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tarte 100% Pure Maracuja Oil 1.7oz 50mL

Derived from the Amazonian passion flower, this pure maracuja oil is a powerful and intuitive elixir that instantly absorbs into the skin, delivering a high dose of essential fatty acids and vitamin C to hydrate.

Key features

  • Instantly absorbs into the skin without leaving an oily residue
  • Helps keep skin looking smoother and more radiant
  • Helps reduce the look of pores
  • Helps improve skin’s texture, tone & moisture

Honest reviews



Been hearing good things about this oil so I ordered the larger bottle. When I got it the dropper inside the bottle broke into the bottle so was useless. Contacted the seller. Never replied not a peep so I’m out 48.00 and useless oil.

Gwen Lorman, MS

Absorbs Quickly

I love this product and have been using it daily. It absorbs quickly and leaves my skin feeling very smooth.

Esmeralda Glen Wild, NY

not worth the price

compared to much cheaper but high quality argan oils I saw no difference in this product , besides the nice little bottle.

Jamie Lamesa, TX

A Miracle For Skin

I first tried this after receiving a sample in a tarte kit. I have combo skin & was very hesitant to put an oil on my face. I put 3-4 drops into my hand & applied it all over my face & neck. My skin immediately absorbed it and when I woke up the next morning, I had no oil around my nose or forehead as I usually did! I have now been using this oil for 4 months now. My skin is brighter, more even toned, fine lines have disappeared and my pores are smaller. I have much less oil production, therefore no monthly breakouts! I had tried Josie Maran’s Argan Oil & liked it, but this is more for your face & neck specifically. I use the Argan Oil for feet, knees, elbows & cuticles. This maracuja oil can also be mixed with your regular moisturizer, just a couple drops, or serum. This is now a must have in my skin care regimen. It is a bit pricey, but using it at night as directed, the 1.7 oz bottle lasts me 4 months. When purchasing this, make sure you’re getting what you pay for. There is a smaller 0.24 oz bottle as well, but the 1.7 oz bottle runs from $38-46, depending on the seller. Give this miracle oil a try, I’ll bet you love it as much as I do!!

Katherine Picher, OK

An exquisitely effective product with an astounding number and variety of uses

I am really impressed with this oil. I thought it would be just like argan oil, nothing new. But I am thrilled to discover that it’s an incredibly versatile, effective “miracle oil”! Maracuja is a very fine, light oil, while argan oil is heavier and, well, more oily I think maracuja oil much better for the complexion than argan oil; it’s silkier and absorbs better. It is a perfect moisturizer for the winter, as long as you follow with some sort of SPF. But I don’t use it just for my complexion! Nay! It is a multi-purpose potion of powerful potential.Here are some of its uses:1) HAND MOISTURIZER. I keep a mini bottle in my purse for my hands. My hands never feel right, and I was forever reaching for the hand lotion. This stuff really softens and the soothing moisture truly lasts, much longer than any lotion.2) PSORIASIS SOOTHER. I have psoriasis, which was invited by its known associate and frequent co-conspirator, the Rheumatoid Arthritis I’ve had since age 3. For some unknown reason, Mr. Psoriasis showed up out of nowhere weeks before my wedding. It was all over me, my chest, back, trunk, legs, arms, scalp, but we managed wrangle it under control in time, and I covered what hadn’t obligingly gone away with a cathedral-length veil and opera-length gloves.Now it’s down to just a few comparatively small patches, though they’re still very visible (I embrace winter clothing!) and itch ALOT. I put maracuja oil on them when they’re itchy, red, angry blotches, and it soothes way the itch and even reduces the redness and swelling! They’re not as visible either. I am so stoked.2.5) MAYBE SOME ARTHRITIS RELIEF? After seeing the effect it has on psoriasis, I’m curious to see if maracuja oil might have anti-inflammatory properties that could perhaps soothe arthritic joints. I already apply it to my hands, so I’ll start paying closer attention to how they’re feeling as time goes on. I’ll probably rub it onto my wrists as well, can’t hurt, might help! I’d love to be able to get my wedding rings over my currently-too-swollen knuckle. I’m afraid of my joints swelling and making my rings impossible to take off, so I don’t wear them at all. (I need to be able to remove them easily.)3) MEGA-MOISTURIZING PRIMER. I wear it under my Dr. Jart Renewalist bb cream, which is a really thick full-coverage formula I wear for performances. The maracuja oil is a lifesaver, because that cream does not properly moisturize by itself and can actually be uncomfortable without a good soaking moisturizer underneath. My skin just drinks up the maracuja oil, leaving no messy oil slick behind, just a nice glow. So it makes an excellent primer.(Tarte’s own tinted moisturizer, of course, properly moisturizers.) (Yes I know Tarte makes a full-coverage foundation but there isn’t a good match for my ultra-fair-with-pale-pink-undertones complexion, or I’d be using it. Despite being a bb cream the Dr. Jart Renewalist provides incredible coverage and perfectly matches my skintone.)4) NIGHTTIME NATURAL BEAUTY. I really like the way my skin looks after I’ve washed my face and smoothed on a few drops of oil. It truly doesn’t look like I just put pure oil all over my face! It looks dewy and fresh. My husband loves it, wants me to eschew makeup altogether and look like that all the time. Truth be told, isn’t that our goal, with all the skincare stuff we use? It’s mine. I’m working on it. I’m not ready yet.My regular night products often make my face look red, because they are full of dermatological science heavy-hitters. I don’t mind it, until I take a break and see how lovely my skin can look when I treat it with the simple, pure, natural maracuja oil instead of serums and creams from a lab. I’ve invested a lot in my current regimen, having bought 4 month’s worth of the Sadick Park Avenue Prescription, so I’m sticking with it till I’ve used it up. Plus so far I like the results. But when it’s time to decide what to do next, I may switch to maracuja oil full-time. Bring it off the bench and make it my starter.4.5) ALL-THE-TIME NATURAL BEAUTY. Maybe, when I feel like I’ve achieved the so desired evened skintone, reduced redness, and lightened my unevenly distributed but small freckles to a symmetrical smattering, I WILL stop wearing any sort of foundation and be confident in the fresh-faced glow of simple maracuja oil.5) LIP SOFTENER. A dab rubbed into my lips feels so much better than any waxy balm or wussy cream. As with hand lotion, I was always reaching for a lip balm. It doesn’t taste good, though, beware. Still, it curtails the constant rummaging for lip balm in my bedside drawer 6 times a night.6) HAIR GLOSS: It takes just a few drops of oil, rubbed first on your hands and then over your hair and brushed through, to instantly soften and smooth your hair and add a beautiful shine. It’s light and is absorbed so it doesn’t weigh your hair down or look greasy, as long as you use the right (tiny) amount. I use a hair gloss daily. It’s the last thing I do in my getting-dressed beauty ritual. To be honest, I don’t choose to use the maracuja oil for this, because I don’t like the smell (I’ll get to that) and I prefer The Body Shop’s Grapeseed Gloss or Fekkai Olive Gloss. But I have tried it and it does work wonderfully.I have but 3 issues:1) Maracuja oil has a strong nutty fragrance that I really don’t care for. I find it pretty unpleasant, but others may like it, and some may not even notice it at all. I’m considering adding a drop of pure rose or lavender oil (I have them for cooking) to mask the nutty scent with a preferable floral one. I’ve tested it in a small amount and think it’ll work without affecting the performance of the maracuja oil. Might even be better! Extra vitamin c from the rose, for example. I’m not setting up a laboratory and trying to concoct some new formula though. I just want to mask that unpleasant fragrance.2) I haven’t gotten used to the wand instead of the dropper I’m used to with oil. I noticed my mom’s small bottle of Josie Maran Argan oil had a wand too. Why? Can anyone explain why?3) You’ll notice a smaller bottle for sale from various sellers, but Tarte doesn’t officially sell anything but the 1.7 oz bottle, for $46. That smaller bottle is given as a free bonus with purchases or sometimes in kits. While I’m currently well stocked with several of the generously-sized mini bottles I received as free samples, I think Tarte should either make the mini bottle a permanent freebie choice or offer it for sale, because it will be more accessible. Then people don’t have to hopefully chance upon a free sample in order to try it, or buy the small bottle from third parties who all charge different prices and don’t give awesome freebies like Tarte, Ulta, or Sephora do. Plus maybe not everyone wants 1.7 ounces, they just want a little. I like Josie Maran’s very affordable $14 small bottle of argan oil. I want that for Tarte Maracuja Oil. Officially.Speaking of the bottle, let me end this review on a positive note.HOW GORGEOUS IS THIS BOTTLE!? It looks just beautiful on your vanity, that rich deep regal color that looks like a jewel when the light hits it, set off by that elegant faux-wood top that looks so unique. I love it. And, as Tarte always does with its minis, and it’s fantastic, the freebie minis are packaged equally beautifully. I will keep those bottles to decant into from the bigger bottle, for travel and my purse. The bottles, big and small, look positively opulent while still being serenely simple. Brilliant design.As you can see by my lengthy testimony, I think this is a really impressive product, and it far outshines argan oil, the “trendy” oil. Tarte is brilliant, that, in seeing the market for a skincare oil, instead of releasing their own argan oil, answered with a different, (in my opinion) superior oil. That’s smart business, and it shows dedication to bringing us the best in beauty products. That’s one of the many things that makes Tarte so great! I love this brand.

Natalia Minonk, IL

Best Face Oil

I seriouly love this stuff so worth every penny it lasts forever and my face feels s soft after use, Treat yourself and get this!!!

Althea Ridgedale, MO

Great for acne prone skin!

I absolutely love this oil! It is the only oil that I have found that does not clog my pores or break me out. I use retin a which has been peeling my skin and this does a great job of soothing it. I previously tried Argan oil and all it did was give me a horrible case of cystic acne so I was really scared to try the tarte oil. I received a sample with an order and it was so good that I immediately hopped on amazon to buy a full size bottle. I only use this at night since it is pretty heavy but I wake up with my skin moisturized and my dry spots gone! Love it!

Valeria Aguilar, CO