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Thayers Original Witch Hazel Astringent Pads with Aloe Vera Formula, 60 Count

These handy soft pre-moistened pads contain a gentle Native American formula for clean, soft, younger-looking skin. Now you can refresh and soften in one easy step, the old-fashioned way – naturally.

Key features

  • Use anytime throughout the day as a softening refresher
  • These handy soft pre-moistened pads contain a gentle Native American formula for clean, soft, younger-looking skin
  • Now you can refresh and soften in one easy step, the old-fashioned way – naturally

Honest reviews


Convenient Pads

Witch Hazel Pads recieved four stars because they are what I was looking for in an astrigent pad.They are convenient, affordable, made with natural ingredients with no harsh chemicals, and they do not have this overwhelming fruity smell like most other astrigents or facial cleansers. The reason why I did not give this product the full five stars is because the pads would be better if they were slightly bigger. Because of the size, sometimes I have to use more than one. Also, I wish that this product was eligible for the free super savings, but it was not when I made the purchase. Other than that, this is an overall good natural product.

Alba Culver, OR

Perfect Skin

Secret to beautiful, glowing skin. I have been using these astringent pads nightly for weeks. It has evened out my skin tone, the pores on my nose are no longer visible, and I swear my wrinkles even look better.I will definitely be buying more.UPDATE:I’ve ordered another batch of these pads, because I really do love them. However, after recommending them to several people, several have told me they find the pads a bit scratchy. I personally like that because I feel like that, but if you want something with a softer texture or have very sensitive skin, you might want to try bottled witch hazel with cotton balls instead.

Avis Fairfax, SD


Got this product within 3 days of ordering it. And normally I just the bottle of witch hazel and normal cleansing pads, but this is 10x better! I’m mixed so my skin can get very oily for no reasons and I’ve found out that witch hazel is great for drying my skin and removing pimples within the same day of using it. Also! I had my nose pierced twice so it works for my healing process.

Jo Mount Hamilton, CA

New Item, Worth The Investment

I was looking for a portable jar of pads/wipes to refresh my face. The witch hazel pads work, cutting oiliness and getting grime off my face. I will purchase these again! Reapply sunscreen if you’re doing outdoorsy stuff, though.

Beryl Monroeville, PA

Awesome pads.

This is great for the skin, it doesn’t dry complexion out, makes it more even and pimple free. Also face looks refreshed and younger. Totally love it, so simple and cheap but better than more expensive pads I’ve tried.

Berta Mannford, OK

Much better than any other toners, but

Its benefit is that it is less harsh than other witch hazel brands, yet while pads are convenient, they can be a bit harsh. It is best to buy a bottle instead and get pure cotton swabs or splash it on your face. It has the same texture as an oxy pad, which is very inappropriate for the product.

Lilian Colfax, WV

Looove These Things

My face is difficult. Without any products its just an oily mess. I love these pads because it allows me to quickly clean my face. They’re really refreshing and a nice item to have on the go when it gets hot and my face starts gleaming. I purchased the rose toner in the bottle before but opted for the pads this time around and these are just more convenient.

Jamie Park City, KY


They do what it says, but if you have oily skin like I do then I suggest getting something else. This stuff makes my skin more oily, though not at first. After a couple of minutes, it gets more oily faster than it usually does. This stuff is better suited for normal to dry skin.

Annmarie Destin, FL

Great Stuff

Love these Witch Hazel pads. I use them at morning and night. Work great, high quality, and great price. Thanks!!!

Priscilla Hillsgrove, PA

Its ok

This product is OK. I purchased this because I use the Thayers Rose Witch Hazel and I love that. The pads are really thin so its hard to just grab one pad to use. Also, it’s not soothing like the Witch hazel from the bottle. I suggest you do not waste your money and but the bottle.

Mollie Carriere, MS

Wonderful for skin care

I use thayers witch hazel as a face toner and decided to try the pads. My only complaint is they’re very thin and a little rough feeling. I would not recommend it for someone with very sensitive skin.

Marisol Gallion, AL