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Thayer’s: Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera, Lavender Toner 12 oz

A natural gentle skin toner derived from a time honored Native-American formula. Now people with sensitive skin have an alcohol-free lavender witch hazel toner, with delicate, soothing, calming natural lavender water. This all-natural toner for healthy looking skin adds moisture while helping to protect the skin from airborne impurities. Witch hazel helps tighten pores and to smooth and beautify the skin. Thayers proprietary witch hazel extract (derived from the bark) is not distilled, thereby maintaining all the beneficial natural tannins.

Key features

  • Un-distilled witch hazel cleanses and moisturizes
  • With lavender water and aloe vera
  • Free of alcohol, parabens and propylene glycol

Honest reviews


Not as good as you think.

Look at the ingredients:Ingredients: Purified Water, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf (Certified Organic Filet Of Aloe Vera), Glycerin (Vegetable), Hamamelis Virginiana (THAYERS proprietary un-distilled Witch Hazel) Extract, Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract, Citric Acid, Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Seed Extract, Tocopheryl (Vitamin E) Acetate.That’s way more ingredients than your usual Witch hazel (i.e., T.N. Dickinson’s). Tocopheryl Acetate is going to irritate your skin, especially if you’re acne prone. This lacks alcohol, but the extra stuff made my skin breakout. The fruit extracts – I don’t want that in my astringent. Keep it simple, people. This stuff also leaves a film that’s just disgusting. I’m going back to T.N. Dickinson’s. It’s cheaper and got the job done without the extra stuff. Witch hazel should be the #1 ingredient. Yeah, there’s the 14% alcohol content, but it’s naturally occurring and not artificial. And using it sparingly is fine – more than 2x day is what breaks you out or wrecks your skin, in my experience. I regret buying Thayers.

Eunice Jefferson, TX

I actually prefer the Rose scented version of this product

But to add that I do like this one, it is just that I can’t use it often. I suspect that it is the lavender it contains. Even in the thick of the summer heat and humidity, when I use it straight for a week, my skin develops dry and rough patches, and I have extremely oily skin. So at times, I use it when my oily skin becomes too much to handle. If your skin can tolerate lavender and have oily skin, this is a good choice. I also detest that the bottle is not travel friendly once you open the bottle. It leaks like crazy.

Thelma Hertel, WI

Great product, but scents are a bit off…especially lavender

I’ve used the rose version of this toner on and off for years. It’s relatively cheap and easy to find. However, although the rose scent is good, it’s a bit overwhelmingly floral and poofy. Not in an artificial way, but just a bit odd when compared to the rest of my regimen. I saw the lavender version online and knew I had to try it – I couldn’t find it anywhere in stores. I guess I know why it’s not stocked at stores now. I’m actually surprised that I don’t see more reviews on the scent of the lavender version. I love lavender, and use the essential oil and lavender scents for many things. But I would never be able to tell that this is supposed to be lavender in the least. It smells kind of like baby shampoo, if I had to place it – almost soapy, although there is no soap in it of course. I could see it being a potential alternative for a man who wanted to get away from the overly floral scent, but I don’t know otherwise.My face is really crazy and I had to stop using any kind of cleanser earlier this year and just start toners instead to wipe down in the morning and evening, so it’s hard to say that there’s much difference between the scents that I’ve tried (rose and lavender). I do like that neither have alcohol (most witch hazel toners have hidden alcohol). I like the way it makes my face feel, although the rose is better in this regard. Maybe I just can’t get past the “lavender” smell.If you are looking for a REAL lavender smell, try [ASIN:B0084TIFAQ The Homestead Company Alcohol Free Witch Hazel PM, (Lavender/Chamomile) Plus 100 Facial Cleansing, Cotton Pads (Bundle)]]. It is more expensive since it’s smaller, but I liked it a lot.

Raquel Kanona, NY

I prefer the Rose one.

I’ve been using the rose toner for much longer time, and after trying this one out, I decided to go back to the rose one because it suits my skin better. I have combination to oily skin, and the rose one is soothing and balancing. I just didn’t feel the same with this one.

Ina Alakanuk, AK

does the job

I bought this because I have been using witch hazel for about a year now and the smell of just plain witch hazel is not so great! Lol I decided to give this a go and I like it. It tones my face, takes off any remaining makeup left behind from my face wash and doesn’t dry my face out. The smell is ok, not my favorite, I have another scent by this brand that I enjoy much more.

Cristina Mansfield, AR


I am all for natural & organic & this product fits the bill! Very gentle on the skin & it also smells great!. The added Vitamin E & Aloe Vera are an added bonus, plus it’s good for your skin & will not sting or irritate. It’s great for every skin type. I definitely recommend this for everyone!

Patty Green Pond, SC

Moisturizing Toner

I started using this after a friend suggested it to me when I was in the dry mountains of Colorado last summer. I always thought that toners dried out my skin but this toner is now in my daily routine and i haven’t had any winter dryness this year and know it’s due to this witch hazel toner! i have only used the lavender and it’s very gentle on my skin.

Geraldine Macon, IL

doesn’t do much for me

Nothing wrong with this product, and I know it is loved by many. The truth is, though, that when I use it, I don’t get much of a sensation other then that of a cold water splash. I prefer a non-alcoholic after shave balm (check out prorasa pre-post).I am sure this stuff is great if you are a witch hazel fan, I just don’t perceive the benefits for myself. I still have an almost full bottle, and I will use it up, so if my opinion changes, I’ll edit this in the future.

Carrie Richards, MO

best ever

I use this once or twice a day. doesn’t sting, doesn’t leave you feeling sticky and it works! i refuse to live without it.

Peggy Gordon, WV


i like it, it nice to try. And it is alcohol free, nice for my skin,the smell is nice. Ha!

Antoinette Seldovia, AK

great to stop bleeding and make pores look better (short term)

I use this if something starts bleeding, and the bleeding quickly stops! Helps wounds heal faster and neater. I like the smell, but oddly I always have weird dreams if I apply this near my nose at night (I used it for a while around my nose area hoping it would shrink my pores). It does help the appearance of pores in the short-term, but eventually the effect seems to sort of wear off. I don’t use it around my nose anymore and just save it for the occasional popped pimple therapy. If you need your pores to look better for something the next day, I’d use it the night before, though. It would probably be good to use the night before getting close-up photos taken.

Willie Ector, TX

very light pleasant smell

I love the smell of this toner…I use this in the morning after I wash my face and at night also. I then use my moisturizer on top and so far it seems like everything is fine. I haven’t had any break outs. The aloe is a nice touch. Worth the price and you get a large bottle

Estela Lockport, NY

Five Stars

I have loved Thayer Witch Hazel for years and now love the lavender fragrance……

Muriel Cripple Creek, CO

Good but makes my face shiny

I get the same refreshed/clean feeling after using this witch hazel with aloe on my face, as with the original witch hazel original.In fact, it even has more of a cooling feeling, than the kind without aloe.However…. i noticed this type makes my face seem very shiny. I don’t know if I like the shininess too much. I will have to see if my face gets used to it, otherwise ill probably only use this when Im not going out for a few hours til my face stops shining.

Jimmie Ketchikan, AK

It’s good

I just started using it and I like that it has no alcohol, but it’s nothing super special. I just like he fact that ingredients listed are organic!

Patsy Sparta, NC

great value

I love this because it doesn’t dry out my skin. It removes makeup residue wonderfully, I would definitely recommend it.

Diana Tickfaw, LA

WIll buy again

This is hydrating, for someone with combination skin, I find that it gives just amount hydration, on lets say my nose, which can be oily. It takes the oil away, without feeling like its stripping. Im interested in the other varieties because this is a quality product. I put some in a small travel bottle, so that if I ever feel like my face is dirty, like on a muggy day, I can clean my face, and feel good about it.

Madge Coalton, WV

Excellent low-cost toner

Highly recommend. The scent is great, cost is great, effects are great. I recommend buying it with organic cotton balls.

Jolene Counselor, NM

Use as toner after facial cleansing

My favorite use for Witch Hazel is that you can use it on the skin on your face AND neck by just simply applying with a cotton round. This product is gentle enough it will not be harsh on your skin and almost has a calming effect. I use witch hazel applied with a cotton round in the morning and evening after washing my face. Especially after I have taken my makeup off at night. Helps to remove extra dirt and makeup left behind by facial cleanser and helps to balance out the PH level in your pores after cleansing to prevent breakouts. Better deal price wise than purchasing a toner or astringent. You get so much more for your money. Don’t forget your neck ladies! This product can be used on your neck so don’t forget about that gentle skin as well. It collects dirt just as much as your face!One a week I tip a Q Tip in witch hazel and use to clean the outer part of my ears. Makeup and dirt collect in there as well and witch hazel pulls it right out! My face feels so fresh afterwards

Leah Hiland, WY

Great Product

Really works well to keep my dry, sensitive skin blemish free. Pores are smaller and my face just looks healthier since I began using this brand of witch hazel. I love that it’s alcohol free.

Sandra Orinda, CA

Neither too drying nor too moisturizing

I’m simply going to repeat my review for the Rose Petal Scent of this toner. It’s identical with the exception of the fragrance. It does have a fragrance, because witch hazel isn’t completely unscented, but the scent is so light it’s barely detectable.I FINALLY found an affordable toner that works to balance my skin without over-drying or over-moisturizing it. I have used “gentle/non-drying” toners before while trying to avoid the alcohol ingredient that is so common to freshening astringents only to find that instead, the toners would leave behind an emollient or sticky residue that I ended up having to wash off. This product falls into that fortunate “in between” group. It is perfect for me at this time of year (mid-October) when my oily skin needs just a little bit of help keeping the dry skin away yet it doesn’t clog my pores or exacerbate oil production. The size and price of the bottle make it very easy to afford. A whole bottle should last me 6 months at least.

Jenifer Spencer, SD

Nice scent, feels great

I use this every few days after washing my face at night. I use moisturizer afterward, but the thing I love about this version is that there is no drying alcohol. The scent is nice and clean/soothing.

Michelle Switchback, WV

Good product

I add tea tree oil to these and use them with water on a washcloth to clean and tone my face at night. You need to wash your face first, but this gets the last bits of makeup off while helping to prevent outbreaks with the tea tree oil. Nice product. Wish they’d add the tea tree oil for me.

Madelyn Orfordville, WI


Can’t complain much here! Goes on smoothly and cool. Doesn’t burn your face like a lot of toners do. Gentle, and great for the skin. Can’t say it did miracles for my acne but it was better feeling than most products I use!

Marilyn Siloam, NC

Great Witch Hazel for Sensitive Skin

I have very fair, sensitive skin. I also have problems with periodic breakouts. This has helped minimize the breakouts and balance my PH, all without irritating my skin. I use it before applying any other moisturizers or makeup, and periodically throughout the day if I’m not wearing makeup but want to avoid oily skin. I love how it feels and how it works and am now keeping it on hand.

Deirdre Ponca, NE

This is the BEST Witch

I really love this Witch Hazel. I grew up where my grandmother had you put witch hazel on everything so I’m no stranger to the benefits of witch hazel. But this is not like your grandmother’s witch hazel. It really soothes the skin and moisturizes the skin. I use this at night as a moisturizer and in the morning before I apply my sun screen. I even use it o my eyes after I remove my make-up.I have the entire family using this product and we all love it. I definitely recommend this product for the entire family.

Ingrid Barnum, IA


I really like this as a gentle skin toner. It seems to remove excess residue that washing my face leaves behind, and doesn’t dry my skin out. Seems to have decreased my breakouts too.

Jessica Portal, GA

Love this product as a toner

My face feels wonderful when I use this toner after washing my face. It’s wonderful to find something that is so nice for the skin and affordable too.

Esmeralda Hughes, AK

Does the job

I can’t say that I notice in great changes since using it, but its alcohol free and that is a plus!

Margie Hollenberg, KS