Tattoo Covering Halloween Accessory

A five-color palette of our new revolutionary new Tattoo Covers a creamy formula designed to cover the darkest tattoos, birthmarks and other colorations.

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  • Tattoo Covering Halloween Accessory

Honest reviews


I wouldn’t recommend.

This product only works if you glob it on. I have large tattoos and was looking for something to cover them up. It is on the pink side no matter what colors you mix together, and I could not get it to match my skin tone. I had to glob it all over my tattoo so thick that it was painfully obvious that I was wearing makeup to cover up my tattoo. For small pieces it might be okay, but definitely don’t wear on any part of you that will touch clothing because it will come off. I tried it with setting powder and barrier spray and because you have to make it so thick to cover the tattoo up it still rubs off.

Lila Boulder, UT

Good Product But Didn’t Completely Work For Me

I ordered this product for the purpose of hiding a tattoo on my wrist. The product itself is very good. It does an amazing job of covering even a very dark tattoo. With some experimentation it is possible to get a very good match to one’s skin tone.Unfortunately, it did not work for the area where I needed it. This, however, was not the product’s fault. Because it is winter and therefore I have very dry skin, along with my tattoo being right at the crease of my wrist where there are natural bend lines, I could not seem to get a natural looking application. I could cover and blend it just fine, but it would end up looking dry and rather obvious on my skin. I think if my skin were properly hydrated and I had some tips on how to best apply it to a challenging area, it would be fine.It is definitely long lasting, especially after using the barrier spray, and yet is not a pain to remove. It also has quite a nice scent to it.For tattoos, blemishes, scars, etc this is a top notch product. Just be mindful of where you will be applying it and the condition of the skin.

Jody Peralta, NM

Great for cuts/scars

I had a burn mark on my arm that really looked like a slit wrist. I didn’t want people to think I was doing that so I needed something to get it covered asap since it is summer! I tried this and it works like a charm. You can’t really see the mark. I love it. Would highly recommend. It works ok for tattoos as well. I tried it on my tattoo on my wrist.

Petra Lebanon, IN

Not bad as a tattoo cover up.

I am sleeved with a lot of color. When this is applied with the correct brush it will cover up tattoos much better than the “Kat Von D” garbage that does nothing. If you do it wrong you will know because your skin will look like you have weird bruising. Use a flat thick but soft brush when applying. Be sure to use the same brand finishing powder to set it or it will all just rub off. Getting this cover up make up wet didn’t seem to have an issue. It took a good 3 washings to remove it.

Antionette Redwood Valley, CA


I received this today and the shipping was very fast.It took a few trys of playing with it until I finally got the hang of it.I used makeup brushes to apply it and translucent powder between coats. I gently patted it on my tattoo, patted on powder, and repeated until the finish was flawless. You’d never know that underneath lies a tattoo!I have ordered the waterproof spray and I am waiting for that to arrive and I hope that really does seal in the cover-up/makeup.I would have gotten the hang of it quicker if my tattoo had been in an easier to reach place (it’s on the outside of my ankle, so the back part sort of wraps around the back of my ankle and my body can only bend and twist so much!)Hopefully this will last a long time since I will be applying it often. Regret my tattoo and wish now I’d never been so careless in my younger days. It’s so nice to see it “gone” even if it is only temporary.Now I can wear shorts and dress clothes without needing to put a band-aid over my ankle or have it show through with plain makeup and everyone knowing it’s really there.I will definately buy this again when needed.Love this wheel and wish I’d have found it years ago.

Kathie Genesee, PA

Pretty good for tattoo cover up

Lots of shades to choose & mix for the right shade. Not perfect, but it works pretty well. Cheaper than laser treatments!

Geneva Deep Water, WV

Heavy duty concealer

It is decent, especially for the price, but like much other make up products, it just sits on top of the skin looking and feeling heavy. It covers better than a drugstore product though. I haven’t used it as a tattoo cover up though, so I can’t state my opinion on that.

Tommie Biggsville, IL