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Tarte Lights, Camera, Flashes! Statement Mascara

Improving upon the incredibly popular Lights, Camera, Lashes formula, you can now take your lashes to the extreme with Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Flashes! Statement Mascara. Two coats are clinically proven to increase eyelash volume by an incredible 752%!

Key features

  • Curls and magnifies your lashes. Delivers a dramatic sexy look. Ophthalmologist tested.
  • Blended without parabens, mineral oil or synthetic fragrance.

Honest reviews


Raccoon Eyes!

So I did not notice a major difference in my lash size of length but most importantly this stuff gives you major raccoon eyes. I thought it was me, my facial cream who knows what but after using a much less expensive product without an issues I had to review. The worst part is that it won’t easily wipe off when it smears to a upper lid or under the eye. I would never purchase it again and I’m not really sure what I will do with the one I have! And yes I wear mascara daily. Waste of money.

Florence Halcottsville, NY

Just okay

I had the opportunity to try this through a beauty subscription service. While I enjoyed receiving it as one of my monthly items and was very excited to try it, I’m left feeling rather underwhelmed.Pros: Unique packaging/design, nice lashes.Cons: Expensive. Brush is not getting any easier to figure out after a week of daily use. It’s got soft bristles on one side, and harder bristles on the other side, and you’re supposed to sort of spin it around which I find to be more of a hassle than anything.Bottom Line: Cute name, great packaging….but there are several brands of $5-$8 drugstore mascara that will give you comparable and hassle free results.In my opinion this mascara, while it DOES yield decent results when used correctly, is way overpriced for what it offers. I’m not sure that I would purchase this even if it were available as a pharmacy/retail brand.

Allene O Brien, OR

My lashes look great, but I find the brush unweildy

I really like the look this mascara gives. It thickens and lengthens without looking clumpy. However, I find it difficult to use. The Brush is interesting. Two sides have very long bristles and the other sides have short bristles. The bristle lengths alternate, so basically, one quarter is long, then short, then long, then short. The bristles are rubbery.My issue is that every SINGLE time I use this mascara I either poke myself in the eye or bump my top lid with the brush. It’s hard to tell which is the long side and which is the short side. I find it unusually difficult to get close up into the base of my lashes without getting mascara everywhere or poking my eye. So, I’ll be using the short side, but somehow poke my eye with the long side when trying to apply the mascara. Or I’ll use the Long side but then the other long side will somehow hit my brow bone as I’m applying mascara to the tips of the lashes. I think that it’s really hard to gauge the position of the brush due to the varied length of the bristles.I haven’t had this issue with mascaras with big, bushy brushes (e.g., the old formula of UD Big Fatty or Smashbox Full Exposure), but I do with this product, I suspect because the brush lengths are not uniform. Thus, while I like the effects, I do not like having to clean up the mess afterwards. I usually do my eyes last, after foundation and eyeshadow, so it’s annoying to have to use eye makeup remover to clean up both under the eye, the eyelid, and up towards the brow bone and then fix the smudged eyeshadow and eyeliner.Once the mascara is applied and cleaned up, I love how my lashes look. Removal is a pain. I don’t think it’s supposed to be waterproof, but I find removal to be harder than typical.

Patty Vici, OK

Wicked Lashes

I love Tarte makeup and especially their mascara. I usually use Amazonian Clay and love it. But I saw this fancy packaging sitting next to it at Sephora ($24 at Sephora) so I gave it a try.This mascara makes my lashes look glamorous and fabulously long. It is also waterproof, so that’s cool for crybaby movies. I have to use argan oil to remove it however because face wash and water don’t do a thing.This is another off the hook Tarte product. Long lashes, not clumpy, ridiculously fabulous.

Eloise Franklin, MO

Good stuff

I like that this mascara has a bit more natural ingredients but still has fibers in it. Alone, this lengthens about the same as my previous favorite, Maybelline’s The Falsies- I get a nice lengthening dark black, but it stays on better with less bleeding and smudging. I’ve had issues with some mascaras drying out or being used up very quickly but I’ve been using this for around 3 months and it’s still good. I have found that the primer adds more length, although when I use the primer I have to make sure to do extra coats or the lashes look a bit thinner since the primer seems to be a volume killer.Two downsides-The cool gold crocskin packaging immediately comes off the top of the wand, but I think this makes it slightly easier to maneuver.The brush has a weird shape, kind of similar to "spoon shaped" lash curling brushes. You have to be a little bit careful because the curve is subtle and you can accidentally poke yourself and get mascara on your eyelids.

Frances Rock View, WV

Clumpy sticky lashes

I have been a tarte user for years. I have always been pleased with their mascara, so I naturally wanted to try this one. I was so disappointed. The brush is two sided which is great in theory; one side is for general coverage and the other one is to coat individual lashes. Unfortunately, because this formula is clumsy and thick, it is difficult to tell which side of the brush is which. Also, my eyelashes stick together with this mascara. I have never had that happen before with a mascara, so it is not an application error on my part. This formula is messy in general. I love other tarte products, so I will stick with some of their other mascara for a clean, clump-free look.

Jo Millersville, MO


I love this mascara. It glides on, doesn’t flake off and makes my eye lashes look very long. So far, I love ALL my Tarte products!

Rachel San Luis Obispo, CA