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Tengs 26″ Gradient Light Pink to Fushia Cosplay Wig — Guilty Crown Yuzuriha Inori

Tengs is a Trade Mark owned by TheTengs INC. SOLD By TheTengs Shop on Amazom. Stunning stylish wig! What you see is what you will get! Our wigs are made of high quality synthetic fibers, and every wig is handmade by skillful workers, the quality is guaranteed. The wig is on an adjustable net-cap that fits most head sizes. The closest appearance and real human hair feeling. For other styles & colors of wigs, please visit our store, you will find many beautiful wigs selling at surprisingly unbeatable price.

Key features

  • Tengs is a Trade Mark owned by TheTengs INC. SOLD By TheTengs Shop on Amazom.
  • Material:100% High-quality Synthetic fiber anti High-temperature
  • Length: 26″
  • Use it year round, whether for costume, fashion, or just for fun
  • Adjustable net-cap fits most head size

Honest reviews


Not like the picture AT ALL

The wig that came was not ugly… but it does not have the gradient look… It’s all light pink with a purplish layer underneath. Not unsatisfied in general but the picture is not true to the actual product. :)EDIT: So I came back to add to my review because I am seriously unhappy with the amount of money I spent for a wig that is just light pink all around…. SELLER please post pictures that a true to your product.DO NOT BUY THIS, FIND A WIG THAT IS TRUELY REPRESENTED IN THE PICTURES. Wish I could give it 0 stars.

Nora Arboles, CO

Not at all like the picture

The wig itself is very nice but it’s super different from the stock photo. First of all, it’s much longer (which I guess is good for styling), instead of 33% pale pink 33% pink and 33% magenta, the colors are: 70% pale pink, 10% pink, & 20% magenta. It’s not a bad wig just…not what I was expecting…

Sonya King Ferry, NY


Used this at an arts festival, got many compliments, mostly people telling me what a great hair colorist I had. It’s not a big fluffy fake looking wig, it lies close to your head and looks amazing, and real. I definitely recommend it.

Julianne Sulphur, IN

Amazing wig

This wig is sooo cute. And it looks sooo realy an i like how it is heat resistant and so so so so easy to brush it is the easyest i have found yet and it does not get tangled easy

Sasha Childs, MD

Love It

for a bright color cheap wig its surprisingly thick and great texture, i had to trim the bangs but people always think its my real hair when i wear it. highly recommend for a fun party or burner party. or just because.

Maricela Keller, TX

very thin on top

the one that I received the crown was very thin other than that it is way nice i had to trim the bangs cause they were way long… i also bought a brown wig so i put it on top of this one and it looks great with them together…. if i want to wear this by itself then I have to wear a hat cause it is sooo thin.

Francis Collyer, KS


It definitely doesn’t look like the pic, it doesn’t have the same colors. It falls apart easily and I’m very disappointed with it. It’s thin and you can see the wig cap in the front. =/

Lina Riderwood, MD

I’ve bought a lot of wigs online and this one I have to say…. I’m not happy.

I was so excited for this wig to arrive and when I initially took it out I was pleased. Then I tried to put it on… the wig cap itself is very small. My hair isn’t even shoulder length and I had a problem getting it on (my head isn’t that big either) It doesn’t sit right on my head no matter how long I fuss with it. The bangs are horrible and hard to work with. The color I love but the layering is HORRIBLE, especially at the top it’s not blended at all, and it’s very noticeable. I have lots of wigs and this is the first time that I have been this dissatisfied. I am hoping that I can fix the layering and the bangs and if all else fails I’ll try it with a hat. If that doesn’t work I guess I’ll get my own wig cap to sew the wefts too, the hair itself is very pretty and I am sure I could construct a better wig myself. Don’t waste your money!

Flora Readlyn, IA