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The Body Shop Exfoliating Body Polisher Skin Towel, Green

You’ll love how these exfoliating skin towels are fast drying, too….

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Be independent – scrub your own back!

With the change of seasons, these exfoliating towels are invaluable!Never mind expensive treatments or fancy spas – these towels will start you on your way to soft, smooth skin. LOVE THEM! Unlike loofahs on a handle, these are soft and can be used as back scrubbers without a lot of twisting and turning in the shower.Pick a color – any color – to match your bathroom, your robe, or just your mood.

Ora Sedalia, CO

Not quite what I expected

This exfoliating skin towel is not a proper ‘towel’ so much as it is a slightly rough polyester sheet. It is very long and so can be used to scrub your back and other body parts by holding both ends, and I imagine that the exfoliation helps your skin absorb lotions. However, I would not use this on the delicate skin on my face as I feel it is too rough. A decent product, but not what I expected.

Carmen Burt, IA

Great buffing cloth.

I really like these cloths because they do a good job of exfoliating. I have been using this type of cloth for about 9 years and I am glad that I found these on Amazon since they are scarce now in my shopping area. Will continue to purchase these if they remain available.

Alison Oreana, IL

nothing compared to the salux

this was pretty soft on my skin and thats not what im looking for to exfoliate with i want to feel really scrubbed down and clean also this is not very durable upon washing my body it was very flimsy to hold and balls up and the material comes un done pieces of string comming apart and the ends. i felt like i didnt have a good showerif you would like to view my review on the salux wash towel you can find in under the white one i reviewed or click on my profile to find in the there alsoif you have specific questions about the location of this towel (in the trash lol) or any other questions comment below

Gay Bedminster, PA

Love this item

I’ve used Body Shop products religiously for the last 20 years, and this is one of my favorite. It replaces a back brush (this is long enough to get your back from all angles when using two hands) and bath mitts. It’s absorbent, so it holds onto your shower gel pretty well and you’ll find you need less gel than when you use bare hands. If you’re not a gel fan, you can wrap your soap up in the towel and get a similar exfoliating experience.A few more pluses–they last forever, rinse easily, dry fast, don’t get stinky, and you can use them to clean the shower/tub if you’re one of those “I didn’t use all of my shower gel, so I should use the rest to clean this place up!”

Deanna Newman Grove, NE

Great exfoliating Skin Towel!

This towel works so well. I just add some liquid bath soap and I feel super clean and soft! Great for reaching your entire back.

Jannie Oregon, OH

Exfoliating skin towel

I loved this at first and it does exfoliate very well but after a while it has frayed and come apart somewhat.

Allyson Bevington, IA

Why didn’t I know about this before?

I’ve been a loofah user all my life. I had never heard of or seen this product prior to purchase. It is a great towel for washing your body as well as gently on your face.

Charmaine Charlton, MA

Polishes and buffs for soft skin.

I love this thing and have bought several of them over the years. They really exfoliate well, foam up nicely with body wash, and are easy to keep clean as they dry out quickly. The first time you use it, you’ll feel like it’s too harsh, but give it time and wear it in, and you’ll love that scrubbed-clean feeling. My post-shower body lotion just soaks into my skin instantly after I use this skin towel. I can’t feel properly clean and glowing without one.

Ester West, MS

Love it.

Everyone should have one. My significant other fell in love with mine and so I had to get him one of his own. 😀

Dominique Frazee, MN

Towel is very big

This exfoliating towel is very big, works great at cleaning the skin and removing dead skin cells, little hard to use in the shower though.

Lynda Nara Visa, NM

Really works

It isn’t too harsh on the skin, as long as you don’t rub hard your skin shouldnt get irritated. It does its job well and exfoliates wonderfully. It leaves my skin, especially my feet, elbows, and knees super soft. I use it like 2 times a week.

Naomi Ridgetop, TN

Not too rough

I’ve been looking for a replacement for my favorite exfoliating towel, but they’ve all been way to abrasive. This is the first one I’ve found that works for me. It’s even bigger than my old one, which is nice. Very happy with it!

Yolanda Lynnfield, MA

Just love it one of my recommended must haves!!

I have used these Body Shop Exfoliating Skin Towel for over 15 years. They are the best. They leave my skin smooth as a babies bottom. There isn’t a pimple or a dimple on my body. My boyfriend loves how smooth and soft my skin is. All you need is a good gel soap or any moisturizing soap really, then use Shea Butter. It gets rid of the dry skin without irritating your skin.

Nanette Brady, TX