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Tarte Cosmetics Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara 0.24 oz.

Tarte Cosmetics Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara Black Brand New No Box

Key features

  • The Amazonian clay makes this the first and only “smart” mascara that intuitively finds and treats your unique lash concerns, delivering the benefits you need and volume you desire.
  • The Amazonian clay instinctively lengthens, conditions, repairs and replenishes dry and brittle lashes.
  • This mascara works overtime to keep lashes intact, healthier, and stronger by preventing lash loss and promoting lash health.
  • Amazonian clay: balances, nourishes, hydrates, replenishes and repairs to promote healthy, more voluminous lashes and while preventing lash loss.
  • 0.24 OZ

Honest reviews


Using it right now…

Ok, Im still trying to find the perfect mascara. IM allergic to a lot of stuff, so I was praying I didnt get any allergic reaction, and Im happy to say I didnt. So far I like it, enhances my eyelashes nicely. The previous one I used started nicely too but with every day use it dried out very fast. Ive been using this one for 3 weeks so far and it works fine. Lets give it some more time and I will determine if I continue my journey or if I finally find "the one".

Diann Chittenden, VT

Super pigmented, long wearing, buildable

I wasn’t crazy about this mascara when I first tried it. It was very wet, which I know sounds funny, but it was. After a week or two, it dried out a little and thickened a bit and I am very happy. The formula is incredibly pigmented. It is super black. You can build it up nicely. I have never had an issue with it flaking off or smudging during the day. I love this mascara and I will definitely repurchase.

Leeann Gladstone, VA

Tarte mascara

Saw this item on qvc and Amazon had it a bit more affordable. I like this item but would not buy again just because it was just like any other mascara but more expensive.

Bernadine Roan Mountain, TN


I tried the Camera Ready from Tarte and it was hit or miss. One tube was great, the next would be dry…etc. this one, OMG. Love it. It adds the color and length I want without clumpiness. Doesn’t rub off but washes off easily with water…the Alice Cooper black stains under my eyes that come from face washing wipe off easily with a little water and a cotton ball.This seems to be working well for not pulling out eyelashes and allowing them to thicken and grow longer…giving me the doe eyes I am trying to achieve. Go for it!FYI…just purchased this at Sephora for $19.

Stefanie Belfast, ME

Drug store quality

I like this mascarra but the formula is identical to the physicians formula (green tube) love the formulation but for the price I’d rather buy a drugstore one. Won’t rperchase or recommend

Carol Sycamore Valley, OH

It is nice but expecting more from it

Tarte does make great make up. I have bought the waterproof and camera ready mascara and love it, and I was expecting something more with this one. It has a dark black color, but it really just colors the lashes and does help thicken or lengthen. I still love Tarte blush and powders. I still use it but I only gave 4 stars because I was expecting it to lengthen too.

Marquita Mendota, VA

tarte cosmetics gifted mascara

I cannot believe all of the good reviews here. Number one, if you wear concealer, this mascara smudges into the concealer looking like racoon eyes. You cannot take a nap in it at all! Hard to wash off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meagan Kremmling, CO


I love Tarte Cosmetics. This mascara makes your eyelashes stand out. I also like their lights camera lashes. Helps lashes to grow. This is better than Bare Minerals volumizer by far.

Nola Fennimore, WI

Best Mascara Ever

Delighted to finally find an excellent mascara product that is safe, does not clump and removes easily.Looking forward to trying other products by this company.

Minerva Jeddo, MI

WOW the best

Ever since I bought this my friends and family think I purchased the add on false lashes. ha ha I love it. This product is amazing, I put all my false eyelashes to "sleep" in a drawer, will never need now.

Lily Holualoa, HI

perfect for me 🙂

I have had a terrible time finding a mascara that doesn’t irritate my eyes, is gluten free,and still make my lashes noticeable. This one does the trick! So far, best Ive ever used. It lasts a long time, and comes off at night fairley easy. I don’t think this is a 100% natural/organic product, I need to research the ingrediants.

Daisy Buena Vista, NM

Great for sensitive eyes

Let me say this: I don’t wear makeup. I’ve tried so many and here I am turning 30 and still don’t wear makeup 90% of the time my entire life. I don’t because even when it says for sensitive eyes/skin or oil-free/good for acne prone skin, etc. I break out more or my eyes water.This is the only mascara I can tolerate through most of the day. My husband can tell when I’m wearing it because he says my lashes look longer and thicker.The only reasons I can’t give it 5 stars is 1. the price is more than I like to pay, even though I consider it to have quality ingredients and 2. I have used cheaper, less natural brands that gave a much, much fuller and longer lash appearance.

Jennifer Mallory, NY


This mascara makes your lashes thick and long and doesn’t seem to flake off or smudge during the day. I have noticed a bit of clumping on the lashes that I have to smooth out, but that’s what you get with mascaras that make thin lashes look very thick. Other than that, it is a perfect mascara! .

Francesca Black Mountain, NC

Best organic/ clean mascara I have ever used

I love this tart mascara. I have tried many other organic ones in this one is by far the best in every aspect.

Latonya Crockett Mills, TN

Tarte Mascara

Love this mascara. It makes your lashes longer and thicker and it lasts all day. I would recommend this to a friend.

Christa Putnam Hall, FL


this is my favorite mascara of all time. If you apply it right (waiting until the previous coat is dry) it does make your eyelashes pop and they’re not clumpy! LOVE LOVE LOVE TARTE!

Cortney Lake Ann, MI

I don’t wear mascara often but when I do this is my favorite.

Great product that doesn’t flake off and truly is waterproof. Removes easily with eye makeup remover. I use Balm products eye makeup remover.

Lilia Rockland, DE

Gives great length

This mascara will give your eye lashes awesome length, the best, BUT IT FLAKES? Its back to the drawing board.

Aurelia Mc Grath, AK