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Tarte Cosmetics Lights Camera Lashes Mascara 0.24 oz. Black

If super long, thick, curly lashes are your dream, look no further. Lights Camera Lashes Mascara coats each lash in a silky, volumizing formula with its specially designed brush, leaving them clump-free and perfectly dramatic. Packaged in a purple faux snake skin tube, Lights Camera Lashes Mascara leaves lashes lengthy and luscious after only one application, but its silken formula may be layered for added drama. Black is a glossy black shade.

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  • Tarte Cosmetics Lights Camera Lashes Mascara

Honest reviews


Great mascara

Product came in original sealed unopened packaging. I even got a few samples of a cream, so I was surprised with that gesture. This is a great mascara if you have allergies because it’s all natural and made with bees wax:-)

Angie Fremont, IN

The product was so old that it was unusable

Not sure what happened or how long this sat on the shelf, but this came in like cake mascara – it was completely unusable and had to be thrown away.

Barbara Kotlik, AK

great idea, but needs work

the brush isn’t the best, the product comes out very clumpy, and requires wiping on a tissue or rag so that you can apply it. Dries very fast so if make a mistake, it’s too late to comb through it. I love the fact that it is natural vs. the other products so I will continue to use it, just wish it went on easier.

Shana Carleton, NE

Not clump free, not impressed!

This is only the second “natural” mascara I have used, and I have to say I am not impressed. After hearing some negative things about mascara, I searched for an all natural mascara-or at least a couple brands with less harsh ingredients, and I have to say I will not be buying Tarte again!I have longer lashes, that are pretty full. However, I have blonde hair and my lashes are nearly invisible. This mascara clumped horribly, especially at the base of my lashes! It gave my lashes have that “spider” quality to them, which was a major disappointment since this product claims it helps with curling as well. Initially I thought maybe it was because I didn’t use a primer, so the next evening I tried the Tarte primer sample I received and was even more disappointed with the results! The two did not work well together, the mascara and primer do not coat evenly together.After using mascara, I normally have some eye irritation. In this case it was minimal but still present. My eyes were a little red after removing it-however I will say it did come off much more easily that nearly all the other mascara brands I have tried.I would recommend this to someone with sensitive eyes, that has nice firm lashes and doesn’t have issues with spider lashes.

Jannie Coyote, NM

Not better than stuff at half the price

This is an OK mascara. It does not clump or smudge under my eyes. It does make lashes thicker. However, as for making my lashes long or curled, I did not notice any difference than the products I can buy at the drugstore. I ended uup with think, short lashes, which is not my preference. I prefer long, thinner lashes. If you want thickness and have problems with smudging, then this may be the mascara for you.The packaging is a little weird. The mascara is encased in a pouch, which means it will not stand or sit on the counter, it will only lie flat.

Dionne Hurst, IL

Okay but won’t buy again

It is a bit clumpy on the brush and you have scrape off the extra. The brush also isn’t the best. I love Tarte products but I won’t buy this one again once it’s gone.

Erna Salol, MN

Wow! My sparse lashes look GREAT!

It’s expensive, so I had doubts about springing for the Tarte Cosmetics Lights mascara. Then again, it’s natural, which I liked, and nothing to date has done much for my long but very sparse lashes. Just put it on, and WOW, after just one coat I actually have pretty lashes that look much thicker.I can’t pretend to be happy about the price — YIKES! Then again, it’s the best I’ve yet tried, so I’ll be ordering again.Tarte Cosmetics Lights Camera Lashes 4-in-1 Natural Mascara 0.24 oz.

Karyn Sasabe, AZ