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Thayer Cucumber Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Formula, 12 Fluid Ounce

Recommend: Apply with a cotton ball after cleansing or anytime throughout the day as a softening refresher. Does Not Contain: Alcohol.

Key features

  • Recommend: Apply with a cotton ball after cleansing or anytime throughout the day as a softening refresher.
  • Does Not Contain: Alcohol.
  • 12 fl oz.

Honest reviews


Good toner, funny smell

Cleanses and refreshes the skin. Not drying, very soothing. They only thing that I do not like is the smell, very strong. Fades once the product dries though.

Imogene Urbanna, VA

Love it

Smells and feels great, I no longer have to purchase from so called "kitchen cosmetic" businesses for this stuff which charge way more.

Christa Arthur City, TX

Just What I Needed

Needed something gentle to wipe down before applying makeup. Works for what I need and doesnt irritate my skin. Havent been using it long enough to determine if it will reduce my acne or not but it does seem less red than usual. My face dislikes being washed more than once a day so this is a nice way to freshen up. Really does smell like a fresh cut cucumber, a nice unisex scent that doesnt last much past application.

Felecia Manson, WA

Unfortunately this didn’t help but Zinc is the real winner.

I have acne prone skin and I was hoping that it would help clear up breakouts. This didn’t work that well with my skin. I would used it twice a day after washing my face. But just because it didn’t work for me doesn’t mean that it won’t work for your skin.Months after using this my skin has improved but not because of this. I would recommend people that suffer from acne to incorporate zinc supplements into your diet. I had horrible, painful cysts on my chin for MONTHS but after i started taking zinc I don’t get those horrible, painful breakouts on my chin anymore.

Selma Mercersburg, PA


used this in the past without issue, but this time it seems to excessively burn and redden my skin, also smells like a salad…went back to the aloe only formula which gives me no such problems. it does work despite my reaction to it, my skin was tight and clean and no razor burn afterwards,

Lea Center Cross, VA

has made my skin significantly better!

addicted to this stuff! has made my skin significantly better!

Bertie Mardela Springs, MD

Five Stars

Smells great and makes my skin feel soft and smooth. Love it!

Minnie Gruver, TX


Already love witch hazel so aloe and cucumber make this extra great just to even swipe my face in the middle of the day

Josie Farmington, CT

Perfect for shaving

I use this after shaving – it keeps skin clear and soft without leaving a residue or shine. It smells faintly of cucumber but after a minute it’s totally odorless. I consider this a plus. It can be hard to find locally and the price is usually the same or better on amazon. I apply daily and 1 container will last just over 2 months. Try a bottle, you wont regret it.

Penny Georgetown, IN

Love it

Super gentle but moisturizing. I can’t live without it now. I also love the scent: a hint of cucumber but not too much. Def worth the $$$.

Bettie Caldwell, NJ

Good stuff

Great smell. I use this as a facial toner. I think it has some sort of natural acid that made my face have a nice glow immediately. I had a lot of comments the day after my first use. But it stopped giving me that glow now…I guess it’s just not potent enough. Still it is good. I rub it all over my legs after I epilate them because it gets them nice and clean to prevent bumps. Love it!

Rae Argyle, MO

I like this toner

I Like this but like the rose better. This brand is the best. Will not be without Thayers toner as it does an excellent gob without stinging. Face feels calm afer using. Good job Thayers!

Dessie Eustis, NE

Very good

Exactly what I hoped for. Excellent post-shave toner. Very soothing to freshly shaved skin. No burn like alcohol-containing products, and the cucumber scent is very pleasing.

Sylvia Battery Park, VA

might not buy again

I like the listed ingredients, and the smell is acceptable (like a strong, real cucumber smell + some kind of medicine/sterile bandage type of smell combined). However, this irritates my face a little bit (slight burning) and I’m not sure it clears away impurities the way a toner with just a tad of alcohol would.

Adela Benwood, WV

This one’s even better than the rose scented variety!

I originally tried Thayer’s rose scented toner because it was the cheapest. It’s a superior solution that works well to dry up acne and soothe irritation on my combination skin. When the bottle ran out I decided to try this variety and I’m glad I did. The scent is precisely rooted in natural cucumber scent and I love it. It smells just as good going on. It makes it easier for me to extract a few pores after I work a little on my skin. The twelve ounce size is a good value as well ringing in at just under ten bucks. I could probably find this in a store but there’s no guarantee they’d have this scent over, say, the original kind.

Holly Quincy, IL

Top Quality Witch Hazel Products by Thayer, plain or scented.

I adore the Thayer’s witch hazel. I wanted to try this scent and it did not disappoint. Not too strong and the witch hazel is the same so I am glad I ordered it. I would recommend that you order this brand for its soothing witch hazel content and combine with your favorite scent or keep it plain, either way, I believe this is great quality vs other brands that are cheaper. A bit pricy but it last for a long time and worth the money for its quality witch hazel.

Claudette Bellvale, NY

Love it!

I love this stuff! I put it in my frig to keep it cool and after getting up or a shower use a cotton ball to cleanse my face. It smells wonderful and cleanse gently and thoroughly!.

Elisa Sellersville, PA

I like it

I don’t have acne. I use this in place of a cream moisturizer after washing my face and it works nicely. My face is soft and moisturized throughout most of the day. Doesn’t do much for my random pimples though.

Rae Buffalo, IN

Love this toner!

I absolutely love this toner! Helps with clearing up my acne to a considerable level! Also love how it smells of fresh cucumbers!

Eva White Marsh, VA

My favorite Thayer Toner! Great for Acne

I started out using the Thayer’s Rose Petal Toner, which I absolutely loved!! But with my insane skin problems: acne, eczema, scarring, premature lines, I thought maybe this Cucumber & Aloe would be better to keep my oily skin down..I WAS RIGHT!! Ever since I had my kids, I suffer from acne more in my middle age than I ever did as a teen!! This toner really refreshes, cools the skin, and seems to balance the oil production. Although I loved the Rose Petal, this by far beats it! I feel like I have come out of a high end spa, with fresh slices just taken off of my eyes. You will not regret ladies!!

Dale Waldo, OH

Feels great

I love the smell of the cucumber and it feels nice. It sure bests my last chemical toner. Would buy again

Britney Funston, GA

Fast delivery

Nice usual Witch Hazel product and this Alcohol-Free Toner is a kind and goes smooth on my skin. I like it.

Angelina Brooks, ME

I love it

I used this one been a while .Is do what does the job .Is cheaper .better than buy some expensive one at the mall

Penelope Heidrick, KY


i like it, it nice to try. And it is alcohol free, nice for my skin,the smell is nice. Ha

Juana Springville, TN