturized through the day.The best part is this is all natural With organic honey,orange peel extract,organic olive oil,green tea extract along with other ingredients.As far as some reviewers that wrote the smell is horrible I did not find that,In fact I found this to be the best of all the brands I have used .I would recommend this Lip Balm to anyone.

Joanna Checotah, OK

Nice coverage, great smell and SPF

What more can I say other than it is extremely soft and moisturizing. Bought 3 for xmas presents after I tried and loved it myself!

Kirsten Stanaford, WV

Very Moisturizing

This is great lip balm. Unlike others, this one does moisturize without the waxy build up! I keep it with me all the time.

Briana El Prado, NM