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The Brush Guard Variety Pack

The Brush Guard is an entirely new brush care product which allows brushes to be washed and then dried in the best way possible: bristles down, and then stored with the vulnerable bristles protected. The Brush Guard is a new, patented product which takes brush care to a whole new level of easy, effective hygiene. Visit our website for more information:

Key features

  • The Variety Pack has all four sizes.
  • 1 ex small shadow/liner, 2 small for blush, 2 mediums for foundation, 1 large for Kabuki/Powder,
  • The Brush Guard makes brush hygiene easy, and keeps brushes in perfect shape.
  • Clean brushes + clean make-up = beautiful skin!
  • Brushes are a touching experience–make it better with The Brush Guard.

Honest reviews


It’s Alright

Pros: great for traveling as my brushes won’t get squashed and the bristles mishapen. If your brushes have stray bristles sticking out after washings or has splayed out and isn’t as compact or dense as it used to be, the brush guard will really fix these problems. So these are the things that I love about the it.Cons: Some of my brush handles are actually very thick, so I had to use the brush guard meant for powder brushes on my blush brush. One of the blush brush guards actually fit my powder brush.This is included in the instructions, but I’ll mention it as well. Do not put your brushes in this bristles first. You will ruin your brushes. Also, there may be some fraying of the brush guard when you use it the first time. This is normal. I just hope it doesn’t fray all the way, as then the product will be useless.Make sure that when you wash your brushes, that you gently squeeze the excess water out and maybe even blot with a towel. Otherwise, your brushes will be dripping wet and take forever to dry.Also, unless you store your brushes upside down, dust will still get on your brushes. If you have the room, just keep them stored upside down so dust doesn’t settle on them.I may or may not purchase more, but I’m happy with the variety pack I’ve already gotten.Update: I’ve found if the brush gaurd doesn’t properly fit a brush and you dry it upside down, it can backslide and make some of your bristles fray. This is exactly what I was trying to avoid when I bought this product. With so many different brushes, it’s hard to find a good fit. I guess I’ll just lay my brushes flat to dry from now on. This is still good for traveling, but you can always use a brush case as well for traveling. Also, it takes longer than usual to dry my brushes with this product.

Wendi Rock Island, WA

It is a great product for drying brushes

I was fortunate to find these at a select mass retailer for a slightly lower price. Before using them right after I shampooed my brushes, I started to flex them and stretch them out because I noticed that the opening can be stiff and at times the opening is not opening all the way open. I did it a few times before I felt comfortable in inserting my brushes. My natural hair brushes took a little bit longer to dry but it still didn’t take long. My synthetic brushes took about eight hours to dry, basically overnight, but I have low humidity in my room. I usually have several brushes to spare while deep cleaning other brushes so I don’t care if they don’t dry quickly. I plan to get some more, specifically for my eyeshadow brushes, but plan to get the small Brush Guard instead of the extra small. The extra small seems to be too small for my eyeshadow brushes but I guess I have the big handle brushes.

Merle Dunlap, CA

Fray easily, otherwise easy to use and helpful for cleaning/traveling

I bought this pack to help with cleaning a couple brushes and I also use them for travel to keep my brushes nice. They fray pretty easily, which is a bummer, but I guess they are not too expensive to replace.

Estelle Keego Harbor, MI

My brushes come out perfect!!

I’m soo glad that i bought this item! I wash my brushes once a week and the fact that i can use the brush guards to keep the shape and allow it to air dry is amazing! I’ve washed my brushes before and tried to figure out a way of drying them without having the water run into the bottom of the brush and ruining the glue that keeps it together but they’d either be ruined completely or the brush would be, for a lack of a better word: deformed.I take care of my make up brushes a lot and when I trvel I like knowing that when i go to use one their not messed up at all.The Brush Guard Variety Pack has definitely saved my brushes from being thrown away and me from having to buy new ones every couple of months 😀

Sherrie Boonville, IN

The idea is GREAT!

Seriously, this is a great idea! However, I don’t think it’s worth the price. It’s just a tiny piece of plastic. I definitely expected more. If it came with at least 10, I would be more happy. I have at least 40 brushes… so… I’m not sure I’m gonna buy more. Yet, I still recommend it.

Jodi Rock Falls, IL

Love this!

What an awesome idea, brush protectors. Used to be that high end companies automatically included a brush cover. No longer. These are especially useful for travel, helps keep make up off of inside cosmetic bag.

Pauline Thousand Oaks, CA


Received before eta very happy with product quality will be ordering another set soon to cover all my brushes !!!

Maricela Blanding, UT


Not a huge makeup addict, but I have my beauty enhancers and corresponding tools. IMHO this is a great invention and really complements brushes in general. Good for travelling, storage, drying your brushes upside down to preserve the glue holding the bristles together, or just for throwing your brush into your toiletries basket. Doesn’t fall apart even after a year of use. Doesn’t get warped out of shape.

Adrian Tornado, WV

need it!

I use these daily, since I clean my brushes everyday, it’s really important my brushes are dry by the next makeup application. It dries the bristles nicely and keeps their shape. Probably will extend the lifetime of many of my makeup brushes. I’ve already bought two sets and will buy them as my brush collection grows 🙂

Cathleen Mc Indoe Falls, VT

An essential for anyone who owns brushes!

Simply put: awesome.I’ve always had a problem with brushes splaying when I dry them. Not anymore. I have purchased 3 variety packs and I love them! Wash your brushes, squeeze out the excess moisture, then slip on the brush guard that easily accommodates the brush head. Lay them flat, or standing brush side down in a glass and let them dry. They dry perfectly. Can’t say that I love them enough!

Vanessa Palestine, IL

Poor quality, started to tear on first use.

I’m not impressed. These are very cheaply made, not worth the price. I used them just as instructed and a few of the guards started to tear as I was carefully, so I would not damage the bristles of my brushes, pushing the guards up towards them. Either I got a defective package of these, or they are simply poorly constructed of cheap materials. I suspect the latter. I will not be buying more.

Martina Thornton, KY

expected more

I guess i was expecting more brush guards to be in the package but there was only a couple. so i guess this is part of business so that i have to buy more to get more. but it was okay all in all.

Bridgett Grulla, TX

i love it

i love it,so amzing and it’s a great company,i recommended this to all my friends,its such a nice protective wear for your make up,i will recommend this to a lot of other people i knoe,i really like it

Cindy Mcclellan, CA

got what i expected

I ordered these as sort of an impulse buy,after watching so many YouTube tutorials claiming these guards were “key elements” in keeping your makeup brushes maintained. They arrived in a small envelope,which was weird. Contains 6 brush guards : A Kabuki/face guard. 2 blush/concealer guards,2 eyeshadow guards and a small lipliner/liner guard. They do shape your brushes and make it easier to dry them,so i would recommend this to any makeup junkie like me (:

Megan Chester, MA

Brush Guard

Good for storage and travel but does not do a good job with the drying time, takes to long to dry in these.

Nikki Shannon, MS

Bought these many times over…

Love this product and have bought more than one… They work wonders keeping my brushes looking good and staying under control in my brush bag (girls, you know what I am saying here!) Give them a try & I promise you won’t be disappointed… PS: Be sure to wash those brushes at least once a week and your complexion will sing…

Hilda Tina, MO

Great Idea!

These are great! They are sturdy enough to put upside down and have enough ventilation to let the bristles dry faster. The only reason I held back from giving it 5 stars is because they seem to get dirty easily. Also, the bristles sometimes get smashed too much that they deform the brush and get stuck in a teardrop state. Other then that, I really love these!

Edythe Victoria, TX

Brush Guard

The brush guard is a great tool for drying your makeup brushes as well as for protecting your brushes while traveling.

Rosanna St John, VI

You need these, really.

These things are completely irreplaceable. If you don’t already own a set then you need to get it, now. If you do then you already know what I am talking about. They have actually fixed some of my old splayed brushes (clean with soap and water mixed with olive oil or brush cleaner, slip them on, then leave them alone for a few days brush side down in a glass) They do what they say and make cleaning your brushes a snap. My only problem is one brush that I can’t put it on because of the shape of it, but that’s the brushes fault really. (It has a pencil sharpener on one end, weird brush but I adore it.) Other than that my only regret is I didn’t buy them sooner. On the buying side I should have shopped around before I bought these here, shipping took forever and I ended up buying another set from another seller that had prime shipping and were cheaper.

Cleo Cloverdale, VA

The Brush Trees Sidekick

Keeps my brushes looking new by reshaping them to their original form.So glad I finally bought these & what a great price!

Marie Oak Grove, MI

love this

i have bought so many of these and i will be buying more for my sister. They are the best. try the variety pack!!!

Stefanie Viola, TN

Great item

I got the tip for these from Michelle Phan and just as she said these help you to keep your brushes in great shape while drying or travelling.

Mayra Ennis, MT

loved them

I watched the youtube video about the brush guard made by michelle phan and since it is pretty cheap, i ordered them.The brush guards fit really well on all of my mac brushes except kabuki – it is slightly long.i cut the length and applied a thin coat of clear nail polish and it still works fine. i re-ordered couple more sine i have a lot of brushes!

Marsha Yettem, CA


I got a variety set for my brushes, and they fit properly on all my straight-angle brushes. It does slow down the process of drying, but you’re not suppose to dry your brushes with this on them anyway. I feel in need of this since I travel a lot, and the brush guard helps to protect my brushes. Although personally I think it’s just a net and shouldn’t cost this much, it’s still a very handy and useful tool.

Danielle Glide, OR

It’s ok

Well I know it’s only $5 however for the price I wish the makers can do little bit better and include few more brush guards… It does what it say ….

Carly Haddock, GA

Protects my shape

These guards are awesome! I love how they easily slip on over the brushes and conform to the shape. My brushes have frayed less and dry much better than they have before. Will be ordering more!

Christy Mc Gregor, IA


Perfect way to dry my brushes after washing them. I’d recommend them to anyone who’s serious about taking care of their makeup brushes.

Goldie Murray, IA

As seen on Youtube!

I saw this product on a youtubers channel that i subscribe to and i decided to buy it, so far they work just as described/shown… its just that my brushes are taking forever to dry, maybe its just my brushes. oh well. the product is great and i will definitely be ordering more!

Penelope Jonesboro, AR

Great tool

I use and take this every where with me. Keeps the bristles in place and not ruining them. Keeps the dusts out and when I wash my brushes this helps with protecting and keeping any bacteria from sticking to them when they are wet.

Lola Passumpsic, VT

Great starter pack

This has a few of all the sizes and they work fantastic for keeping your brushes in great shape. If you want to buy more of just a certain size though you can get them at but this is a really great product.

Tonya Prairie Farm, WI