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Taylor Swift Enchanted Wonderstruck Eau de Parfum Spray for Women, 3.4 Ounce

Available in a strikingly gorgeous bottle, Wonderstruck Enchanted by pop star Taylor Swift is for women who want to feel confident and empowered. Base notes of white musk, hypnotic vanilla, and peony blossoms combine with top notes of champaca petals and white freesia to create a scent that is sweet, woody, fruity, and floral. This long-lasting scent is sure to draw attention and is perfect for any occasion. Just a couple of sprays is all you need.

Key features

  • For all skin types
  • Long lasting fragrance
  • It is recommended for casual wear
  • Alluring, authentic and engaging
  • Taylor, herself, is the muse for Wonderstruck Enchanted Taylor Swift – forever captivating and always confident
  • An irresistible blend of luscious wild berries and sugar-glazed petals are wrapped in a touch of sensuality for a captivating signature

Honest reviews


Adore this Sensual Fragrance, Wonderstruck Enchanted!

Wonderstruck Enchanted is a haunting fragrance! It possibly will become one of my great favorites, before long.This is the first day I am wearing it, so I cannot know yet.It was a recent gift from the holidays. :)I do not follow celebrities when they create perfumes, and never have. Am I weird?This is the first “celebrity” fragrance I have ever owned!If someone would like to explain to me what the appeal of a celebrity’s name, vis a vis a design house which specializes in creating perfumes is, PLEASE help me out! I do not mean to be derogatory, but it honestly makes me want a scent less if it has some personality’s name on it. I must be REALLY OLD. That’s gotta be it!However, I bought this, choosing it myself, using a gift card.Admittedly, it was not just because of the description of the scent.I bought it also because of the GREAT eighties “retro look” of the bottle, with the adorable charms. The staggeringly passionate magenta-pink color of the bottle really appealed to me as well. It looks enticing, like a pomegranate!Packaging CAN be important, expecially in luxury items, like perfume.That is all for naught however if you don’t like the fragrance, of course!I had no scent on before I sprayed it on. I sprayed it on my hand after I was freshly showered (good for you, jeannie!).I then rubbed it briskly up my arm. I did this because my husband was IN THE WAY the whole time and I couldn’t get to the bottle in the regular manner!!! haha!!! It is not a new way of smelling scent, people!At any rate,I have had it on for four hours now and my husband has grabbed me twice, in a romantic fashion, out of the blue!!! He LOVES it. He has a very discerning sense of smell. He used to collect vintage men’s perfumes. He also gave me many of my favourites for years.I am giving it four stars just for HIS reaction! Guy loves girl=great! I am giving it my fifth star because the woody base notes really get to me — I do not smell the top notes as much as the base notes.I LOVE the way this wears, so far.I AM enchanted with Wonderstruck Enchanted.Put my review in the “Crazy for it!” category!best wishes, jean

Gina Lahaina, HI

Love it!

This smells awesome! It has a light sweet scent to it. i think that this is worth the money. I just love the bottle and the little charms on this. However, Macy’s has this for $60.

Alissa New Baltimore, PA

Wonderstruck Enchanted is Magical

I tried this perfume at Macy’s right after it came out, it didn’t scream at me like other perfumes have. I got a sample of this perfume a few weeks later, and after I put it on my skin, and let it sit for awhile, then I smelled it, and it smelled way better than I remembered. This perfume can be hard to smell at times. This perfume is very light. This perfume is magical. This is one of my favorite new perfumes. I buy a lot of perfume. My favorites are the celebrity’s. I’m so glad she released another perfume. I did like Wonderstruck, but I prefer this one more. I think you could wear this all year long. This perfume I was really excited about after I received a sample in the mail. When I smell perfume sometimes in the store they don’t always catch me at hello, it might be because there is so many other perfumes there, so sometimes you can’t smell them. This perfume is defiantly different than the original Wonderstruck. I just can’t get enough of this smell. I do wish it was a bit stronger, because that’s the way I like it. In my opinion this perfume is unique, it doesn’t smell like any other perfume I have smelled before.

Jo Twin Peaks, CA

Not too young, not too old!

I love this perfume. It’s the perfect "age" of sent for me. I don’t feel like a kid wearing roll on "art stuff" glitter from Bath and Body Works (remember that stuff?!) and at the same time, it’s not grandmother-y at all.It helps that my husband is a huge fan of Taylor Swift-but he loves it too.Only complaint is that the top doesn’t stay on very well. I would hate to lose it too, it’s so pretty!

Ofelia Baldwin Place, NY

Love it

My daughter loves Taylor Swift and when she saw this perfume she wanted it. She had a sample from a magazine and was crazy about it. Bought it for her birthday and she is thrilled. Even my wife uses it occasionally.

Nikki Pocono Lake, PA

I Get Compliments!

Because the scent of perfume changes somewhat with your body chemistry after wearing for awhile, my criteria for evaluation is whether anyone else tells me how good I smell when I wear it. I tried the original Wonderstruck and liked it, but no one told me I smelled good. After trying Enchanted, however, I received many compliments on my fragrance. In my opinion, it is not quite as heavy a fragrance as the blue bottle and isn’t overpowering, but lasts throughout the day well. It is not too musky and not too floral, but a nice combination. The bottles of both fragrances are beautiful.

Judy Grubville, MO

A Sweet Fun Scent For All Ages

I bought this for my wife who is in her 40’s and we both love it. The scent is definitely sweet and the berries and passion fruit definitely stand out. My wife describes it as a "young and fun" scent but also sophisticated enough that a woman of any age can wear it. The scent lingers a nice long time as well, which is a good thing.The only negative thing my wife had to say about the product was that the bottle was hard for her to handle. Her hands are a bit on the small side and the bottle is fairly large and shaped a bit like a grenade. She said she needs to use two hands to apply the perfume. Not a big deal, but anyone buying this as a gift for a younger girl may want to keep it in mind.The bottom line is this is a nice smelling, long lasting perfume that I like better than some costing 2 or 3 times as much. Definitely recommended.

Kristie Hamburg, AR

A great value for the $

Just love it. Period. I’m in my forties and wear this running errands, going to church or just around the house :). Seem to get the most compliments with this fragrance. Haven’t tried the other one (the purple one) but am tempted to try it-I’m sure I wouldn’t be disappointed. Can’t beat the price for such a huge bottle either!

Maureen Hardinsburg, KY

More than I paid for

I ordered the 3.4 oz bottle recently as a "gift" to myself. When it arrived, it included a pretty red velvet box and a .33 oz purse spray. Lovely scent and great price! Merry Christmas to all.

Sabrina Milnesand, NM

Smells so good

This perfume smells so good. It is very sweet which is what I love about it. I’m not a fan of Taylor Swift’s music but I am very much in to her perfume.

Latanya Springboro, OH

Very pretty, very light

This perfume has a very pretty scent. It’s has a pretty sweet undertone to it, but it doesn’t smell like candy. On me has a little more vanilla to it with.And since it is very light, it’s perfect for the daytime. It fades a little be throughout the day because it’s so light. But it’s a very nice smelling fragrance.Light. Girly. Sweet.

Maricela Shortt Gap, VA

So glad I got this!!

I love this fragrance and I’m so glad I picked it up. Very elegant, and the fragrance lasts a good amount of time. I would say if you want to actually smell the fragrance all day that you’d need to reapply late in the afternoon.

Josie Hastings, IA

Nice Vanilla Scent

I like this perfume. It’s surprisingly sophisticated. It smells best when you have JUST put it on, but after maybe 30 minutes, basically all you smell is vanilla. I really like vanilla, so the scent for me is enjoyable, but if you do not like vanilla, then I would definitely NOT get this perfume. I’m not a huge fan of the packaging, but honestly, it’s not that big of a deal to me.

Leona Satsuma, AL

Taylor Swift Enchanted

Love the Taylor Swift because is has a sweet and floweriest smell. That is why I alike Taylors Swift’s Parfume. Thanks you.

Joyce Merrill, WI