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Tarte Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder

Product Performance: This translucent, silky finishing powder keeps makeup in place without ever appearing chalky. It mattifies skin by removing excess surface oil. This powder can even be used alone as a treatment to reap all the benefits of Amazonian clay. Powered By: Amazonian clay: Amazonian clay acts as a total skin balancer, by hydrating all skin types, reducing the appearance of dry, flaky skin, improving clarity and texture, and removing surface oil to mattify skin for a soft focus and flawless finish.

Key features

  • A translucent, silky finishing powder with Amazonian clay that keeps makeup in place and diffuses imperfections.

Honest reviews


love this!!

Absolutely one of the best finishing powders/setting powders out there. I have an nc42/43 skin tone and it does not look ‘white or leave a whitish cast on my face. It blends flawlessly like a good transclucent powder. I use a powder brush to apply. It makes my pores look smaller while I’m wearing it but in no way has ‘treated my pore problem permanently, unfortunately. It feels very silky on the skin is very finely milled and works even on bare skin. It doesn’t have a scent, as far as I can tell. I haven’t tried anything else similar so I haven’t had anything to compare it too but like everything I’m sure other companies will try to copy it as its a good seller.Lose one star for the packaging! Its cheap plastic and awful. I have to squeeze the sides of the tiny hole just to get some product to come out and tap it upside down repeatedly to get some product. Argh! I’ve never had such a great product in such crappy packaging before…tarte do something!

Lolita Jamaica, NY

It’s a miracle

Because it arrive timely and product take all oil away. I may have to you h yo at noon a bit but it controls the ouk for a long time

Katelyn Prosper, TX

So so product

Well……… is very fine powder which is what I like about, but not much of big difference between this clay finishing powder and my Laura Mercier lose powder. I don’t think it is worth the money.

Carrie West College Corner, IN

Clay Powder Works Decently. Container SUCKS.

I think I like this stuff. Lately, I’ve been dealing with really shiny skin. I haven’t had breakouts since I’ve been using products that work for me (finally). I don’t like to use foundation, so I thought this stuff would be great because it’s light and would help absorb the oil. Smooth Operator works nicely on it’s own, doesn’t have a color, and evens out your skin tone…but it only works for a couple of hours on me. Max. Then I have to re-apply just like any other powder. What I really like it for, is my eyebrows. It does a really good job of sealing them after I apply eyebrow pencil, so my eyebrows stay in place MUCH longer. I also like that it’s pretty pure and doesn’t contain a bunch of lab created chemicals. Sucky thing is, the container it comes in is really lame. It’s difficult to screw the top on, and if you don’t get the cap on just right, it gets stuck. I’ve never experienced an issue with a make-up container like this. I’m currently not able to open the container because of this and have been trying to get it open for the last 3 days. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m going to have to break the plastic open with a hammer and try to scoop the powder into another vessel. For almost 30 bucks, I’m not quite sure if this powder is worth it.

Joy Winona, MO

Need to find the right amount

Purchased a couple weeks ago, and at first did not like it. I have very oily skin which would be an oil slick by noontime. At first, I applied only a little bit of powder because other reviews noted you just needed a small amount. I apply over my mineral powder make-up. It does feel really nice when you first apply. But, my face would still be an oily mess by noon.So, I started using much more powder a week ago (before I would shake the container only 3-4 times, but now I shake 5-6 times). My face now remains pretty oil-free at noon, and seems to remain so the rest of the day. So I’m pretty happy with this now.My advice – play around with the amount of powder you need if it’s not effective at first until you find the right level.

Kerri Kincaid, WV

Finally, a Finishing Powder That Works

I was on the hunt for a finishing powder that would not settle into fine lines around my eyes after using a concealer. Although I’ve used Bare Minerals for many years, I’ve found that it’s a bit dry for my face during the winter, since we moved to West Virginia, where the humidity is low. Although I’m 52 years old, I still have a lot of oil in my t-zone, especially in the summer, but the skin under my eyes can become a bit dry. Trying to find a makeup for this unique combination of 50+ year old skin, and oily/dry skin combo has been a challenge.I’ve had a chance to use this, while it’s hot outside, and now with the temperatures dropping (along with the humidity). It goes on flawless. It does not accentuate fine lines, but it takes care of the shine in my t-zone. The Bare Minerals started feeling tight on my face and itching during the winter. I don’t have a problem with Tarte. Since it’s colorless, you really don’t see it on the face. It takes a very small amount; just a light dusting does the job.I’ve put it on, then used a 15x LED lighted mirror later in the day to check the performance of Tarte Smooth Operator, and I’m impressed. Even after several hours my makeup is in place, and not settled into fine lines.

Lindsay Stockton, CA

good for under the eyes

I had a sample size in my collection a long time before trying it. I never thought it would be anything particularly special, and just stuck with regular drugstore brand powder.. but my concealer under my eyes was creasing like MAD lately. It never happened before, so this was very annoying. I remembered that I had this little sample powder and tried it for the first time to set my concealer under the eyes. The results were GREAT, my makeup didn’t crease and this powder is sooo finely milled. It glides on really smoothly and feels very soft under my eyes. It never looks like I have powder on either. All in all, I’m so glad I found it hiding in my stuff, and it saved a lot of headaches. I would definitely buy a full size of this product.

Cortney South Barre, MA

Great on all levels

I ordered this finishing powder by Tarte, and received it in record time (3 days,) from the seller. The product is excellent, and the shipping was phenomenal. I like Tarte products as they are natural, and nourish the skin while providing a sheer veil over foundation or make up. Very pleased with product and seller.

Antionette Palacios, TX

Doesn’t work as well on very oily skin but it’s better than others I’ve tried.

I have very oily skin and I mean VERY. I’m sure everyone with oily skin thinks it’s very oily but mine really is. Within about 30 minutes of washing my face, you can see little pools of oil beginning to form. I also have really oily hair that must be washed daily unless I use a dry shampoo spray.Anyway, I was very excited to try this powder. It goes on clear EXCEPT for by my nose. By my nose, it is visibly white. I had to kind of wipe it off so it wasn’t so obvious. And I didn’t use much. It’s hard to use much since there is one little tiny hole that the powder comes out of.It does control oil better than any other powder I’ve tried but it doesn’t work as great for me as some other reviewers. After a reapplication a few hours later, it seems to be a little more effective.I haven’t used it long enough to say whether or not it has any effect on my pore size. I think it would take a miracle to help those, though!All that said, I LOVE the eyeshadow and mascara and will be reviewing that next.

Elizabeth Carrollton, VA

buy elsewhere

Like the powder very much…the price on this site is a lot more than anywhere else.Go to the "S" store 7 purchase there for much less.

Edwina Long Branch, NJ