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The Brush Guard–Foundation Pack

The Brush Guard is an entirely new brush care product which allows brushes to be washed and then dried in the best way possible: bristles down, and then stored with the vulnerable bristles protected. The Brush Guard is a new, patented product which takes brush care to a whole new level of easy, effective hygiene. Visit our website for more information:

Key features

  • This package contains 5 of The Brush Guard sized to fit your Foundation Brushes.
  • Brushes will last longer and work better.
  • Clean brushes + clean make-up = beautiful skin.
  • Tax [excluding California] and domestic shipping are included in price.

Honest reviews



Never knew what a difference having a way to wash and dry your makeup brushes could make. All my brushes look brand new as if they were never used! I have some very expensive brushes so this is a very inexpensive means to keep my brushes in tip top shape! Love it!! Very affordable. Brush Guard also has excellent customer service so if you have an issue, they will address it ASAP.

Barbra Calais, ME


Work just as good as other brand but a more reasonable price. They sent me an extra pack due to package lost in the mail.

Eula Osborne, KS

Great investment for your brushes

You really do need this if you want to extend the life of your brushes and keep them from getting splayed.

Annie Carteret, NJ

Love these brush shapers!

These brush guards work perfect for shaping your brushes after a cleaning while drying. I love them. These are perfect for maintaining your makeup brushes.

Clare Fort Atkinson, WI

can’t live without it!

i found these by accident and what a blessing. when i wash my brushes (everytime i use them) i place them in these guards and the brushes stay the way i purchased them! they’re like new! i also feel confident when traveling that my brushes won’t get messed up at all because these guards protect as well as keep them in their original shape!

Lauren Cortlandt Manor, NY

Love these

Fits my brushes nicely, keeps dirt and dust off my brushes and keeps their shape after I wash them. I recommend these to any makeup lover!

Madeline Port Jefferson, NY

Good quality!

These are decent for traveling and maintaining the shape of brushes. They run on the small size so they can be hard to get on larger handled brushes and brushes with large, dense hairs (ex. bronzing and powder brushes). They are a little loose on certain brushes, and I am scared that they will end up sliding down the handle and pull the hair back, but for the price and durability you cannot beat them!

Virgie Overbrook, KS

excellent case for brushes

Bought the Brush Guard–Foundation Pack . excellent case for brushes. Brush holds its shape very well. The hair does not stick out. Similarly, I will buy more.

Doretha Frost, MN