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Tassi Hair Holder The easy to use, one-size fits all hair distraction solution keeps hair long and short out of your face while washing it, applying make-up, getting facials, showering and more. Machine washable. Expands to secure hair buns, ponytails and more. Stretch terry cloth.

Key features

  • Use while washing your face, doing facials, or applying make-up
  • Easy to use
  • Unlike a head band or clips, Tassi gently holds your hair without flattening or denting it.

Honest reviews


Love it, and I’m very surprised that I do!

I bought this, and after I bought it, I had buyer’s remorse. I realized i have a zillion headbands, and I was falling victim to an unneeded product. Instead of cancelling, I let it arrive. I used it that night while washing my face. I LOVE IT. This is such a great idea! Ridiculously simple, to the point of thinking i wasted my money… but it’s so effective and wonderful. I wear it every night now while I wash my face. It’s a million times easier than a headband and a scrunchy to hold back my long hair. And this is comfortable.. very very comfortable. A reviewer complained about the elastic, but also commented that she’s gone through 5 of them. That makes no sense. If the product fell apart, why go through 5 of them??? Mine is nice quality for the price. No problems at all!

Jasmin Mc Farland, KS


I’m always trying to find something to keep the hair out of my face when I’m washing my face at night. I have short hair and plastic head bands don’t work and fabric headbands just shrink off the back of my head when washing. By the time I’m through – my hair is soaked. I saw this on TV and figured, why not? It’s great, stays right at the hairline and doesn’t mess my hairstyle or bangs up. I love it!

Jocelyn Amity, PA

One Star

Don’t waste your money because elastic goes bad after 2 washes

Kellie Sully, IA

The best hair-out-of-the-way solution!

Love the Tassi! A friend gave this to me last year when my shoulder was messed up and I couldn’t use both hands to get my hair out of the way when taking a bath or washing my face. Although this is easier with two hands (as many things are), it is totally doable with one hand. I use it in the tub to keep my hair up and dry, to wash my face, putting on makeup, and putting facial masks on. It keeps all the hair out of my way – I’ve used it when my hair was long and also when it was super short. It works so much better than a plain hairband for keeping hair out of the way.

Julianne Moscow, ID

A must have

Good cloth (spa style) headbands are hard to come by. I need one to keep my hair out of the way during face washing, doing housework, etc.I love this one, you can use it as a traditional headband, but it’s also like a donut shaped shower cap. You can tuck your hair into it. This is an added bonus.It fits very nice – a bit bigger than it needs to be, but it’s super comfortable & works very well.

Janell Marne, MI

Love this so much I might pick up a few more for holiday gifts

I’ve always had short hair until about the past year or so, when I’ve grown it out to a few inches past my shoulders. In the past, I’ve used a regular headband to hold back my hair, but lately it’s gotten so long that I’ve also needed to clip it up. I’d never heard of the Tassi until a few days ago — and ordered one right away. I love it! It really does keep all your hair up and out of the way.If you’re careful not to get it directly under the shower head, it even works as a shower cap. For the ultimate in laziness or on days when you’re running late and won’t be washing your hair, you can go directly from washing your face into the shower.I love it so much that I might pick up a few more as holiday gifts. A Tassi and some shower gel would be a great gift!I love simple things like this that make life more convenient and easy!

Meagan Big Horn, WY

tassi Keep Your Hair Outta There!, Tan

I got this to keep my hair out of the way when I do masks, facials, and wash my face. The spandex part feels a bit tighter at first, but I thought it would eventually loosen up by using. If it would, I’ll give it a five star.After using it for a week, I can say that it does what it says. It does keep my hair out of the way without messing up my hair. I did not want to use clips nor hairbands because it always leave some unwanted marks on my hair no matter how little time I keep them on. Well, no more of that. The key is to keep the spandex part away from your hair, but on the edges of your face, it comes with photo instruction so you’ll know how it should look when put on.

Michael Springfield, IL

Does what it says

I needed a way to keep my hair out of my face to wash and remove make-up. I have above the shoulder cut and my hair is very fine and it is too short to pull into a ponytail. I was happy to find the Tassi on Amazon. My only concern is that I think it might not work for very heavy, ethnic or long hair because my hair seems to be a nice fit. My other concern is laundering. The instructions say bright and ddark colors need special washing.

Marilyn Cameron, WI

Great Idea – Easy to use

The Tassi Headband is really a neat invention for those of us with lots of hair. It is easy to put on and get the hair inside the band and fits me perfectly, and I have an average-size head or a little smaller. The terry is very soft and it comes in an array of colors, so one can buy other bands in order to have a variety of spares. I purchased the Robin Egg Blue and simply love the beautiful hue. Just ordered a second one in a different color to alternate with the first. This is a great idea to get the hair out of your way when you need to.

Maura Elnora, IN