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Tate’s The Natural Miracle – Odorless Nail Polish Remover 5 oz

What it is: A true multi-use product, Tate?s odorless polish remover will take off multiple layers of nail polish with ease, can be used as a nail conditioner, and it can also be used as a nail strengthener. What it does: Non-drying to nails and skin, there are also other interesting uses listed on the bottle stating that it can also be used to remove nail fungus, cuticles, corns, bunions and calluses. What else you need to know: Made only with minerals and water, this acetone-free formula is truly an amazing natural product

Key features

  • A true multi-use product
  • Tate’s odorless polish remover will take off multiple layers of nail polish with ease
  • can be used as a nail conditioner

Honest reviews


Best nail polish remover – truly odorless

This thing works like magic, and doesn’t have a strong unpleasant smell, or any at all!!!!I’ve noticed that some reviewers are concerned about the ingredients. I have a similar doubt. But when I discovered the company’s located right here in Ohio I decided it’s worth a try. And I’m not disappointed. Sometimes I just have blind faith in local businesses b/c I feel like the people around me are nice (?), I know the reason sounds horrible but I have to say it does the job very well.

Chandra Forbestown, CA

It works!

This stuff really works! My husband usually complains of the smell when I’m doing my nails, but did not even say a word when I was using this remover. It does not smell strong, but does smell like chlorine in a pool. It is expensive, but it hardly took any of the remover to get off all my polish, so it should last a while. I wish I knew the ingredients, but at the same time I’m sure this is much better than what’s in my nail polish and regular polish remover.

Glenna Fairview, KS

Never got the item

I was sent another Tate’s product – a generic conditioner. When I attempted to make a return for replacement, the site blocked any action of that nature. So much for my doing business with this seller. Don’t have any use for the conditioner and hate the fact that I’ve paid for something I never ordered.

Clara Snow, OK

Odorless and relatively quick

I have tried acetone free polish removers and natural removers….and they are nothing like Tate’s nail polish remover. I thought it was a really pricey and the bottle is a little smaller than I anticipated, but overall I am still happy with my buy…cause it works!

Stella Sunburg, MN

Expensive but worth it whenever possible

This stuff is expensive (small bottle for $12) but it is amazing & worth buying. I polish my nails a lot & have been using 100% acetone for yrs but I like to alternate it on occasion w/Tate’s which is just as effective if not more so & doesn’t dry them out as much as acetone does.I love this product. I love that it’s naturally derived (from minerals I think, though I would like to know the actual source) & I feel comfortable using it. I wish it were more widely avaialbe & that it cost less, but in any case I think it’s worth a splurge every now & again. The bottle may be small but it lasts a lot longer than it appears b/c I don’t need to use as much of this as I do when using acetone (which evaporates very quickly).

Jeanine Madisonburg, PA

Works great; Doesn’t test on animals

It can be hard to find a good nail polish remover that has no gelatin and doesn’t test on animals. The last one I had fit my cruelty-free criteria, but it dried out my nails and would not remove my nail polish easily.I tried Tate’s Nail Polish Remover, and it works really well! I no longer have dried-out nails after using it, it doesn’t require five million cotton balls, and the polish comes off pretty easily and quickly without having to use much. I’m very happy with it!

Augusta Riverside, CA