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TCA 15% Peel Enhanced with 5% Salicylic Acid – With USDA Certified Organic Extracts, Chemical Peel solution, 1 oz / 30mL – INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING AVAILABLE

Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) is used as an intermediate to deep peeling agent in concentrations ranging from 15-30%. Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) is a well-known chemical acid which has been used for years by Dermatologists and Surgeons to improve the texture of your skin by removing the damaged outer layers and revealing the new smooth skin underneath. * TCA peels cost $300.00 – $1000.00 per peel at your local Dermatologists or Estheticians office. Save thousands of dollars with this product and safely take years off of your face at the same time. Get the same results you can get at a high end spa in the privacy of your own home. DO NOT being with the 20% or 30% TCA unless you have used 15% several times successfully. If this is your first peel, Ideal Peel Solutions recommends that you start with the lightest strength. We offer several strengths – 15%, 20%, 30%. NOTE: 20%, 30% are strong peels and should be used by individuals who have previously used 15% without any problems. Full list of benefits of each active ingredients is listed at our website.

Key features

  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • Enhanced with Salicylic Acid at 5% and USDA Certified Organic Extracts.
  • Active Ingredients: Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) 15%, Salicylic Acid 5%, Willow Bark Extract – Certified Organic, Licorice Root Extract – Certified Organic, Helichrysum Extract – Certified Organic, Green Tea Extract – Certified Organic, Goji Berry Extract – Certified Organic, Ginger Root Extract – Certified Organic, Ginkgo Extract – Certified Organic.
  • Inactive Ingredients: SD Alcohol, Water, Glycerin

Honest reviews



I was always afraid of TCA because I heard it could scar. So, I always used glycolic acids. HOWEVER, I bought this stuff to try on my arms and legs and it works GREAT!!! As a matter of fact, glycolics always irritated my arms and legs but this stuff gives a super peel with NO irritation. I’m fair skinned and in my 50’s with moderate sun damage mostly from childhood. I apply three coats within a few hours apart and leave it on until I shower the following evening. For me, there is minimum burning upon application and only reddens a bit. In about 7 days, you start to peel. I peel in sheets! I love it!!! I’ve already ordered several bottles and am on my second peel about three weeks apart from the first one. I plan to try it on my chest and neck because these two areas have never responded well to VIPeel or glycolics. You need about one bottle for the three apps for a full body peel. Oh yeah, this stuff is also working great on my hands! I may eventually try it on my face but currently I’m using VIPeel and plan to try Jessner’s peel on my face next. I’m a HUGE fan of peels because frankly, for me, THEY WORK!!! Besides, they are reasonably priced and you can do them yourself.

Tabitha Sedalia, MO

Great peel if you are a beginner or just need a lighter peel

I have, or had severe acne. I tried EVERYTHING…benzole peroxide, salycylic acid, witch hazel, black soap, retin-A, antibiotics…everything. I started alternating between TCA peels and lactic acid peels, and you would never think I ever had a pimple in my life. These peels are life savers. You must follow the directions and you must not pick your skin!!!!! Slather on the high SPF sunscreen for about 3 days after you apply the peel, and you will have to continue to use sunscreen, but that is recommended without a peel anyway. I peel about once every 4-6 weeks now. No more acne scarring and my skin glows.

Deanna Rural Ridge, PA

i like it

this is great to get rid of scars and reduces pimples……..the reason i gave it 4 instead of 5 i wanted it for stretch marks, but this is too mild for that…..but otherwise this is a great product ……

Janine Richfield, NE

Maybe I need a stronger solution?

Different people’s skins and the skin on different parts of the body react differently so please consider your own case when reading my comments.This 15% TCA solution indeed causes my skin to slough off the top layer a bit to become more smooth so it’s better than nothing. I think (and I may be wrong) that to get the same slight effect that I get, I could use a milder (and less expensive) chemical such as glycolic acid. Some people suggest ‘layering’ meaning using this chemical repeatedly to peel the skin before it completely heals from the previous peal. It seems risky to me but maybe that would give me a ‘deeper’ peel?TCA supposedly works because it has smaller molecules that can get under the epidermis more than chemicals with larger molecules. This may be true but it seems to me it also makes it more risky to use.

Berta Colfax, WA

Best peel I’ve ever used!

I’m on my second go round with this peel and it frosted almost immediately (which is awesome) The first use took away all the sun damage and this time around I concentrated on crows feet. I’m still in the healing process, but even after the first peel, I saw a huge difference in fine lines. This is powerful stuff, so be careful and follow directions to a T!!! I love it 🙂 I also found a burn gel on Amazon called Silvasorb gel. It is making the healing process go much quicker than last time! Thanks Amazon!!!

Toni Linden, PA

Good to start with.

I haven’t used this on my entire face just yet but on a few problem areas on my face and on my neck lace lines and some lines on my chest. It works great. Good instructions that are clear and concise come with the bottle. I did buy a fan brush but you don’t need it. Just get the circles with the little lift handles from CVS or use a Qtip.The acid turns white which is what other people in youtube video’s refer to as "frosting" and you can leave it on as long as you can stand it but I found so far that I only need to leave it on for about 30 seconds. Rinse and if you want a deeper peel you can do it a second or third time after rinsing.I have been using retin a from a doctor and this works the same way. Causing your top layers to sluff off and make your skin up it’s collegen production giving you ultimately thicker and younger skin. I’ve been using retin a for about 3 years, and will continue to use it.

Amy Stockbridge, WI