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The Regimen – Complete Acne Treatment Kit

The Regimen ( is the most reliable way of completely clearing the skin with no side effects. This is the complete Regimen Kit in 8 ounce bottles and should last 1-2 months. Most people see improvement right away, and the vast majority of people achieve completely clear skin in 3-4 months (or faster for many people).

Key features

  • The Regimen Products will help the vast majority of people achieve completely clear skin. This is a big claim, but we confidently say it because it is the truth. You will see for yourself.
  • This kit contains generously sized 8 ounce products and should last you for approximately 1-2 months on The Regimen.
  • Kit contains (1) A pH balanced ultra-gentle irritation-reducing fragrance and dye-free liquid cleanser. (2) A pharmaceutical grade triple milled 2.5% benzoyl peroxide–works as well as 10% without the excessive irritation. (3) A powerfully calming, intensely hydrating, completely non-comedogenic moisturizer which goes on clear and absorbs quickly.
  • Includes a step-by-step guide to help ensure you get maximum results from The Regimen.
  • Formulated by founder Dan Kern.

Honest reviews


produt is OK,but poor delievery

when i received it ,i foud one of the set was opened.I hate this action.Why it will be happen?The product is good but poor delievery.I don’t know who use it.I am angery that the stolen action.I hate this action.It’s a good set in all

Goldie Fort Riley, KS

Awesome results!

I have been dealing with cystic acne for years. Despite a very clean diet of mostly raw foods, no gluten, dairy or meat for the last 10 years I still had cystic acne. I bought so many expensive products and nothing worked. I decided to try the set and wasn’t very hopeful it would work. I’m amazed at the results!! I haven’t had any new breakout’s since starting the regimen, my face is competely clear and beautiful! I won’t ever stop using this regimen.

Robert Streeter, ND

2.5 % doesn’t do it for me. Like the wash and lotion.

I’m 47 and suffer from hormonal chin acne. I’ve been using 10% gel and non alcohol extra strength stride x pads for both my acne and large pores with good success but thought it would be better to use a more complete regimen. Sad to say that the 2.5 % is not strong enough for me and I’ve been breaking out. Couldn’t stand it so went back to the 10% and it’s much better. Unlike the other reviews, I really like the soap, it reminds me of an over the counter face soap called Phisoderm. Not sure if they still make that stuff but it was good. Anyway, I also enjoy the moisturizer too. I have an oily face and this is a very light moisturizer. Sinks in quickly and is nice under make up. I’m going to continue the cleanser and moisturizer but pass on the benzoyl Peroxide.

Delia Jasper, AL


I have struggled with acne since my early teen years. Fortunately, birth control pills, retin-A, and other medications seemed to bring it well under control in my late 20’s-early 30’s.Then, I started trying to get pregnant, and had to stop everything I was using. As a result, my face exploded! I have spent the last 4+ years either trying to get pregnant, pregnant, or breastfeeding. I am now on my second pregnancy and I was at my wit’s end with the acne – I actually went to three different dermatologists because I was hoping and praying somebody would give me the miracle I was looking for. But nobody really wanted to help me since I was either trying to get pregnant, pregnant, or breastfeeding. Somehow, I stumbled on some Youtube videos for, and thought it looked great, but didn’t think to actually try it myself. Fast forward to the beginning of my second pregnancy, when my skin was at its all-time worst. It was actually painful physically, not to mention the emotional toll it was taking on my life. I would literally sit and cry because the acne was making me so miserable. I don’t know what finally prompted me to just try! Of course, I got clearance from my doctor that the benzoyl peroxide was safe to use in pregnancy.So I ordered the regimen form Amazon b/c the shipping is a little cheaper. During the first few weeks of use, my skin definitely felt a lot better, but I didn’t see a ton of change. Then, of course, came the somewhat brutal flaking/drying period of about 2 weeks, which was very frustrating. All I can say is this – stick through it, it wasn’t too bad (yes, I was flaky faced for a little while, but people either didn’t notice or just didn’t care), and it DOES get better. I remember during that time having SERIOUS doubts whether the regimen was actually working or whether it was all a big hoax. I visited the website daily for moral support and tips on what to expect, and sure enough, within maybe two months of starting the regimen, I witnessed the start of a miracle transformation!!!Now, 7 months into it, and I am blown away by the results. All active acne and bumps, cysts, pustules, and PAINFUL pimples along the jaw line, you name it, are GONE!!!! I’m not exaggerating! I am easily 99% clear! I do get the one little tiny flare-up every now and then, but it is there and gone in no time. The only reminder I have at this point are some red marks on my cheeks and forehead, but those cover up nicely with makeup, and the AHA seems to be doing a great job in fading them.I never thought any of this would be possible. I’ve consulted with so many dermatologists, estheticians, etc., and I’m wondering if they really actually know what they’re talking about! This is so simple yet so effective. And I just love using the regimen every day, it feels so good soaking into my skin :)Please, if you’re thinking about it, JUST DO IT! And if you do it, just stick it out, it’s a little tough at first, but it gets so much better.Good luck on your journey and remember, it’s never hopeless 🙂

Rowena Roosevelt, NY

best acne kit i have used

First off i’m 31yr old Male. I battled acne in my teens and by my 20s seems like it was gone here and there. but using a medicated face wash twice a day did the job for me. And all of sudden about 9months ago acne came back no idea why.. maybe stress?? I didn’t want to have to go see Dr just yet and looked to see at my OTC options. I ended up getting proactiv which cleared me up and worked well for me. I should point out that I only got toner and repair lotion and used my own wash. Than i discovered and realized that everything i had been doing for acne i was way off, i thought drier is better.. i thought scrubbing was better. While proactive seemed to work it was just to expensive, bottles were tiny.I got this kit from along w/ JoJoba oil too. And this kit is great. very well priced. The wash is ok, i mean its not better or worse than some of the store brand ones. but the Benz cream is the best part of this kit, great value for amount you get, its a gel not cream so dries clean. the lotion is also ok, its a bit heavy, meaning i can feel it on my face. dont get me wrong its does a great job of moisturizing and would be great for winter but with summer around the corner i can see this lotion being a challenge. I may get clean&clean; clear lotion for daytime and use this for night time. this lotions has great soothing effect, esp after shaving. all the products are fragrance free, which for guy is great, i don’t need to be smelling like roses and lavender. I will be adding AHA to my next order to have complete kit and will be tossing all my other facial products. Get this kit!but if you are looking for help with your acne, highly recommend this kit. its works great, and its great value for the money. Been using it for about 2weeks now will give update in few months.Update 5/20/2013I have been using the whole kit now for few weeks. I have only broken out once, on small zit. My skins has never looked better. I actually ordered another large kit now to have as spare and wife (no acne problems) loves the lotion and jojoba oil.

Leta Studley, VA


This product is amazing. I have only had this product for one week and in less than three days I saw results. It has dried up"all" my acne. Because I have very oily skin I thought the moisturizer would make my skin oily all over again but it did not. It just balanced my skin out from being too dry. You won’t regret buying this product.

Faye Shorter, AL

mostly great

Wonderful products. I will say that I don’t care for the cleanser, hence the 4/5 stars – I don’t like the strong fragrance. As someone with acne and sensitive skin, I don’t want to risk using ANY fragrance on my face, so I stick with Neutrogena Ultra Gentle creamy formula (scent free). But I love the other two products.

Lauren Ekwok, AK

it is fine

I like it very much it is work well with acne but it hurt a little bet when I applied it at morning so i stop use it at day and keep use it at night and it work good

Juliette Franklintown, PA

Love it

I love these products it’s clearing up my skin so much I notice the diffrence. It does dry the skin a bit but not so much if you have oily skin.

Erika Goodman, MS

it works!!

Anyone who wonders whether this works or not should check out this girls’ YouTube journey: Viviana GarzaHer acne was much more severe than where mine was, but watch how it completely clears her very severe cystic acne over the course of just a few weeks! I personally have been on this for about a week now and am already seeing similar very effective results. Actually I felt and saw results after day one. Before receiving the kit, I actually tried the Regimen’s procedure with products I had around the house, AcneFree Severe cleanser + Clearasil’s Benzoyl Peroxide cream + elizabeth arden moisturizing cream. It didnt’ work. The day I received the Regiment kit, it started working. I don’t know what is in this stuff, but it works! I follow the directions very closely and my face is starting to clear up so fast! Even those areas where I just had tiny little bumps are going away! You should purchase this from’s website though to get free shipping!

Sallie Topock, AZ

So worth it!!

This stuff WORKS!! Not to mention costumer service is so helpful. Upon arrival of my Initial order the JoJoba oil had soiled my entire package. I contacted customer service nd they sent off an entire new order! So wonderful. Also, did I say how well this stuff works!? If you’re looking for an answer for clear skin give this a go! I used proactiv and it worked for the first year then it just stopped working for me. Kept at it for another year hoping something would magically happen again, and well, nope. I found this just by searching the web and never looked back since. Saved my skin! As a mother of two its embarrassing to walk around with acne, thank you, Dan!!

Hazel Lahmansville, WV

It is way too harsh on the skin

I made it passed 3 months hoping to see my skin completely clear like most reviews said. I followed it religiously (by the 3rd month I wanted to scream it was so annoying). If my results were great I would have continued but these products are just too harsh and drying on the skin. I have people ask me regularly if I am sunburned. Although it kept most of my deep cystic pimples at bay, I constantly saw them trying to poke through and they would get very itchy. It wasn’t a good enough improvement for me to stay on the regimen. I went to a specialist and she told me to definitely stop the regimen and that my skin was screaming for hydration. It is a shame because I wanted it to work. I wish those of you trying Dan’s regimen the best and I hope it works for you! Unfortunately it didn’t for me.

Tori Avella, PA

acne treatment

didn’t work out for me

Minnie Vinton, IA

The only real stuff

This clears the face if followed as prescribed. Godd stuff, if you are in a need and have spentmoney on facails and useless drug store products you must try this. It is the only stuff I have seen work.

Fanny Tofte, MN

best product

Best Acne medication ever my son is a musucian and his skin is clear worth the expense give it try

Sheryl Houlton, ME

Clearest skin I’ve had in years!!

My skin was never really that bad, I had the occasional breakouts which always seemed to be in the same spots, and that never completely went away, I have a ton of scars on my cheeks from said breakouts. But after I switched to the oil cleansing method as a more natural approach It ruined my skin. My face broke out in a way I had never seen and nothing could fix it!! I tried everything!!! Literally. After using this for 2 weeks my skin got really dry and flaky so as directed I reduced the treatment to once a day, didn’t use it on the dry areas around my mouth an nose and didn’t let my face dry out completely between steps (as is indicated in the directions). It has been 6 weeks now and my face is so clear! It is even making my scars less visible. I’m 32 and just so sick of breakouts so I’m happy I finally found something that could help. My skin has never been this clear. It still breaks out monthly due to hormones but other than that it looks amazing.My advice, FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS!! If your skin gets really dry, reduce the treatment and don’t use it on your dry irritated skin. Let your skin adjust. Put the moisturizer on while your skin is still a little damp and mix some jojoba oil in with it if you have to. Don’t just write it off because you overdry your face. Find the balance that works right for your skin! Good Luck!

Katie Kelton, PA

Stop wasting your money THIS ACTUALLY WORKS!!!

Ugh ive tried so many different types of acne treatments out there I wish I had found this way sooner, but Im glad I finaly did. I found this on youtube and i never looked back and I highly recommend this to anyone who’s struggled with severe acne.

Georgina Carp Lake, MI

Did not work!

This product really did not work for me. I had big expectations after reading all the wonderful reviews, but after two weeks I really did not see any improvement and I still had acne appearing often. I thought that if I would use it for over a month, the results would be better, but it really did not do anything for me! I am going back to my old acne products!

Jolene Greeley, KS

didn’t help with my cystic acne 🙁

sad to say but this regimen, didn’t help with my acne. Had to return it. Still have to look for something than works!!! i like the cleanser though, it’s very gentle and all natural

Lacy South Bend, WA