The Brush Guard Cleaning Kit

This is the first ever complete make-up brush cleaning kit to get the ickies out! What are the Ickies in your make-up brush? Dead skin cells, oil, dirt & dust, bacteria and old make-up. Yuck! Don’t put the Ickies on your face! Cleaning and drying your brushes is fun with The Brush Guard Cleaning Kit. Suds up with the luxurious Squeaky Clean Brush Shampoo’s organic natural anti-bacterials and conditioners (refills are $12.95). The unique Washing Cup is designed to release the Ickies. Blot the bristles, shape them and slip on The Brush Guard. Now let your clean brushes dry bristle-down in the ventilated Drying Vase. Gravity pulls moisture away from the ferrule (the metal part) so your brushes last longer Your brushes dry in perfect shape. Store your brushes with The Brush Guard on to safeguard the tender bristles. (Variety Pack retails separately for $8.95) The Brush Guard Cleaning Kit is the first-ever complete brush care system, so special that it’s patent pending. Please visit our website: for a demonstration.

Key features

  • The Brush Guard Cleaning Kit is the first complete brush care kit to Get the Ickies Out.
  • Each kit has: 4 oz. bottle Squeaky Clean Brush Shampoo with natural anti-bacterials & conditioners,
  • 100% ultra soft and absorbent bamboo blotting cloth, Washing Station with special textured cleansing surface
  • Ventilated Drying Vase and a full Variety Pack of The Brush Guard.
  • The first complete brush care kit to keep your brushes, your skin and your make-up at their best!

Honest reviews



If you,re on a budget, it wouldn’t be worth to buy this whole set because you can get the brush guards for 5 dollars and the other stuff that come with this set are only brush shampoo, a small towel and 2 small cups, which you can always improvise for a baby shampoo and your own similar cups at home that you dont use. If practicality and frugality are your priority, just get the brush guards and substitute everything else.

Jaime Pearl, MS

I love this cleaning kit!!! life is so much easier now! =)

There are two cups. The teal colored cup has is textured at the bottom of the cup so that you can scrub your brushes at the bottom and remove the makeup and bacteria off the brush hairs. Also, I like that the other cup has openings to allow the brushes to dry. However, I only put my eyeshadow brushes in there because my face brushes takes too long to dry in such an enclosed space. Even though the towel is small, it feels really nice and great for wiping off excess water from the brushes before putting it in the brush guards. The brush guards are amazing. A classmate had originally given me a set for free. I love that they have a variety of sizes to fit big, medium, and the smallest brushes (eyeliner and brow brushes). The brush gaurds can be sold separately. Its nice that they include some in this kit. They are also stiff so it sits up in the cup rather than sliding downwards. I am not a huge fan of the cleaning solution. Its really thick and difficult to get out of the bottle. I like the bare minerals cleaner a lot better. But overall, this is a great deal for a cleaning kit!! I LOVE it!!

Shelley Yukon, OK

Stop Playing

If you don’t have this already, you need to get some. I switch from the expensive MAC cleaner to this. It does the same or better job as the expensive ones, but you get a bonus, the brush guards and drying cup. This left my brushes fresh and back in new condition. They looked like new brushes after the first use. Also, this product is pushing a much need message, "Clean your makeup brushes, keeps your makeup contaminate free and last longer". In exchanged some of the breakout you’re having will disappear after you start cleaning your utensils after each use.

Nadia Sonoma, CA

Brush Guard Kit

The brush guard is a great tool for cleaning and drying your makeup brushes. The guards are great at protecting your brushes while traveling.

Raquel Davis, SD


This is okay. I’m not overly thrilled with the cleaner. I think you would do just as well to drop some Dawn detergent in a plastic (disposable) cup and swish the brushes around. Then rinse. I did like the sleeves that came with this to keep your bristles from bending and getting out of shape. Just don’t think this was worth the money.

Morgan Higbee, MO

Great basic kit…

When I saw this kit, I just had to get it, as I wanted a wash cup with a textured bottom. Another company has an insert based on this premise for a solvent based cleaner, and I thought the same concept would work well when washing/shampooing my brushes. How all the products ‘nest’ in the cup for storage is nice.Just don’t expect this kit to clean all your brushes equally, as not all brushes are equal or get used the same. Depending on what you use your brush for; it may not get clean with just shampooing. If you use a brush for foundation, concealer, long-wearing cream eye shadow, primers, liners, etc., then you most likely need to dip your brush in a solvent based cleaner first, blot it on a paper towel until you ‘break down’ or dissolve the product on the brush. (Synthetic hair brushes are more forgiving to be used and handled this way.) Many of the new formulations contain ingredients that are almost `water resistant’, so you have to break down the product before you can get the water and shampoo to do its’ job. (Note: Isopropyl Alcohol 70% works great as a solvent for the job, with the added bonus of disinfecting your brushes.)This kit is great because you do not have to get the shampoo on your hands, because all the shampooing is done in the cup. Read the directions, as you first wet the brush, then put a drop of shampoo into the wash cup, then swirl, buff and wash your brush in the cup. (Don’t fill the cup with water then a drop of shampoo…) Be gentle when cleaning your brushes–don’t splay them out, just shampoo the tips and capillary action will work the shampoo up the bristles. Rinse well. While firmly holding the handle, I like to shake the brush, hitting the ferrule against the heel of my hand to ‘flick’ the water out of the brush before blotting. The cloth is more on the plush side for this type and works well.Bottom line: The brush shampoo got red pigment out of a dual-fiber stipple brush that I use for blush that stubbornly was left behind from previous cleanings. This kit can greatly assist and ease your routine brush maintenance. The brush guards really do make a difference in the brush heads when they are dry. I plan to purchase some extra brush guards because I tend to wash a larger variety of different sized brushes.

Bessie Auto, WV