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Tangle Teezer Salon Elite Hair Brush, Purple Crush

Purple crush Tangle Teezer is excellent for de-tangling both wet and dry hair. Gives a blissful, relaxing head massage even for the most sensitive scalps. A must for hair extension wearers. Excellent for children’s hair.

Key features

  • Gives a blissful, relaxing head massage even for the most sensitive scalps
  • A must for hair extension wearers
  • Excellent for children’s hair

Honest reviews


Not for Ethnic hair – For thick and natural-No!

I bought this upon my entrance to growing my natural hair – 4c 4b type. This was a waste of effort more for straightened or naturally straight hsir types, I felt like I was ripping my hair and this was just gliding over instead of through my hair.

Nina Avenel, NJ


I actually bought this at a local store on clearance for under two dollars; and, even though I truly did not believe that it would work, I thought for less than two bucks I had little to lose by trying it. I have very long (almost to my waist) extremely fine hair. I love my hair; but, as far as tangles are concerned, it is a nightmare. I spend several hours every day trying to untangle, unknot, and arrange my hair after sleeping, riding in a car, standing in the wind, wearing any type of jewelry, etc… I spent a fortune on expensive conditioners and detanglers trying to find one that would allow me to simply comb out my hair after washing without hours spent fussing with snarled and knotted hair. When I finally used this I could not believe something so inexpensive, so easy to use, so simple in construction and design could work…but it did. As far as I am concerned, this cheap-looking little lump of plastic is pure magic. Believe the hype because if you have long hair it will change your life.

Keisha Glen Wild, NY

i wish i could put 0 stars

I had been looking for brush for my kids and happened to come across this brush with decent reviews.I thought that it is supposed to detangle but not at all.The bristles are too soft and too short and doesn’t go through the thickness of the hair even though the kids do not have thick hair.After a few days of use…. both my kids and my hair just couldn’t take it anymore. All it does is slightly go over the top and the remaining hair (I have thick hair, one of my kids have curls and other straight) is full of tangles that I gave up and went back to the old brushes.I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone.I would highly recommend that you stay away from this brush.

Colette Alexandria, MO

It’s okay, but not the best:(

Im not a big fan of the tangle teaser, but I like it. It’s hard to detangle a tiny part without having the brush to catch on another part that im detangling. I usually see more hair on the tangle teaser than on my wide tooth comb.

Gina Melrose, OH

Yeah, it’s all that and a bag of chips!

Don’t sleep on this. Go ahead and jump on the bandwagon. This is truly a product made for everyone. I think it may even get the nod for the Nobel prize. It’s just that awesome!!!!

Earlene Media, PA

Best in Class

For what this is, I really love it. It’s the only brush I use for my whole head. Being plastic, I was expecting it to cause static but it didn’t at all. It feels a little cheap in your hand but that certainly doesn’t change how it performs. Before this brush I was getting so fed up with my long, thick, and curly hair that I was thinking about chopping it off- but I’m now glad I didn’t. I prefer this on dry hair but it works on wet hair as well (just not as easily).

Samantha Goehner, NE

Pretty good

My hair seems to be able to go through this brush better than most but it’s no miracle for me. It stills tugs and pulls but it is alot better than anything I’ve ever used. Will keep using unless I find something better. I just feel NO brush or comb can really do magic I think it’s hair product that really helps with the knots.

Leola Mount Morris, IL

Does what it’s suppose to for now.

I use this to detangle my natural hair. This is well known in the African American natural hair community. Half like it, half don’t. Some have said it creates split ends. I am keeping an eye on my hair because it’s been a while since I’ve had it, about a two months. I do not use this everyday. I have noticed my hair has become more fuzzy at the ends but I can not necessarily assume it is or isn’t this product since I have added additional factors to my hair such as heat, and more styling. I will continue to use it on a once in a while basis, but it is something I would keep my eye on. For looser curled hair, or perhaps even straight hair, I’d give this a go.

Toni Bloomfield, KY

like brush but wrong color

I ordered the Orange burst brush but what I got was a solid orange I was not happy with this also it does not match the shape of the picture or of the original Tangle teezer still works but not happy with the fact the I didn’t get what I ordered

Roseann Kitty Hawk, NC

painless and effective

i was intimidated by my kinky hair but i brought this brush and will be buying a few more. Great!!

Ollie Blanca, CO

Brilliant when paired with Mane n’ Tail

My daughters hair gets super matted in the winter because of her coat hood. So bad in fact that every three days we sit in front of the TV and it takes me 45 full minutes of separating and detangling. I bought the Tangle Teezer and some Mane n’ Tail detangler and it took 7 minutes tonight. 7 minutes! We were in shock. It didn’t hurt at all and it was awesome. Definitely worth the money but I would get the Mane n’ Tail while your at it.

Reyna Camden, MS

Works on Wet or Dry Hair

I received the Tangle Teezer as a gift from my husband. I have long, fine, thick, curly hair and I usually spend several minutes combing it out after washing and pulling out hundreds of hairs in the process. The Tangle Teezer cut my detangling time down to less than a minute! I also tried it on dry hair in the morning and this brush worked well then, too. The brush itself is fairly large and looks like a horse curry comb. It’s easy to grasp and work on the front of my head, but it’s a bit harder to use on the back of my head and my nape as there isn’t a handle to hold onto. The only other thing I would like better is if the individual bristles were a bit longer. I had to work in sections in the back and top of my head as the bristles weren’t long enough to reach my scalp since my hair is so thick. I think the Tangle Teezer would be easier to use on someone else’s head rather than your own.

Brigitte New Ringgold, PA

I needed this years ago!!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this tangle teezer!!! As a woman of color with natural hair(3C) I assume things like these are for women with straighter hair but BOY was i wrong! This has changed my detangling routine, it’s no longer a routine for starters and I have no more knots. No longer do I sit in the mirror ripping balls of hair out (not literally), no longer do I need to take hours to do my hair (detangling was a big problem lol), no longer do I give up and just go to the salon! Free at last Free at last, we are TANGLE free at last!

Aurora Dickson City, PA

This is my 4th Tangle Teezer purchase

Once my daughter and I tried a Tangle Teezer we couldn’t be without one (tried the Wet Brush but it broke our hair). We now have 4! One for her, one for me, one for campouts and sleepovers, and one just in case. Yup! We love our Tangle Teezers!! I plan on ordering more for gifts. I’m always telling women with long hair about them. Maybe I should sell them 🙂

Bobbie Marion, MI

Most Excellent! I’m in LOVE with this thing.

I have waist length hair that is very straight, very fine, and super easy to tangle and rip out. I literally put my hair in a bun for this whole week to avoid having to deal with the snarls it was in. I have arthritis and back problems so working an hour to rip out my hair snarls is not my favorite thing to do. The Tangle Teezer came in today… I popped it out of the box… I detangled my entire head of hair in 3 minutes with barely any hair left in the brush! OMG I’m in heaven. I can’t wait to wash my hair and see how it works on wet hair. I’m definitely buying another one real soon. I also appreciate this price over paying for the Hair Bean. Shipping was SUPER FAST. All in all I’m seriously pleased with this product & seller. <3

Elnora Bar Harbor, ME


I agree with what most people have said on these reviews. I have long hair, so I have to constantly be watching out for breakage…and I feel like this brush prevents that from happening. I still have some breakage, but it’s definitely not as bad as before. Also, even as amazing as this brush is at detangling hair, please DO NOT brush your hair from root to tip…that’s STILL going to cause breakage. Instead, do it from tip to root and I promise the results will be much better 🙂

Estela White Mills, KY

Works for my very fine, very frizzy hair.

I really like it! I’ve always avoided brushing my hair because it’s incredibly frizzy, kinky-wavy, and dry, and I’ve been terrified of tearing it to shreds. But this glides through my hair right when I get out of the shower and I can use it to brush while blow-drying without fear of destroying my hair. I still don’t brush dry because my hair WILL frizz. It might be overhyped and overpriced, but it’s still a good tool.

Lakisha Arrowsmith, IL


This works far better than any other brush on my daughter’s fine hair. She’s very skittish when it comes to brushing because she sometimes gets a tangle or two and it pulls. This helps to minimize the pulling. Works well on wet hair too. I have thick, fine hair that is very long. I go to a long air salon that focuses on the health of your hair above the style. They used to only endorse boar bristle brushes until the last time I was there and saw they were peddling something very similar to this, saying it was great for not causing damage.

Fran Dennysville, ME

Works Great

So much less fighting for both my hair and my daughter’s. I bought a second one to use in the shower to comb my conditioner through. Love it.

Ramona Lorraine, NY

LOVE this little brush!!!

I love this brush – it doesn’t pull or snag on my naturally dry, unprocessed, undyed hair and makes my hair so much easier to rinse out (my hair is also very porous). I am very, very happy and have been recommending it to all my friends who have difficulty brushing their hair – long or short!

Sherrie Scalf, KY

The Best Brush!!

This brush is literally the best in the world. It has different rows of teeth that help get out tangles easier. And its very easy to grip, doesn’t fly out of your hand. It usually takes me about 30-45 minutes to detangle my hair but this cut down my time to only 10 minutes!! My hair type is curly since I am african american. The back of my hair is usually the worse to detangle and it was a breeze using this brush. I purchased it from a store for $16. Its worth every single penny you pay for it. I was very surprised at how easy it went through my hair after washing and applying conditioner.

Socorro Cobden, IL

The only thing that works

My hair has transformed after using this product.I have really very frizzy, curly hair, spiral curls that just end up in a tangled, matted mess after one night of sleep. But with this brush, I am able to really define my curls and they stay nice overnight.I take my hair routine very seriously, and would never recommend a sub-par product. This brush with Argan MagicArgan Magic Nourishing Hair Cream 8fl Ozreally is magic.I have no idea how this brush works, all I know is that for anyone with an ounce of curl in their hair, they need this brush in their life.

Pam Freedom, NY

Super soft on scalp and no hair pulling

This brush detangles wet or dry hair without pulling and ripping through the tangles, and breaking hair. I still recommend using proper brushing technique, by starting at the bottom and working your way up. This brush is much kinder to your hair than a wide-tooth comb, and the several knock-off brushes that look similar to this one. I’ve tried several knock-offs and the bristles are stiffer and don’t "give" when a tangle is encountered the same way this one does. When you encounter a tangle, don’t rip through it with the brush. Carefully detangle it with your fingers so your hair doesn’t break off. Also, use some sort of detangling serum, conditioner, or argan oil (or other oil of your choice… coconut and jojoba are nice, too) on your hair to help give it slip and the detangling will go much smoother. Tangles are easier to prevent than to undo, no matter what brush you use, but this brush is the best detangling tool I have encountered.

Lora Hebron, CT

Good Buy

I had bought the tangle teezer some time ago and just repurchased a new one. I’m very happy with the brush, it gently combs through my waist length hair. Hardly ever any hair left at the base of the brush and it never yanks at my hair nor does it hurt my scalp. Highly recommend, oh, I highly recommend the seller New Pairs too, they shipped my tangle teezer extremely fast! good customer service and product:-)

Roxanne Bagdad, KY

My Tangles are set free!

How have I worn my hair long without this? I absolutely recommend this for anyone with long and/or tangle prone hair. Really lovely Gently and completely detangles without pain. Worth every penny.

Regina Cupertino, CA

No more ouches

I LOVE my tangle teezer so much. I have hair down to my hips and this takes out the tangles with ease. I have used it for about a year and it is not worn out at all. It is a great value and is small enough to carry in a purse.

Lena Hinsdale, MT

Want to stop fighting with your child? Buy this brush.

My daughter has LONG hair that we braid every day. It is snarl city. Every morning was a battle trying to get those knots out. Not anymore! I start at the bottom and work my way up her hair. Super fast, super smooth. This bursh is so pretty she knows it is hers and is excited to use it instead of the torture device we had before! Will be buying more for gifts!

Susana New Laguna, NM

Inconvenient to use without handle

Everyone were talking so much about this brush so i decided to try it. There is nothing special about it, just a piece of plastic, plus the fact that it doesn’t have a handle makes it very inconvenient to use it. Doesn’t worth the money and i don’t recommend buying it.

Socorro Waterloo, WI

True to its word

I had first read about this brush in the news on the internet. Then I looked at the reviews on it. I was convinced, so I bought one for myself ….. and I love it! It really is the easiest brush I’ve ever used on my hair. My hair is medium-long and tangles easy, but it is now actually easy to brush out with the Tangle Teezer. For my hair, I think it’s a little easier to brush when it’s wet, but the brush works when my hair is dry too. I seem to have a little less hair come out when I use this brush and it makes it feel soft. My only slight complaint is that I have small hands and I wish the brush was a little smaller, or that it would come in different sizes. But other than that, this is the best tool has that has ever come to my hair’s way!

Freida Nara Visa, NM

Untangle With Ease

My four year old granddaughter has long hair that develops tangles and sometimes knots. She has her hair washed every other night, but you know how hair can become tangled after a day of play. It used to take an argument so that mom could comb out her tangles.Now, life is so much easier, combing through her hair releases the tangles with ease. It is really a miracle. She no longer whines when it is time to brush her hair. She can brush some of her hair by herself, and she is so proud of herself.I am not sure how the teeth in this brush are made,but they easily untangle any knot in hair. Everyone should have one. A great stocking stuffer.Recommended. prisrob 11-23-14

Etta Marysville, MT