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The Invisibles 8 pcs Cosmetology Hair Coloring Tint & Brush Kit by Cydraend

The Invisibles 8 pcs Cosmetology Hair Coloring Tint & Brush Kit

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  • The Invisibles 8 pcs Cosmetology Hair Coloring Tint & Brush Kit

Honest reviews


Great kit for a low price!

I have not found a kit anywhere that includes this many pieces for a comparable price.The brush bristles could be a little better… slimmer, a little less scratchy, but these get the job done fine. The rubber on the bottom of the bowl could be more grippy so it doesn’t slip. The plastic on the combs and clips could be less flimsy. At this price though, I can hardy complain about any of this. The bowl even has measuring marks on it. If you are just starting out coloring your own hair, this is the set to buy.

Lou Valleyford, WA

Definitely not bad

The brushes, bowl and combs all work fine. As others have said, the clips are so-so, but you can buy a cheap pack of clips for $5 or less to go with it and you’ll be fine. I’m usually a lazy hair-dyer but when I do have the time and patience to do it the "right" way, even with this cheap kit, it drastically improves the appearance of your hair coloring. I would recommend this if you want something cheap and useful to aid in your at-home hair salon adventures.

Ruthie Riverside, UT

The picture does not show it but everything is clear

I especially like having the clear bowl so you can tell better if it is mixed well. I’ve used it several times and have no complaints, and it comes in a nice plastic zipper bag to keep everything together.

Keri Bountiful, UT


I a revising my initial review. I only give this product 1 stars because the only thing worthy of paying for this product is the color mixing bowl. I have since tried to use this product and the clips DO NOT WORK, they do not hold my hair at all! When my hair is dry they simply cannot hold a lot of hair or slip out all together so I couldn’t even use them for applying the color.I cannot believe the cheap a*S material used for the plastic. The fine-tooth comb feels like it is about to snap in half as I run it through my long hair. Everything, even the brushes are made of this cheap plastic material. This is not the type of plastic that is soft and bends, it’s the type that plasticy and feels like it is going to snap or crack very easily. Usually I never complain about items on Amazon but this is the first item I can say was a complete waste of money (unless you call paying $16.99 for the mixing bowl worth it – NOT!) Also, the bristle material on the brushes just doesn’t seem right. I am not a stylist but I don’t think these brush bristeles are the right material (though I could be wrong on that one.)ORIGINAL POST: I was very disappointed to pay $16.99 for this. I see now that Amazon has lowered the price to $11.99. Either way, it’s a disappointment. The only thing here that I feel is worth anything is the mixing bowl. That came as I would expect, pretty standard. Everything else (clips, combs, and brushes) is CHEAP, 2nd rate, brittle plastic. The kind that snaps and cracks VERY EASILY. I don’t know if the clips hold yet, I haven’t tried them. I would never buy this product again.

Rhonda Bath, OH

A Very Nice Addition To The Home Conditioning Kit

What can I say, I love everything about this kit. If you like to Henna or Indigo treatment, you can use separate brushes from your main conditioner applicator brush. Buy two or more if you want uniformity with your home-spa kit. A great product, and a great buy. I only wish it cam in black to prevent staining A-/B+

Katherine Moorhead, IA

Glad I bought it

very nice set a must have for your little home salon :)very easy to clean and handy

Deidre Cross Plains, TX

Love it.

I’ve been dying my hair at home for YEARS now, and this is the first time I’ve ever used a brush.. and let me tell you, it makes a world of difference. I love how there’s 3 different sizes – one for the bulk of your hair, and a smaller one to get around your forehead and ears without staining your skin. I didn’t end up using the shorter brush, though. And I probably won’t use the combs. But the hair pins really helped in keeping my two-tone hair from touching!

Althea Kansas City, KS


For years i’ve gotten by with no tools for doing my hair. Why I don’t know this is a reasonable good quality mix of things to help you color your hair and there’s a carry tote with it. Things so much easier now. Thanks.

Patti Asbury, WV

Great cosmetology set!

I’ve been looking for a good priced coloring set, I always die my weaves because they never have the same color as my hair so I just die them from this set. It’s very good, I’ve had this for a year now and still going strong! Definitely recommended!

Helga New Matamoras, OH

Perfect All-in-One Set

This is so great! It comes with everything you need for coloring/highlighting/bleaching…And it’s really inexpensive. The pieces seem fragile, but they hold up nicely (hey- I’ve broken far more expensive ones!)And another thing is it comes in a cute pouch so if you like me (losing stuff all the time), can store it away.So whether you are a beginner or not- it’s really a great investment. Highly recommended!:)*Now…if I can just replace the cape I tore….LOL!*

Alyce Petrolia, PA

Pretty good kit for the money

I bought this because the little junky brush you get with the store bought hair dye is like using a toothbrush and takes double the time to apply. I love that this kit comes with the mixing bowl (I’ve been using the little small plastic flimsy cup that came with the hair dye). It also comes with 3 different brushes that have different widths. My only one complaint is that the middle size seems to be very flimsy and bends easily but the others work great.It also comes in a nice clear zipper bag so everything stays together and you won’t have to search for lost brushes when you need to use them.

Dessie Millersburg, OH

pleasantly surprised

I was a bit skeptical of this set. I have never used a brush set before and I only spent the money cause I switched to henna dye.Not only are the bowls, combs, and cilps sturdy but they also rinse clean – this was important to me cause I hate when dye gets on the tools you are using to dye your hair.Some of the brushes are better than others but the set in generally was great.

Joan Stafford, CT