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The Brush Guard Blush Pack 8 Small

The Brush Guard is an entirely new brush care product which allows brushes to be washed and then dried in the best way possible: bristles down, and then stored with the vulnerable bristles protected. The Brush Guard is a new, patented product which takes brush care to a whole new level of easy, effective hygiene. Visit our website for more information:

Key features

  • This package contains 8 of The Brush Guard sized to fit your blush and contour brushes.
  • Tax [excluding California] and domestic shipping are included in price.

Honest reviews


Good product!

This is a good product for traveling and washing brushes. They are a little hard to get on the brush, but if you fiddle with them right you can get them on. I have some Real Techniques brushes that are wide at the bottom, making getting these on a little tough, but overall they are decent. I’m afraid they will slip on my brushes and pull the hair back because they are not very tight. I will probably end up cutting them down to a good size for my personal needs because they are quite long. Good value though!

Alisha Cleveland, OH


I like this product especially when I go traveling. It protects my brushes from damage to the bristles even the brushes that I store permanently.

Ada Box Elder, SD

Love these

Blush pack fit my brushes nicely, keeps dust and dirt out of the bristles and keeps the shape of my brushes.

Aisha Monaca, PA

Excellent, must-have product for every make-up user

The Brush Guard is such a simple yet elegant idea. There are a variety of sizes in the pack, it’s affordable for everyone and it works wonderfully to keep my expensive brushes in as-new shape. I don’t know how I ever did without The Brush Guard. If you invest in good-quality brushes, you absolutely must buy The Brush Guard!

Joyce Mustang, OK

A MUST for anyone who uses makeup brushes.

This product is super affordable, and worth every single penny. It works, and is a MUST for anyone who uses makeup brushes. My favorite feature of these brush guards is they make splayed bristles like new again. They also keep bristles well protected during drying, or storing. If you don’t have them, please don’t think twice about ordering them. You will not be upset.

Delores East Bend, NC

excellent case for brushes

Bought Brush Guard–Blush Pack . excellent case for brushes. Brush holds its shape very well. The hair does not stick out. Similarly, I will buy more.

Lucia Marcus Hook, PA