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THE Naked BEE – 2.5 Oz Vitamin C Facial Moisturizer SPF 30 -Orange Blossom

Heals, restores and nourishes skin for a healthy glow. A broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF rating of 30. Made with organic aloe vera and sunflower seed oil & enriched with vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant to help defend against the damaging effects of free radicals that pre-maturely age skin. We also add in honey, hyaluronic acid and palmatoyl tripeptide-3, developed to reduce wrinkles, along with a host of beneficial plant extracts like arnica, lavender, chamomile, calendula, cucumber and alpine lichen.

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My skin looks great!

Dr Oz recommends daily use of SPF30 or higher. Love that this us 70% organic. It is not greasy at all, and it has a smell, but I think it is vitamin c-ish and I don’t mind it at all. Love this and will be ordering regularly!!!

Helene Saint Bonaventure, NY

Menthol smell and too greasy

I have mentioned before that I am trying out new spf moisturizers; the spf alluding to the fact that its for use during the day when the sun is out. This stuff is greasy and smelly. Maybe good for your feet.

Angelia Panacea, FL

Works fine

This product works fine and has a good texture, but the smell is very pungent! Will use this more often in the summer when I need a higher spf and I don’t have to sit inside smelling it all day.

Rosemary Fallston, NC

Best spf moisturizer

This stuff is amazing! I originally purchased this as a gift for a friend & I just had to have it so I bought one for myself. have very oily skin so not a lot of moisturizers mix well with my skin, especially under makeup but this stuff smells soo good and absorbs so nicely you can barely feel anythings on your skin & it leaves it feeling so nice. definitly doesnt leave your skin feeling oily. I highly reccomend you all try this stuff, you will not be disappointed & ive tried evetything from olay to lancome. I have found a day moisturizer for life! Thank you for this great product.

Rosetta Englewood Cliffs, NJ

Doesn’t work in Hawai’i’s sun, but gosh, I love this stuff

Let me first say I LOVE the smell and texture of this product! Oh, how I wish it worked better in our ever-sun drenched climate, but it doesn’t provide enough protection when I’m working in the garden and sweating. The product is otherwise quite heavenly.Update: I’ve come back to add and edit my comment, because here’s what I’ve discovered: I absolutely love this stuff. My skin loves this stuff. I wear it at night – nothing I’ve ever done before with a ‘sunscreen.’ But it’s so hydrating and does not break my skin out like some heavier botanical products. So now I’m hooked. And what I’ve taken to doing is simply reapplying small amounts, especially to my face, throughout the day if I’m outside a lot.I can’t believe some people have commented that they don’t like the smell. But no accounting for personal taste, I guess. Mmmmmm. Love it.

Elba Bristol, TN

Not good for my face 🙁

I really wanted to like this since it is 70% organic, but it broke out my face and made my pores look larger than normal. Other reviewers have commented on the scent and it smells like my grandma’s cheap perfume. The scent goes away after a while and it wasn’t bothersome to me after about 10 minutes. I will use it on other parts of my body, but not my face. 🙁

Ila Monticello, MO

Do not like the smell

I can’t get past the smell, kind of like cheap jergens lotion. And also a bit greasy, heavy. Doesn’t smell like orange or blossoms at all. And, since I will be putting it on my face, it is even worse.I am smelling it all day. So, whether it works or not, doesn’t matter.

Rae River Rouge, MI

Free of all the bad stuff, good moisturizer, but she smell, well……

I am OK with the smell, although I must add that the other products like the hand lotion and especially the thick body cream smell much more like the honey and orange blossom they are supposed to smell like. I am thinking that all the added ingredients like plant botanicals, anti-oxidents and wrinkle reducer, may have changed the smell profile a little. It still smells like orange and honey but not as much as the other products, The added honey is hygroscopic, that is, it attracts and holds water which if of course the best moisturizing effect. The hyaluronic acid can be a problem for some people and it did cause a bit of a sting and slight rash for me in some other products I’ve tried, but it didn’t do that with this cream.Paraben and PABA free is a good thing plus it does not contain propylene glycol (antifreeze!) or mineral oil that can be greasy and clog pores. The best thing about this is that it does not just sit on top of my face like most other products. It absorbs very quickly and is not at all greasy, and I can apply makeup almost immediately after putting this on. The added SPF is a big plus. I will be ordering this again.

Heather Forney, TX

Four Stars

I like the fragrance and feel.

Emilia Wisner, NE

I love this brand

I got the lotion at a store on a whim and loved it so much I looked up where to get more. I found this face lotion and I absolutely love it, my skin has actually brightened too since using it. The smell is fantastic, it doesn’t leave you greasy and it feels wonderful.

Juana Kinderhook, IL

An ok product

i don’t particularly like the smell and its too overpriced to use as a moisturizer or as a sunscreen….so i’m just using it on my face for the sun for now until its gone and then back to something to else

Jordan Orleans, NE

Love this face lotion

I have sensitive skin and this face lotion has not caused any irritation plus it’s not greasy. It does smell really good as well which is nice. So far I’m a big fan of naked bees products.

Tasha Erwin, TN

The Naked Bee

My Husband uses this Moisturizer and really seems to like it ,he is trying to use natural products something he has been wanting to do but waited now he took a step in the right direction, I have used this myself it goes on a little thick but absorbs right into face, doesn’t leave you with that oily feeling he uses this every morning and at night ,I will say he is 100 percent Irish and has super sensitive skin and with other products he has used caused irritation to skin but not this .This is a 2.5 oz tube Vitamin C enriched,70 percent organic with SPF 30 Broad Spectrum with UVA&UVB protection this is Paraben and Paba free with no propylene glycol or mineral oil and is Phthalate-FREE and a BIG PLUS NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS! The active ingredients are Avobenzone 3% Octycrylene3% and Octisalate 5% .Apply 15 minutes before sun exposure and Re-apply every two hours also says use a water resistant sunscreen if swimming or sweating.He really likes the Naked Bee products and the orange scent is unbelievable .This tube has lasted for a while know but will be ordering more for him very soon.I do recommend this this product.

Arlene Osceola, IA

Great texture

I really enjoyed this product. I need something to handle the elevation, wind and sun on our trip to Ecuador and this was perfect. It has a slight pleasant smell and it simply glides on. I loved it.

Casey Munster, IN

I despise the scent.

It smells terrible. I don’t like it on my skin, it broke me out. Though I hate to waste things so I’ll have to find some use for it. Maybe put it on the back of my hands. Too bad, I wish I could’ve liked it.

Lucile Wyndmere, ND

Amazing product at a great price

This facial moisturizer by Naked Bee is unreal! For a third the price of what you would pay in the retail stores, it works great, absorbs well, and makes my face feel wonderful! And it smells amazing!

Kerri Rosser, TX

Great Product, God Awful Smell

This product is great as a wintertime SPF 30 face moisturizer. It has vitamin C which may be the single best ingredient in skin care. It also has honey and hylauronic acid which are two of the best moisturizers. It goes on thick yet absorbent, which no greasy finish. All wonderful. The smell is terrible, unless you like smelling a constant stream of sweetness. I personally don’t like fragrances (especially on my face where I can smell it constantly!) in general and sweet smelling fragrances in particular. It is completely overwhelming and kills an otherwise great product. Because it’s on your face, you will smell it ALL.DAY.LONG. If they came out with an unscented version, this would be a 5 star product hands down.

Kathleen Collinsville, MS

I Think My Skin Likes This…

It’s a bit early to give a full report. Have been using product for only about 1 week. However, I like how the product makes my skin look, which is more balanced and less ruddy. I also like the consistency of the cream. It’s not overly heavy, nor is it watery.I read the reviews prior to buying the cream. People have said good and bad things. Some have commented on the smell. I actually think this has a light orange-y scent, which I like. I appreciate the SPF in it and it so far doesn’t make me want to scratch my face off. Yeaiiiii!!!!Will report further on cream when I’ve used for a longer time.Thank you.

Tina Aurora, IA

Love love love!

I am a 35 year old Caucasian. I have been using Oil of Olay SPF 15 since I was 15. When I was 32, I got on this natural kick and primarily use (and still use) Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil SPF 4. Since my skin is changing again, I wanted a product to use 2x a day with higher SPF. This was perfect! Stumbled upon it on accident, as I had never heard of this Brand before. Read a few reviews and decided to try it.First off, it SMELLS fantastic! It’s nice and light (I tend to have naturally oily skin), this does not make my face feel oily. I am now using it morning and night. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Will be buying more once I run out.

Kristina Yorktown, IA

Naked Bee products are GREAT

After learning about the useless and even harmful additives in most OTC moisturizers, soaps, lotions, etc I discovered the Naked Bee products. They all smell great, stay on the skin without stickiness or oilyness or other potentially dangerous or useless side effects. The sun protection of this product is good and long-lasting as well.

Angel Willards, MD