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Tension Strengthening Hair Comb SS106 by Slik Stik

No flat iron is complete without it. Simply use the tension comb to section off the hair to be straightened.

Key features

  • Use With Flat Iron To Aide In Straightening Hair
  • Heat Resistant Carbon
  • Superior Strength

Honest reviews


Luxury Item – I don’t really need it!

I really like it, but I got it b/c I thought it would be cool to use it. The thing is that most times I forget to use it when I’m flat ironing. It’s a luxury and I do like it when I use it, but I don’t really need the thing. I get the same results whether I use it or not.

Margret Saint John, IN

Speed up your Blowout!

This is my first tension comb so I didn’t really know what to look for or expect. I think it will be great once I get the hang of using it. I am getting better after only a few uses, so I don’t think it will take long. It makes my blow out quicker with my long naturally frizzy hair, the part I am still working on is how to use it with my flat iron.

Audrey New Russia, NY


I really do not know what possessed me to spend my money on a product that I do not find it anyway, shape or form necessary while styling my hair.

Gail Montpelier, VT

Did not meet expectation

I was mistaken in selecting this item, I was under the impression it would enhance the hair drying experience , but it did not.

Francine Reno, NV

Just what I needed

I wanted a straightening comb to use during a chemical straightening treatment. Although it did snag on my hair occasionally it definitely kept my hair separated. Straightening my hair was a breeze, and my friend that helped me even asked me where I got it.

Carolina Cliff, NM


Love this comb, perfect sidekick when ironing your hair. Makes it all easier and of course no more burnt fingers! Love it

Adeline Elmira, OR

Spring a little sticky

The spring mechanism in the hinge is a little sticky and doesn’t bounce open.The concept of the product is great, but probably works better on hair that’s already straight or slightly wavy.

Kay Goldsboro, MD

Could not straighten hair without it

I’m growing my hair out for the first time in about 15 years and now have all these new devices for optional hair styles. I’m not real good or patient with the straightening iron. If not for this comb, it’s pretty likely that the iron would have been trashed awhile ago.

Arlene Leckie, WV


I used this comb as soon as I received it and so far so good. I used it with the flat iron To straighten my niece kinky hair and it did not break or bend. It did exactly what it is suppose to do.

Trisha Pilot Point, AK