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The Brush Guard Powder/Kabuki Pack 4 Large

The Brush Guard is an entirely new brush care product which allows brushes to be washed and then dried in the best way possible: bristles down, and then stored with the vulnerable bristles protected. The Brush Guard is a new, patented product which takes brush care to a whole new level of easy, effective hygiene. Visit our website for more information:

Key features

  • This package contains 4 of the largest size of The Brush Guard, sized to fit your largest brushes, including your kabuki brushes!
  • Slip over the whole kabuki brush from direction of handle, then ‘squeeze’ it out in the same direction.
  • Price includes tax [excluding California] & shipping for domestic orders.

Honest reviews


Fits great and protects my brushes

I love these for traveling and every day storage. It keeps my brushes in nice shape. I keep my makeup brushes behind a lot of stuff so the cat won’t scratch her face on them and pushing the guards down fraying out the bristles. It collects dust on the guard so my brushes don’t have a bunch of lint in them. A little circle of dust will collect but that’s okay, I just dust it off and use it. It’s better than the whole brush having fuzz.

Ana Mastic, NY

Does what it says!

Works very well in getting your brushes back to it’s original shape. If you have expensive brushes, this is a must have!

Maryanne Clinton, NY

Great for large brushes

I bought these Brush Guards because the protective case for my kabuki brush was slowly disintegrating, which made it harder to keep it in good condition and still take it with me on the go. I was not disappointed– the brush guard is easy to use and fits well over a M.A.C. #180 buffer brush. Definitely give it a try if you are regularly taking your makeup brushes with you or need a way to keep the brush’s shape intact while drying after cleaning them.

Nanette Veradale, WA

Excellent tool to maintain Brush shape

If you have makeup brushes, you absolutely need these Brush Guards. They are expanding plastic mesh tubes that fit over your makeup brush handles, and then you slide them up to cover your brush head. This way, your brush will maintain its shape and not fall prey to the dreaded splay that always occurs in all brushes. Your cleaning regime should include these guards as well. After you have washed your brush, and blotted the excess water, you slide these guards on your brush and then place the brush upside down in a cup on your vanity or sink to dry. Your brush will be ready to use the next day and will have also been shaped like new by this brush guard.There are several sizes from the largest to fit Kabuki brushes down to the smallest eye shadow brushes. The packages marked with the company Coastal Scents are the exact same products as the Brush Guard name brand. Be careful and don’t be fooled into purchasing copy cats. Coasta Scents and The Brush Guard brand are both genuine.I have makeup brushes from the Real Technique collection which have very large round brush handle bottoms and the Brush Guards all fit nicely.

Meredith South Walpole, MA


I use these all the time and my brushes look like new again! I usually put the guards on after I wash the brushes and leave them to dry. Love this!

Concepcion Obernburg, NY

Brush guard powder/kabuki

I use these all the time and they are great for face brushes. I might invest in the brush tree you can get on amazon for about $20 that is easier to use though but these are great

Jenna Lamar, OK

excellent case for brushes

Bought Brush Guard–Powder/Kabuki Pack. excellent case for brushes. Brush holds its shape very well. The hair does not stick out. Similarly, I will buy more.

Estelle Edgemont, AR