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The Henna Guys Hair and Beard Dye, Deep Red, 1 Pack

Our Henna Hair Dyes and Indigo Powder are one of a kind and are highly Rated Henna products available in the market.Its because we take great care of our hennaand Indigo crops by not using chemicals, pesticides or any harmful agents that are bad for your health.We Triple Sift our powders to ensure finest and smoothest powders ( We lose lot of product in the process but this process ensures highest quality of end product). After Leaves are harvested from plants these are then stored in temperature controlled environment until ready to be turned into powders.We always carry fresh batches of all our products, that being said, none of our Henna powders or Indigo Powders are older than 12 months to 18 months, which is why our powders are very potent with strong stains. We recommend strand tests before application to get desired colors. We research different ways of applicationsand advise our customers accordingly on how to mix different shades together to get over 70 shades.

Key features

  • 100% natural, cruelty free and 100% vegan
  • Pesticides free
  • Excellent natural alternative to chemical hair dyes

Honest reviews


Zenia Henna

I took a chance ordering this brand of Henna. I was used to purchase Jamila Henna, but it seems to be in short supply on here. I used it Sunday, and I was very pleased with it. The sift was similar to Jamila, very fine. I added enough distilled water to make a thick paste and added a splash of apple cider vinegar, like maybe a capful, and sat it in a warm microwave (I heated water in it for about five mins then put the henna in there). This henna had dye release in one hour. Seriously. One hour. None of that sitting it out all night, four weeks, two years foolishness I hear some people speak of. The 3-4+ hour dyeing is long enough, so to not have to wait all that time for dye release is great. I thinned it with more distilled water and applied it. It stains a nice dark orange, and it stains quickly it seems…I just touched my hand to the paste and wiped it off within seconds, but there already a slight stain, so be quick about wiping up any drips. My grays are a nice copper color with this third application of henna. My hair is nice and soft after cowashing and deep conditioning once the henna was rinsed out. Would definitely purchase this again.

Leonor Presidio, TX

Fixed my damaged hair!

I color my hair alot and my hair was fried. While it didnt really do a good job coloring my hair, probulary cuz they are a ton of chemicals already in there but it sure did restore it. My hair is softer and shiny. And the stuff does stink so be prepared. It makes the hair feel like you washed it with dirt for the first two days when you first get it out, but feels awesome after the next shampoo

Blanche Johnsburg, NY

Decent product, terrible customer service

I’ve used body art quality henna on my hair for years, purchasing it from a reputable online store. When I saw this product on Amazon, however, I was intrigued by the application instructions, which stated that you didn’t need to add an acid and let the henna sit for 12 hours to allow the color to develop before applying. Since the application method was simpler and less time consuming than the product I was currently using I decided to give it a try. The application process was simple, the odor of the henna mild, and the final color was nice, a deep auburn. I did like that the package contained enough henna for 2 applications and that the henna did not dry my hair, but when I contacted "The Henna Guys" via email prior to coloring my hair to verify that no acid was needed for the product, I never received a reply. That irritates me, as I feel that if a company wants my business they should provide excellent customer service, including a prompt response to all queries. It is especially vexing in this instance, as the package and instructions state that they typically reply to all emails within a half hour of receiving the email. So, will I purchase another product from this company? NO! Will I recommend the product to friends and other Amazon customers? NO – the product is not unique enough, and the customer service is abysmal.

Carolina Gallant, AL

Gorgeous, long lasting burgandy color!

My hair is overprocessed, I have been bleaching it for years and had dyed it red with a box dye a few months ago (loreal r57 cherry crush). My hair was breaking, falling out like crazy and I am trying to eliminate chemicals from all of my beauty products, and typical box hair dye is overloaded with nasty toxins.I was afraid to try henna, because people will tell you that your hair will turn orange-its not true! Henna has saved my hair and I have never received so many complements! I ordered the burgandy 100 gram, and it provided me with two applications (my hair is past my shoulder blades). I mixed half of the package with water and a plastic spoon (no metal!), put it in an empty jumbo hair dye applicator bottle from Sallys, and applied it. It was so easy! It’s not even messy, just make sure you have a damp washcloth handy to wipe up spills on your face or sink immediately. I saturated my hair, wrapped my head up in saran wrap, and went to sleep. I left it in for 11 hours, then washed it out and conditioned it. When it was dry, it had a bit of a brown orange tone, so I prepared the remaining mix, added a raw egg, and reapplied it on my hair. I left it on for five hours, heated it with a blow dryer for about five minutes, then washed it out. Remember that henna takes two days to fully develop, so be patient. It looked good when I washed and dried it, but WOW, it looked even better two days later! It has a gorgeous darker burgandy/brown tone, its shiny and soft, and I have not had a bad hair day since! My scalp does not itch like it does after using chemical dyes, and it looks so rich and healthy! I am so in love with henna, I just can even describe the difference that it has made! Customer service is so helpful, and will respond quickly to any questions about the product. Henna is addictive! I am trying the blend of burgandy and deep red next! Remember that if you aren’t getting the deepness of color you want, or it looks orange, henna it again and again until you achieve the color you want! Also, if your hair has been bleached in the past, as mine has, it does take more reapplications to keep the color. It’s just something you have to live with until the bleached portion of your hair grows out and you can cut it off. Henna is excellent for controlling oily scalp, which was not a problem of mine, but would be very beneficial for some people. I didn’t have any problem with the smell that some people comment about, and even though I left it on for over 11 hours, I did not get a headache. Love henna!

Joanne Elkport, IA

Absolute best Henna in the World

I am very satisfied with the purchase of this Henna. I used it today. It has a very smooth consistency no clumps or anything. It was easy to apply and because of the smooth consistency I was able to color my whole head. The color is absolutely fabulous. This is the best Henna I have ever used. I will definitely be purchasing again when it’s time for a touch up 🙂

Graciela Macon, NC

great dye to get your hair black

I use this after my henna treatment and man my hair looks so healthy and jet black. I love it. I don’t like regular hair dye it smells so toxic. This is healthy for your hair and really makes it look great. The application is messy as hell but it is for sure worthy.

Cathleen Butler, IL

Great product

Great product, very pure and reasonably priced. Packaging was great, arrived in perfect condition and earlier than expected. Gives a very nice color to my hair that really lasts! I will be purchasing all my henna from this company from now on.

Maricela Fruitland, MD

good color

I have been using henna for 2 years I have medium to dark brown hair with 10 percent gray. This henna dye releases instantly and the color gave me a deep shiny cherry red. I loved it. The only down side was the henna continued to bleed every time I washed my hair. Luckily it has not stained my towels. The color has faded since I first did it. If not for that I would have given five stars. It still beats chemical dyes.

Rosanne Lincolnville, ME

jo jo east baltimore

This is the real deal in Indigo, used it mainly when I use regular henna to achieve more brunette henna color! Once in a while I will add it to my Henna Hut brown in fall and winter months for deeper brown color!

Gwendolyn Carville, LA

it’s okay.

Be aware, the indigo, doesn’t works without using the henna previously. with henna you get good results. Be prepared to expend 7 hours with the henna an the indigo.

Jolene Dupont, IN

Like it/love it!

Okay, so my hair was half black (front), half red (back). My original hair color is a dark auburn brown. I know they say that these color are not good for darker hair types (which I find ridiculous seeing as it’s henna, which was discovered my Indians and most of them have dark brown to black hair, but w/e). But I’m a rebel and wanted to see what it would do for me. The front (chemically dyed black): Is now a subtle, yet beautiful deep red when the sun hits it. The back (chemically dyed red) is now just a deep fiery red. I love it.What to expect: Even after 3 shampoo washed, like the instructions read, it still bled. I’m not fussing about this, but what I did not like was the staining of the hands orange for 2 weeks after the initial application. Every time I touched my hair, more orange stains. *sigh*they have finally subsided (although my nails are still orange, but nothing that a little nail polish wont cover up). And yes, my mother used the gloves while applying (although the gloves supplied were cheap and broke on her, thus her getting orange stained hands for a couple of days) . The orange came about while rinsing in the shower and then styling my hair then after.With that being said, I still love the color in my hair. Will use the second package next month to see if it deepens/ intensifies the color. As I have very thick hair, I needed the entire 100 grams. My mother who is an ex-beautician (and who I also had apply the henna to my hair) tells me I probably wont need the entire package next time for the touch up. Here’s to hoping! So, if you have dark hair, don’t expect the intense fiery red you see in their models, but if you like subtle, almost natural looking deep red, then yes. try it. Next time, I’m going to use surgery grade no-latex glove for application, as well as washing my hair in the shower. It’s a long process, so I suggest having a shower session dedicated to nothing but your hair (specially if you have thick, curl/ wavy, ethnic hair, like myself).

Verna Ghent, KY

I really love this Henna!

I have never used Henna before; but I really love this.What I will say is that you MUST follow the two-step process! (I tried short cutting the process, and I did not achieve the Jet Black color). But I spoke with customer service and they advised me to use the two-step process.I didn’t add anything else to the mixture. I just used hot water to the mixture, let it stand for 4 hrs, put it in my hair and kept it in my hair for 4 hrs.I ABSOLUTEY LOVE IT!!!

Addie Sigel, IL

Great stuff overall…

I mixed mine with lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, and water. I let it set for 12 hours too just to be on the safe side. My hair is almost black, but this gave it a nice red hue (especially in the sun). If you can put up with the smell, I’d definitely recommend. I kept it on for 4 hours, and it seems to have faded a tad, but is still somewhat noticeable.

Corinne Telford, TN


AWESOME COLOR!! I’ve been using henna for years now and I always get the same orangey red color, not this time. The red is so brilliant and awesome. Looks like My head is on fire

Maryellen Francis, OK


Amazing color and great quality, I actually didn’t use the whole packet so I can touch up in about 6 weeks! I mixed my henna (this time) with the hibiscus and the color is amazing. I have dark 1b African American nappy or however you want to call it and my hair loves this stuff. It does deep conditioning but I still recommend in doing a deep conditioning treatment bc the henna can leave the hair a lil dry for a couple days. I left it on over night (about 7 hours) but prior to applying it I let the mix (henna, hibiscus, honey,acv, cinnamon, tresseme conditioner, oils, and hot boiling water) sit over night. The henna process is MESSY but this was my 2nd time applying it and it wasn’t as bad as the 1st application…still messy tho lol…it’s worth it. My hair now is a deep purple, subtle and not loud…I am a proud henna head and will be purchasing again soon!

Mindy Daniels, WV

The best henna I have ever used

I have been applying henna to my hair now for 2 years. It’s messy, it’s time consuming and it’s worth it. This color, deep red, has everything I was looking for in a henna. My recipe is deep/dark red, mixed with one egg, 2 tsp of coconut oil and a splash of lemon. I steep hibiscus tea and use that as the water. If you can stand it, leave in for 6 plus hours.

Lela Lester, AL

No Other Henna Will Do!!

I’ve been using henna for over a year. The other company i was with before only had a few colors. My hair was already a reddish tint & i had always wanted to go redder. This definitely didn’t disappoint! It’s a beautiful, rich deep red & my hair feels like heaven!! They definitely have a dedicated customer with me.

Shelia Brownsburg, VA

good coverage, color, and cost

I have used henna hair dye before and this is one of the better brands.All henna sucks to apply but I have to disagree with most of the reviewers on the smell level – I didn’t notice an odor to this brand while the last brand I used definitely had an odor.It did take about 2/3 of the package to color my short bob hair because I have really thick hair.It also takes about 30 minutes to wash out.My hair feels soft and looks shiny. I hope the color will darken in the next 48 hours.I highly recommend The Henna Guys.

Anna Hermann, MO