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The Healing Garden RainWater Body Mist – Tender Lavender: 6.4 OZ

The Healing GardenTM – Nourish Your Skin and Soothe Your SoulTM Let a soothing sense of calm envelope your mind, body and spirit with this lavender infused rainwater body mist. Light, silkening conditioners band with the moisture in your skin allowing the calming scent to linger. Dermatologist tested. 6.4 FL OZ (189 mL)

Key features

  • The Healing Garden – Nourish Your Skin and Soothe Your SoulTM Renew your mind
  • body and spirit with this green tea infused rainwater body mist. Light
  • silkening conditioners bond with the moisture in your skin allowing the renewing scent to linger. Dermatologist tested. 6.4 FL OZ (189 mL) IngredientsAlcohol Denat.
  • Aqua/Water
  • Parfum/Fragrance

Honest reviews


mmm great smell

I love the smell of this product. If you like lavender you will love it! I use it at night before I go to bed just so I get that relaxing smell and I love it! it is not strong at all.

Flossie Fall River Mills, CA

Smells Great

I love this body spray! I’ve used it for a long time and glad to find it available on amazon. Simple lavender smell that isn’t too complicated or over the top, just a simple lavender smell. Love it.

Brigitte Poynette, WI

Healing Garden lavender body mist

I have been using this product for over 15 years, at least 3 three times a day! Nice way to start the day calm, and always a little spritz on my neck right before bed. It’s the nicest version of Lavender I have ever experienced.

Kristie Coolville, OH


I had so many ask me, WHAT KIND OF PERFUME IS THAT?I bought 2 before,I just bought 2 now,sometimes ill wear it with more perfumes to create my own smell & others likes it !!most of time ill spray it on me over my clothes,it really lasts a long time,mine lasted a whole 8 hours,its a calming scent and smells so good,you can spray it on after a bath or over your clothes, i do !!i love how the purple makes the bottle so pretty to !!be creative,spray it on for your lover, yourself,out to a party,after a bath !!EDIT I ORDERED 2 MORE SINCE I LOVE THESE,HAD A HARD TIME HUNTING DOWN TO E MAIL THEM,———————————————————————-MY HUSBAND SENT THEM THIS TO THEM VERY ANGRY ABOUT THIS I NOW HAVE TO CHANGE 5 STARS TO ONLY ONE !!Items were loosely packaged with only one protective bubble tube. The cap of one bottle was dislodged and over halfof the material was spilled. Went on line to initiate return but was informed that flammable materials can not be returned.Would like a refund for the cost of one bottle and its share of the handling costs since it was not handled very well.One other question, if I can not send the hazardous item back to you or amazon, just how did you get to send it in the first place.I know you will just ignore that question, but I wanted to ask it anyway.————————EDIT A FEW DAYS LATER,IM GETTING A REFUND,THANKS AMAZON .BUT WE HAD TO GO ROUND & ROUND, TO FIND WHO & WHERE,HOPE THIS DOESNT HAPPEN TO NO ONE ELES,HERES WHAT THEY SAID BACK…Hello,We’re writing to let you know we processed your refund of $34.95 for your Order from BIGFLYSPORTS.This refund is for the following item(s):Item: The Healing Garden RainWater Body Mist – Tender Lavender: 6.4 OZQuantity: 2ASIN: B001KYS87MReason for refund: Damaged during transitHere’s the breakdown of your refund for this item:Item Refund: $23.98Shipping Refund: $10.97We’ll apply your refund to the following payment method(s):Debit Ca $34.95We’ve processed a refund for the above order in the amount of $34.95. The refund should appear on your account in 2-3 days if issued to a credit card.Refunds issued to a bank account typically take 7-10 days to reflect on the account balance.———————————————————————we contacted the seller,Thank God he was nice Enough to return my e mail,Amazon Shame on you,Im a 3 year devoted fan on this Web site,Will i take a chance to buy more? PROBLEY WILL AS I LOVE THIS STUFF!!Because There working with me,Ill make One star up to 4 stars,It doesn’t deserve 5 stars Tho !!

Lora Havelock, IA

Great Product poor packing

I bought this as part of a Secret Santa gift. The scent is fabulous but it was hand wrapped in a very tight plastic bag which squeezed the bottle and the cap was not screwed on tightly, so product leaked from the bottle into the bag. I would have sent it back but it was exactly what I wanted, and I did not have time to replace it. The leakage also did not damage the label so I was able to dry it off and include it in the gift basket–less was better than none. I give 5 stars for the product and 1 star for the seller.

Shawna West Liberty, WV


smells great; not too much of a lavender fragrance if that’s what you’re going for, but still a nicel fragrance that stays with you.

Elisa Livingston, AL