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TCA 15% Gel Peel – Salicylic Acid 5% Enhanced with Botanical Extracts

TCA Skin Peel Formulated specifically to help reduce wrinkles, fine lines, acne, scars, and reverse the visible signs of aging. TCA, a powerful exfoliating agent works by removing the outer damaged layers of the skin in the epidermal and dermal regions. Salicylic Acid, a beta hydroxy acid has been proven in many studies to reduce acne by softening keratin, the protein that holds skin together. Salicylic also works at unclogging pores, and penetrating into the skin to kill the bacteria responsible for causing breakouts. Professional Skincare Products You Can Trust • Made in the USA • Manufactured in a FDA Registered Facility • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Compliant • No Parabens, Sulfates, or Phthalates • Gluten Free • Cruelty Free – No Animal Testing on Products or Ingredients • Recycled Materials • Sustainable Raw Materials & Practices Benefits • Professionally formulated to reduce the appearance of scars, wrinkles, fine lines, acne & reverse the visible signs of aging. • Green Tea Extract has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, perfect for killing bacteria microorganisms & reducing inflammation. • Enhanced with botanical extracts which boost antioxidants levels, vitamins, and nutrients • Green Tea and Chamomile extracts provide synergistic antioxidant, anti-Inflammatory, and anti-bacterial benefits to the skin • Stimulates development of new collagen and elastin fibroblasts Warnings • This product contains trichloroacetic acid (TCA), a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer.

Key features

  • A Professionally formulated Chemical Peel. Each bottle contains approx. 15-20 full facial Peels. Actual Product color: white
  • TCA is a powerful exfoliator used to remove dead skin cells on the surface of the skin and decrease the appearance of Scars, Wrinkles, and Fine Lines associated with premature aging.
  • Salicylic Acid, a beta hydroxy acid and deep cleanser used to minimize acne breakouts by working deep into the pores where oil, dirt, and other impurities build up and block the follicle of the hair. Salicylic works to unclog the pores by increasing the cell turnover rate.
  • Infused with a unique combination of botanical extracts which work synergistically to provide natural anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant properties.
  • Guaranteed Quality – Manufactured in an FDA registered cGMP compliant facility. We conduct assay testing, identity testing, and micro testing for each batch to ensure the concentration and active ingredient is present, within spec, and follows USP standards & FDA guidelines. Each batch will have its own unique lot number and expiration date printed onto the bottom of each bottle, as part of quality control procedures

Honest reviews



Following directions is key. Great advice from poster who indicated that she applys alchol first to degrease as intructions state. But the best advice was apply, rinse with water, then reapply. THat made a tremendous difference for me. I have applied peels before and I was wondering why it was not working as well as it did before. Once I did the step of rinsing inbetween applications I saw a dramatic improvement. I also have hyperpignmentation and I spot treat by applying peel via qtip to only the dark spot. ANother step is I have my fan near by so if my face feels “hot” if you place your face near the fan it cools it down. Of course this is not for long, I rinse the product off shortly after the “heat” begins.

Georgina Clearmont, WY

Skin Rejuvenation Peel

This product is formulated specifically to help reduce wrinkles, fine lines, acne, scars, and reverse the visible signs of aging on YOUR FACE. I have some sun spots on my back and will try Lactic Acid by Perfect Image.

Lelia Cypress, TX

It does not work I would not recommend it

It did not work did 7 peels and I had such high hopes for this product I did 7 chemical peels followed instructions and cleansed with alcohol pads and still made my skin worst then before

Caroline Pease, MN

wrong product?????

Good evening … I request this product but instead I got different product ( glycolic acid 35%) from cellbone company … Can you tell me why???? and no bush .. This is the first time happened to me …. How come you don’t check what you send . can you tell me what she’ll I do now… Hopefully the rest will come and not from different products

Lawanda Lumberville, PA

Very Pleased!

I decided to try an at home chemical peel after having experienced a increase in hyperpigmentation due to acne. After reading various product reviews, I decided to try the TCA 12% Gel Peel, because I liked what people had to say about the product.After my first use, I experienced very little peeling, and none of it was in the areas of my face that it was most needed, so I went back and reread the product reviews, and one in particular caught my eye. One reviewer mentioned using the product for 10 minutes, washing it off, then repeating the process two more times. I waited 10 days before attempting this method. Although I was only able to repeat the process once due to the burning sensations intensity magnifying upon the second attempt, I was very pleased to find that after three days, my face did peel. I could see improvement in the overall texture of my skin, particularly on my forehead and on my chin, where I had enlarged pores. In addition, although I didn’t do so the first time, the second and subsequent times I used the product, I made sure to clense my face with rubbing alcohol, as the product instructions specify. Please note, if you choose to use the product in the same manner I did, make sure you only use the rubbing alcohol before starting the application process. If you use it in between the steps, you are going to burn your face badly!Two weeks later I repeated the process, and noticed that the hyperpigmentation was reduced by as much as 75 – 80% and the texture of my skin continued to improve, with a lessoning of the small acne bumps I had on the side of my face disappearing, and a marked reduction in the one or two cyst like acne bumps I had on my face.I plan to continue to use this product, and would recommend it to anyone who like me, really wants to experience excellent results, without the added expense of a salon visit.

Cassandra Belle Vernon, PA

51 and Asian, darker sensitive skin, experimenting to reverse aging

This is the very first time for me to use chemical peel. After hitting 51, I was shocked to find my nasolabial folds got more prominent then my cheek started sagging. I don’t have wrinkles, except very faint fine crows feet next to my eyes. My main concern has been sagging, and I wanted to find ways to tighten skin since then. First time in my life, I started using Microcurrent, LED light and Derma roller and spending time to look at my face in mirror everyday. While doing so, I realized that smooth and even toned skin is what contributes youthful look. I wanted to use peel to get rid of dark sun spots and redness on T zone. All I know is that creams and lotions wouldn’t do much.I chose TCA because it says it goes deeper than other chemicals. I chose 12% because it is the first time for me to use chemical peel and having no time to hiding at home for a week. Although I am a first timer, I have been using daily peel products. MD skin Care Alpha Bata Daily Facial Peel 2 steps system for past 10 days, Strivectin Over-night Facial Resurfacing Serum several times in past 6 months. I found that the result is not visible. I also have been using Olay Regenerist daily peel a few times in a month and NEUTROGENA WAVE Sonic lately. Those are more like scrubbing and make skin thinner.As experimenting with all those treatment at home, I noticed my facial skin got thinner, smoother and feeling tighter. My cheek is still sagging but nasolabial folds are less prominent. It was scary to try out such strong chemical peel but made up my mind because of finding difference after leaving MD Skin Care’s Step 1 for 15 min. (instructions says 2 min, but I forgot.) Next morning I woke up with much tighter, brighter and smoother skin, and I wondered why. It though didn’t happen again by doing so, I thought peel would do a lot for this, and stronger peel would make a difference. One mistake.. one of frosted spots must have stayed too long, I got new brown spot because of this. :(By the time this TCA peel arrived, my skin was thinner than usual. Since my skin is sensitive, I did patch test on my inner elbow and under chin. 3 min passed, I felt no irritation at all. Instead of waiting for 2 days, I washed my face, rubbed with alcohol soaked cotton balls 4,5 times until there is no stain left on the cotton ball I used.I followed the instruction, applied the peel with a cosmetic brush and left 3 min., then washed with water. It stings, but not that bad at first. After applying the peel 2nd time, stinging sensation got increased to be burning. I was scared by the time 3 min passed. There was no ‘Frosting”, but a part of skin got reddish. Washing with water made the pain even worse. I grabbed the box of baking powder that I have, poured on my palm. It stopped the burning sensation within 10 sec, and I got relieved. Dried my face, I applied Step 2 neutrizer of MD Skin Care Alpha Bata Peel, then DMAE-Alpha Lipoic C-Ester Creme that I ordered with this peel, Strivectin, Neurtogena Pure & Free Liquid Sunblack SPF 50 at the end. My face felt nice and tighter, I wore make up and went to work.Next morning, my face was nice and tight. The tone looks even since reddishness under nostrils are gone. Large pores on T-zone looks smaller. As dragged skin on my finger, the size of pores looks the same only when being pushed. Instruction says it can be used 1,2 a week, and I thought my skin can handle it. I did the 2nd peel. This time I used an air circulator fan, repeated 5 min + wash for 3 times. I wore make up and went to work.3rd day, no work today. my face was still the same. I thought I should try it again. This time, I used a bamboo stick to past the peel on my skin, since I didn’t like the feel of brush rubbing on my face. I did layering three times, 3 min each layer without washing between, then moisturizer and sunscreen. My skin started looking dry and somewhat wrinkle-ish…4th day, waking up in the morning, my skin feels little dry and dark spots looks little darker or just lost glow that I had lately. Skin on my chin seems to be peeling a little, but not like peeling like unrolling a sheet of plastic wrap or after getting bad sun tan. I have to work tomorrow, need to get it done. I did 4th application for 5 min twice. I got used to the process, but not the pain. Without fan, the bottle would have been in my trash basket. At this point, 1/4th of bottle is gone.Frosting means that it reached to peeper layer, and it never happen to me at this time. My skin doesn’t get red after washing, also. After applying 4 days in a row, my skin looks dull and dry like after using strong astringent everyday without moisturizer for years. I smiled at me in the mirror, my smile makes wrinkles all over my face! I will try covering my face with steamed towel tonight. I am looking forward to seeing how lighter dark spots would become.5 days passed since the last day of application. I’ve experienced slight peel, and it has completed. I’ve applied the peel on the back of my left hand so that I can see the difference by comparing them. No miracle happened to improve the appearance of my skin.10th day: I have done it twice more while using md skincare daily peel to remove skin faster every day. Finally, I started getting frosting spots. Since frosting means skin being melted, I washed my face immediately. After two days, when wiping with alcohol to prepare for another peel, I finally saw dark spots from sun burn on the one side of my upper cheek have faded to be 50% lighter!This time, instead of washing, I applied more acid after small frosting spots appeared. I found that key is to apply acid thicker than I thought for wider area to frost. I was comfortable to keep layering and extended time to 30 min. After washing off the acid, my skin color looked milky. I know it will work and shows satisfiable results this time. I ordered facial steamer for peeling process gets faster.Last update:TCA peel 35% arrived. I had been using 12% very often past 3 weeks. Because of this, 35% frosted my skin after a couple of min.. It turned to be a huge purple patch after one hour. As time passed, it became darker and darker!! I tried not to think it is a horror story and would stay forever. With help of my brand new facial steamer, the lizard skin patch peeled after 5 days. Looking at before and after pictures of my face, my skin tone has improved 90%. Dark shade on cheek bones from sun damage is gone, acne scars are less visible. Most sun spots are gone and the lest is lighter. Although it left a new brown spot,I am very happy. Besides, it was fun to look at those brown sun spots being peeled in mirror while giving facial myself.

Charlotte Prescott, WI

If you have moderate acne scarring, this is not for you…

The product arrived promptly, was packaged well and appeared to contain whatever it was claimed to have, BUT, sorry, it did not just work for me. Following the instructions, I only felt the minutest sting, no redness, no flaking—no peeling. Probably, it is just not the right concentration for me. I just wish Perfect Image LLC offered sample sizes so I did not have to burn USD30 just to test it out.

Marcy Devers, TX

Sadly didn’t work for me

I had high hopes of this product but it did not do anything for my acne 🙁 I used it 3 times in hopes that it would eventually heal my skin but it was a no go.

Effie Mount Tremper, NY

Did nothing

Had no peel whatsoever. Maybe I just need to use a higher percentage acid. I guess it just depends on your skin.

Janie Temple, ME

nothing happened

I am not used to having peels and my skin is super sensitive; so why didn’t i feel anything when i put this on my face???? For real nothing happened! no tingling, burning, NOTHING! disappointed….And i didn’t even peel…

Rosalia Hyde, PA


I tried the the day I received it. I have never tried a chemical peel before. It didn’t hurt me but I did turn red. It left my skin very smooth and hydrated after 6 days. I usually have rough skin so this was a godsend.

Johnnie Twin Valley, MN

Haven’t seen much improvement

I bought this about two months ago and use it twice a week, but I don’t see much change with my skin. I do feel the slight burn whenever I use it, and I feel that I break out less often, other than that I don’t see much improvement. I’m going to continue to use it and hope it is what I expected it to be like.

Bonnie Reynolds, ND

Gentle, Effective, Easy to Use

I was a bit skeptical about purchasing this product. Having had a VI Peel that cost me $350, I wanted to find a more affordable option with similar results. On receiving the TCA peel, I was very careful to first complete the patch test and see if my skin reacted in a negative way. After seeing that my skin didnt react badly, I decided to try and do a full face peel a few days later. My first and second peel was very mild as I ended up leaving the product on my skin for only 5 to 10 minutes. I also distributed the chemical in a very thin layer in order to be cautious. The results ended up showing as some flaking and slight peeling which I wasnt too happy with. The third attempt was much more successful as I specifically targeted my cheeks and used two thick layers of the product, applied seven minutes apart, and being left on the skin for a total of 15 minutes. This resulted in a thicker layer of peeling skin with a bit of a downtime. It has been two weeks since I administered my third peel, and I am very happy with my results. (My basic skin concerns are uneven skin tone due to acne and also some minor rolling acne scars.) I also have a birthmark on my cheek, which the peel ended up successfully lightening by 40%. My acne scars also seem to have improved, and the skin tone is much more even. I am excited to use this product, and am planning to do a peel every one to two months. It is important for the skin to have time to heal in between each peel. I also cant wait to try out other products from this company!

Mayra Timnath, CO

Love acids

This stuff works like a champ.I use it about once a week or rotate it with my other exfoliating acids. Do follow the directions. I would even recommend a patch test. I usually leave this on for about 4 min and I never leave the bathroom (water source for rinsing). I also keep a bottle of baking soda and water there for neutralization if I get into trouble. I rotate the types of acids I use so my skin does not get used to any of them.

Ginger Stronghurst, IL

Satisfied so far!

OK, I’ve only used it once since I just got it recently. I was really apprehensive at first because my skin is normally so sensitive that it can’t even take 5% retinol products. So when I tried it, I put only three drops in the palm of my hand and dabbed it all over my face. I could tell it was working when I felt the immediately stinging sensation. Then I stood in front of the mirror deciding how long I should keep it on my face. After a minute or so, I started to panic when it dawned on me that I might have to go to school with a red face the next day. I washed it off. Fortunately, I woke up with my face intact the next morning. My face never peeled but it felt very tight. the palm of my hands, surprisingly, started to peel after three days which I didn’t mind. Overall, it was a good first try and I am glad that I took precaution with this new product. From now on, I’ll use it only on weekends so that my skin would have time to recover should anything happened. I think I’ll love this product.

Teri Pound Ridge, NY

Works Well!

This product works amazing. I have used it on my face upper lids and hands. I would not suggest anyone putting this on or around their eye unless they are experienced and extremely careful. This product does not burn excessivly and after rinseing and neutralizing peels about 3 days later. Does what it says!! 🙂

Nellie Underwood, ND

Effective treatment for me

I have an olive complexion. In the past I have received glycolic and salicylic acid peels from the spa’s. I have spent hundreds of dollars, and these treatments left me with very minimal visible results. I decided to try the TCA for the first time, and I am very happy with the results. I purchased the TCA for some slight dark areas on my face. A day after applying the TCA, my face is brighter, the tone is evening out, and is minimally exfoliating. I think these are great results for a light TCA peel. The results are far better than my glycolic and salicylic acid treatments combined. It works better, and faster than a lightening cream I purchased just recently as well.

Maryann Wahiawa, HI


Nothing has worked better than this product to remove dark spots on my back from acne. I’ve tried other peels such as glycolic acid but this one worked a lot better. My skin would start peeling about 3 to 5 after I applied the peel and would last about 4 days. No big deal, a very small sacrifice to make. After I was done with the bottle my dark spots were completely gone.

Elizabeth Bergholz, OH

some good, some just ok

I got this for a nice facial peel. That did not happen actually. I did not have any peeling or improved skin. I have used this about 4 times and with each time increasing the procedure. The directions come in the box and are very clear. So I don’t believe this product worked as it should have.I did buy some makeup that broke my face out one day and I decided to use this, it cleared it all up. My face was so red, blotchy, pimples showing up. I was freaked. I washed the makeup off and sat there thinking about what to do. I went to bed. In the morning I used this stuff and then applied layers of moisture cream. Perfect. Saved my skin. I will keep it on-hand for times like that.

Reva Mount Hamilton, CA

So far so good

I normally get my peels done at a Doctors office and they work great. I ordered this one and it does burn while it’s on. I did have the frost look after the peel. My skin also peeled a lot. I guess with all those things that happened the peel works great. I love that it worked because paying $225 to $19 saves me a lot of money. I will continue to do it weekly and hopefully it continues to help my skin.

Earnestine Sharon, CT

Didn’t work for me. I think I need a different or stronger peel

After using this, my skin did feel smoother but I was hoping it would help with post hyper-pigmentation inflammatory scars. It’s not too strong and didn’t have any adverse effects on my skin so that’s an okay in my book since my skin can be extremely sensitive and react badly. I say give it a try if it sounds like something you need.

Simone Lake Lillian, MN

Follow the Directions

If you do follow the directions closely it is a good peel. Not great for highly sensitive skin but mine is somewhat sensitive and does fine with it. Wear sunblock! Cetephil Face Lotion is great to use after because it has no additives, don’t combine with retinol containing skin care products.

Shirley Warner Robins, GA

Not very strong

This is very mild. I have used it several times a week on my face and hands for a a few months and never felt any sting. I alternate with retin a and have finally started seeing some dark spots lighten a bit. I’ve had some light peeling and my pores look a little better. I have sensitive skin–or so I thought. Wish I had bought the 20 percent but I was afraid it would be too strong. After using this up I will use the stronger peel.

Mildred Templeton, PA

Pores smaller and skin healthier

I have done the PTR peel pads and loved them, but felt like I needed to move it up a notch to get my skin where I want it to be. I am 44 now, and my skin has taken on that rougher texture (I hesitate to call it "ruddy" yet) of an older complexion. Since my skin is not sensitive at all, and I have used the peel pads regularly, I do this peel once a week instead of the recommended 10 days –I smooth it on my freshly washed face, neck, upper chest, and hands, then I wait about 5-10 minutes, rinse it off, and then do it again, wait about 2 minutes and rinse. Only the second time I do it do I get some light tingling/burning. I still don’t really "peel" just some really light flaking here and there–mostly around my mouth. My skin looks much younger and the pores on my cheeks and nose are more shallow and smaller. In fact I am so happy with this product that it is a planned stocking stuffer for all the females who don’t want to look their age on my Christmas shopping list…including myself. 😉

Dolores Iraan, TX

Careful with this product.

You need to know how to use this product..but it is great for the skin. Makes your skin beautiful and smooth

Amie Platinum, AK

good results

no burn and no peel after 6 minutes. . my skin is very soft and my pores have really gotten smaller. i am very happy with this product and looking forward to using the next stronger peel.

Robert Clarington, OH


I don’t know how well it was working for me. I never felt it sting when it was on my face and my face never peeled afterwards. I may need a stronger percent.

Deloris Camden, ME

One Star

LOTS OF FAKE REVIEWS HERE!!!!!! Don’t let them fool you

Kerry Ocklawaha, FL

I really like this peel

Love it. Have no complaints. Great product. See results the more you use (once a week). Goodbye sun spots and scars!

Georgia Grosse Pointe, MI


I bought this because I have acne scars & large pores thinking it would reduce there appearance. This product does exfoliate although I also use a self tanning lotion so I am not able to use it as often as I would like. However, when I did use it on a weekly basis my skin looked vibrant. It also took a few tries to get the time down correctly for my skin type.

Lorene Regina, NM