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Tarte Cosmetics The Buffer Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush

Tarte Cosmetics The Buffer Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush helps you create a flawless look with ease. Made from harvested, sustainable materials the bamboo handle is both stylish and allows for easy control when applying makeup. The luxuriously soft bristles distribute just the right amount of product across your entire face.

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  • Tarte Cosmetics The Buffer Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush 1 piece

Honest reviews


Love the finish, but this brush has some flaws

I bought this brush on QVC. It came with my order of Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation. This blush does a beautiful job blending the foundation into my skin. It really gives a great, natural looking finish. That foundation in particular isn’t the easiest to apply and I definitely think that the brush and foundation together look beautiful. It also makes application very fast. However, I have 2 issues with the brush. First, it is incredibly hard to get foundation to look good on the nose. the brush is simply too big. For this reason, I have been finding myself using the Real Techniques Expert Face brush to get foundation on my nose. Second, it’s a pain to wash. The brush is SO dense that it takes a while to get all the product out of it. It really gets embedded in there. My regular MAC Brush Cleaner doesn’t really cut it for this. I need to use my Neutrogena makeup removing foaming face wash to effectively remove makeup residue and then follow with the MAC Brush Cleaner to condition it. This brush seams to suck in more product than the Expert Face Brush.I do like it though. I actually have two. I use the second one to apply powder. It’s especially great for my Smashbox Halo Powder. Also at $32, the price is REALLY reasonable for a brush of this quality.

Suzette Eaton, CO

I love this brush!

OK, I just got it today so I will have to do an update review later, but so far I love this brush! It has the perfect density and it’s super soft. It’s a big brush, larger than most foundation brushes, but I kind of love that about it. It actually looks more like a powder or bronzing brush, and I’m sure could be used for that as well. I’ll let you know how I feel about it in a few weeks :)UPDATE:I still love this brush 🙂 I use it for powder or mineral foundation. It’s great for blending and buffing large areas, but harder to work around angles like your nose and eyes. I haven’t found this to be a problem at all, just something I thought I should note. I love this brush and would highly recommend it.UPDATE:I’ve been using this with my liquid foundation and it’s amazing! I feel like I get a thinner coverage than I do with my other foundation brush, but it is flawless. I love this brush. It’s versatile and wonderful with everything I use.

Tabatha Menasha, WI


Takes alot to put foundation on with this. I rather use it for powder. Maybe blush but Still like it. It does use alot of soap to wash all the makeup away. Thats the down side but real soft and worth the money.

Mitzi Springfield, MN

The best

If my Tarte brush disappeared one day, I would cancel all my plans and go on a search to replace it. Thats how much I love this brush!!! It applies my powder foundation perfectly and it prevents any caking which has always been a problem for me. This is a winner!

Amy Harbeson, DE

Flawless look

It will give you a flawless look ( I use liquid foundation). It cost $32 at ulta ( pricey) but you will be happy with the outcome ,

Colette Morrisdale, PA


I use to think brushes didn’t have anything to do with the look of the makeup. I honestly thought it was just some prissy obsession to have fun with applying your makeup.THEN I bought a Mac brush. I thought, ‘WOAH! This DOES WORK! There IS a difference!’ I didn’t like how they wasted SO much expensive makeup that the brushes would pick up. However I became a HUGE advocate that the right brush can dang near make ANY foundation amazing!So I started buying more and more brushes because I kept finding better and better ones!I saw this brush on a youtube makeup video and I couldn’t believe how amazing it was. So I took the gamble and bought it.BOY AM I GLAD I DID.I now use less then HALF of the makeup I normally do and that’s not even the best news! I FINALLY have an airbrushed look.I never thought it would be possible and boy is it ever.You won’t be disappointed. This is one of those products that I almost want to buy a spare in case something happens and they stop making them.Try it! 🙂

Annie Troy, TX

In love with this brush!

I just received my brush today and it was love at first touch! Yes, this brush is pricey but it was soooo worth it! I applied liquid foundation with it and the result was an airbrush soft look! I simply love it! I have yet to try it with powder but I know it will work wonders too.Can’t say enough about this brush! Love my Tarte 🙂

Lena Falmouth, MA


I absolutely adore this brush. I used to use “beauty blenders” (a popular brand of foundation application sponges) to apply foundation. Discovering this brush is the best thing that ever happened to my face. It literally does look like my foundation was applied with an airbrush and I find that it’s so efficient that I use much less foundation than I normally would.Recently one of my friends was complaining that her face was really blotchy and reapplying her foundation did absolutely nothing for her. I told her to try using my brush and it actually was able to completely mask the blotchiness. I’m very impressed and I’ll probably be giving this away to my girlfriends as a christmas present.

Octavia Thida, AR

Amazing Brush!

This brush is so soft, so dense and it is so pretty to look at. The quality is amazing! I had no plan as to what I was going to use this brush for, I just wanted it. It is a multi tasker in my brush collection. It really gives foundation a air brushed finish. I also like using it with setting powder or with my Tarte Amazoian Clay 12 hour powder foundation. It’s a multi purpose brush and I am so happy to own it.

Lakisha Salter Path, NC

no need to buy on QVC, really!

to buy this on QVC you have to buy product, which honestly don’t want to do, just wanted the brush. This was the only place to buy brush only, at the time when I purchased. you will like the feel of this on your skin. To clean just use castile soap, cheaper than buying expensive brush soap.

Laurel Hoquiam, WA

The Best Brush!!!

I love this foundation brush! It has to be the best brush ever. I have a MAC 190 brush and an ELF stipple brush for foundation…but none works as beautifully as the Tarte brush. This is the first Tarte product I’ve ever had and I am super impressed. The brush is super dense, very soft, and it applies easily. It was definatly worth the price.

Martina High Point, NC