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Thayers Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel Toner with Aloe Vera Formula, Unscented, 12 Fluid Ounce

Recommend: Apply with a cotton ball after cleansing or anytime throughout the day as a softening refresher. Does Not Contain: Alcohol.

Key features

  • Recommend: Apply with a cotton ball after cleansing or anytime throughout the day as a softening refresher
  • Does Not Contain: Alcohol
  • 12 fl oz
  • Thayers’ proprietary, non-distilled Witch Hazel extract maintains the highest level of therapeutic tannins
  • Fragrance-free; Paraben-free; hypoallergenic; made with certified organic aloe vera and witch hazel extract

Honest reviews


Love it

This product is amazing. I has cleared my skin, helped tattoos heal faster, helped dry skin. I am buying this for the rest of my life.

Rhonda Salisbury Center, NY

Great Natural Toner

I use this product as a natural face toner. It’s unscented and alcohol-free, so it doesn’t burn. It does remove excess dirt and oil, which I can visibly see on the cotton pad. It’s not drying and makes my skin soft. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants an inexpensive, effective skin toner.

Abigail Montrose, IL

Very nice product

I have never used witch hazel before. I find this has great feel when applied and leaves my skin feeling very clean. It’s great at reducing irritation as well. It has no fragrance and feels just like clean water. A really good find!

Young West Kennebunk, ME

the best out there. helps with fine lines too

I have acne prone, oily t-zone, overall sensitive skin and this is an amazing addition to my routine. I saw immediate result. my skin looks much healthier than before. I like that it has no scent and it cools down your face when applying it.

Kristie Cold Spring, NY

Great for people with dry skin!

Anyone with dry skin will really appreciate this version of Thayers Witch Hazel. I have that "mature" skin, and on top of that live in a very dry climate. Most witch hazel products contain about 14% alcohol which would dry skin more. Instead, this contains no alcohol, AND it has aloe vera which is highly moisturizing. Witch hazel is wonderful as a facial cleanser and toner. I apply it with a cotton ball, after washing my face with a gentle moisturizing product. Being both unscented and containing organic ingredients is another plus! I searched 6 drug stores for this version of Thayers and could not find it. Thank you Amazon!

Evelyn Delphia, KY

Great Toner. Fragrance free

The label states that the witch hazel is undistilled, so all the healing components remain. The aloe keeps my skin from over-drying and flaking. I use this and have no skin reactions. No fragrances, but a small amount of “hey, there are plants in here” essence remain. Stores don’t even try to stock this, so I buy it here.

Christina Menlo, GA

Excellent Skin Care Product

This is great to add to your skin care routine. It is an astringent and toner, and it does a great job in cleaning out your skin and tightening pores. I’ve been using this for over a year and I usually squeeze a cap full onto a round cotton pad in the morning and before going to bed. After using your cleanser, the witch hazel formula removes excess dirt and makeup that you might have missed. It doesn’t smell of anything and it doesn’t dry out your skin. It’s very light and does a great job in soothing your skin, cleansing, and refining pores.

Muriel Bunn, NC

Reduces oiliness and pore size.

This is the best thing I’ve ever used to diminish the look of my large pores on my nose area. I have also noticed a reduction in t-zone oiliness after using this morning and night for weeks. It feels nice, it’s not sticky or tight-feeling, and it has no scent.

Gale Prichard, WV

Very nice and refreshing

This toner feels very nice on your skin. I bought it because it was unscented, and as an added bonus it is also alcohol free.

Gayla Richmond, OH


I mix Witch Hazel with argan oil or olive oil. It helps with the itch and I don’t scratch as much as I did. Very happy with the product and will order again.

Sheila Michigantown, IN

the best aftershave

i really dislike what happens to my face after shaving… but this product really cools off the burn and tones my skin… best of all it is natural…. wish i knew about this 10 years ago

Tracy Balfour, ND

Awesome after a good shave

I got this to mainly use it as an aftershave. It works very well as one, and doesn’t come with the burn. My acne also seems to greatly decrease after shaving and using this, so that’s awesome.

Dianne Saint Martin, MN

Great Toner for sensitive skin

This is a quality product whose description matches it’s content. Alcohol free and gentle. Just be careful, some people break out with Aloe Vera naturally.

Young Concord, GA

Very impressive for rosacea

I’ve battle with redness on my cheeks for most of my life. I’ve tried so many different products and treatments, and sometimes it’s mild, but it’s always there. I’ve switched recently to more DIY beauty products and I saw more improvements than ever before, but I still had slightly red cheeks. When I tried this product it was almost like a transformation before my eyes. I could actually watch the redness disappear. My skin on my cheeks is the same color as the skin on my shoulders or my forehead now. It’s amazing. Where has this product been all of my life?!? I will be a life long customer. This stuff is amazing. My skin is softer, more even toned, and I’m breaking out less. I think you should stop reading reviews and just buy some already! 😉

Michele Ashland, WI

Great toner for mature skin with breakouts

I’m in my 60’s and stopped using toners years ago because they caused more problems than they solved, probably due to the alcohol content. Thayer’s alcohol-free with aloa is perfect for my skin. I was still experience breakouts and have mild rosacea, but this has eliminated both conditions. I use it on a cotton ball after every wash, and my skin looks fantastic. It also helps alleviate puffiness under my eyes when I apply a cotton ball of it to each eye for a few minutes. No more breakouts at all, and my skin looks terrific. I’ve stopped using foundation as a result. Highly recommended…check other products on the market and they frequently contain witch hazel.

Simone Northwood, NH