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Tangle Teezer Salon Elite Hair Brush, Panther Black

Panther black Tangle Teezer is excellent for de-tangling both wet and dry hair. Painless detangling by using firmer pressure. Excellent for children’s hair. A must for hair extension wearers.

Key features

  • Painless detangling by using firmer pressure
  • Excellent for children’s hair
  • A must for hair extension wearers

Honest reviews


The Tangle Teezer: Crouching Detangler, Hidden Hair Shredder

I jumped on the bandwagon and bought the Tangle Teezer after seeing other natural haired women rave about it. I have type 4a/b hair and thought I would give it a go.Starting out, it was a curly girl’s dream. The Tangle Teezer did what it said. Since my hair is starting to gain some length, I don’t look forward to detangling days. It can take almost 2 hours to detangle my hair. The Tangle Teezer cut this time down to 15 minutes. First, I wet my hair, added conditioner and waited for the slip. I took the tangle teezer and glided it through my hair, starting from the bottom up and working my way up to the root. My hair felt thoroughly detangled, almost as if I had a blowout. It also clumped my curls together. I was thrilled……..that is, until six weeks later. I had been wearing my hair in protective styles for three months, using the TT in between. For three weeks, I began using the TT more frequently and began wearing my hair out in twist outs.One weekend, I decided to put my hair back up in a protective styles (small twists). Little did I know what type of damage I was doing to my hair. As I parted my hair, I began finding mini “locks” in my hair, where the hair was matted. I’ve never had matted hair before just using a wide-tooth comb and my fingers.I guess, that although the TT detangled portions of my hair, it also clumped small portions of it together, which caused the matting. This gave me the illusion of completely detangled hair. I couldn’t detangle the matts, and ended up having to cut out them.Second, I noticed that when I put my hair back in twists…my ends were wrecked. Usually, my ends don’t frizz at the ends, when in twists. When just lays flat. When I wet them, they have these nice little spiral curls at the ends. But, after using the TT my ends were frizzy, indicating damage. I was devastated, since I had worn protective styles and had grown nearly two inches in length. Sadly, I also found an increased number of SS knots. I ended up having to cut an inch off my hair to minimize the damage.The only thing I did differently in my hair routine was using the Tangle Teezer. So, bye bye TT! I prefer using my beloved wide-tooth shower comb again. Since I’ve stopped using the TT, my hair hasn’t been experiencing the “mini locking” and my ends are slowly being nursed back to health.I’m not saying that the TT doesn’t work. It does, just beware, because the risks might outweigh the benefits of using it.

Lenora Guysville, OH

I’m in love with this brush

I am African American w/chemical free 4a/b hair. Detangling my hair could be a bit time consuming. Using my modified Denman Brush felt a little like I was pulling my hair out. The tangle teezer goes through my hair with ease, and it doesn’t hurt. Now I realize I wasn’t completely detangling my hair w/the denman & comb. I am able to brush through from root to end,with no problem. The brush elongates/strecthes my hair. Pulling my hair back into a pony tail is easy now. I would never brush through dry hair, now I can brush wet or dry. This is the best brush I’ve ever used. Must have for all naturals

Ofelia Fowler, CA

Ripped my hair!

I have relaxed shoulder length hair that gets tangles like crazy. I usually use a wide tooth comb but I jump on product bandwagons all the time. So I tried this piece of crap and realized it was ripping out my hair like crazy! I almost cried when I looked at how much hair was caught in the teeth. Never had a wide tooth comb wrecked this much havoc on my hair. I am very disappointed because I had such high hopes for this comb.

Bertha Morse, TX

Very disappoited

My hair is very thick, curly and long. This ‘brush’ gets literally swallowed by my hair. Once I try to brush my hair with it, the brush would not move. It is of no use to me, be it wet hair or dry. Too bad for the $10.00 + shipping.

Cherie Greenville Junction, ME

Not up to the hype

I bought this because of the “consumer” reporter on our local news. Never again Carol! This won’t even get through my thin baby fine hair. I can’t even image what it would do to my tender headed thick haired daughter.

Margret Farmington, MN

Bought 2

The fact that this doesn’t have a handle, is unique and I like it. I’m African American with short, dry, coarse hair. My daughter is mixed so she has better hair obviously lol. But her hair can be really tangly sometimes. My reviews are always honest and up front. I won’t sugar coat anything. From my knowledge, trying to comb your hair while it’s wet will just break it off more. I’ve done it and other people probably have too. But a tip I picked up from my mom who received her tip elsewhere has mentioned that you need to detangle from the ends of the hair first and then comb or brush through hair. This tip is absolutely true. So if you plan to use the Tangle Teezer, use it at your ends first, then the middle and then a full hairline to hair end brush. Another no-no that I have seen in YouTube tutorials is having conditioner in your hair, thick at that, and combing and brushing the heck out of your hair. It’s not good for your hair I’m sure. There are shower combs that are wide tooth that are made for combing in conditioners. Wide Tooth combs are wonderful for a casual comb here and there. I love my wide tooth comb for combing my hair down when I’m about to wrap my hair. I don’t use harsh wrapping gels and foams. It’ll just tear your hair up more. Just keep it natural and wrap it even if it looks messed up looking, a silk wrap will keep it down. This brush is good for brushing hair around or keeping certain parts flat while wrapping it. It works really well for my daughter and I’m shocked at the fact I use it every time I do her hair. On top of that, the bristles are soft and she really likes that. She’s 3 so anything to make the hair detangling process painless, I’m all for it. This is a good brush for getting tangles out of dry bedhead. Don’t get frustrated. Start at the ends, then the middle then the hairline.

Freida Sulphur, IN

Believe the hype!

When the natural hair community went into a uproar about this amazing hair detangler that worked great on kinky hair, I had to get my hands on it. I’m so glad I did! This little brush is simply amazing. It was able to detangle my 4a/4b hair in half the time it normally took me. My curls were super defined and my hair was really soft. It works well on wet or dry hair, which is the best thing ever. My two year son has naturally curly hair and it use to brush those his curls and it works great. I definitely recommend buying this.

Irene Spencer, ID

Nope. Totally does not work

My daughter has very fine hair that looks like a rats nest. This will brush the very top strands of hair, but the bristles are so short and soft that it will never get to the knots that are entangled under the surface hairs. I watched the YouTube videos on product reviews as well, but they were just brushing the surface of the hair creating the illusion that it was untangled. Once you brush try running your fingers through your hair. You won’t be able to. Real bummer. Back to the ouchies.

Evangeline Prosperity, WV

Interesting Brush

Ok so I decided to try the tangle teezer after much speculation. After all, a comb is a comb, and a brush is a brush right? Well, i must say after using this I do feel a difference over my comb and denman. I have thick spiraly hair (for those of you who care its in the 3c/4a range) and I have a LOT of it. I tried the teezer on dry hair and I could tell it was not tearing my hair. With a comb (because I would not dare touch my dry hair with a brush) it would snag and just a little pull, my hair would snap. But the tangle teezer seemed to maneuver around the knots and actually I was able to isolate the knots better with the tangle teezer. I’ve yet to try it on wet hair, but im willing to bet I would have just as good if not a better detangling experience.

Pamela Festus, MO

I want ever use another brush!

I have kind of thinner hair but have a ton of it ! I also twirl my hair with my fingers , bad habit! I noticed as I got older, now 41 that my hair was breaking more when I brushed it ! So I thought to look on google for a better brush and this is now the only thing I will brush my hair with. Barely any hair needs to be cleaned out of it after a full weeks worth of brushing! Love that!

Claire Manteno, IL

Not great

This does not do a great job of detangling. It is hard to hold. Bristles are stiff and rip wet tangled hair.

Bettye Monaca, PA

I loved it

“OMG. This makes detangling your hair so much easier” is what I read all over the internet. I have struggled with finding ways to detangle my hair. It tangles extraordinarily easily. I’ve read that it’s probably because the cuticle layers are lifted and therefore cause the strands to stick together. I get the feeling that is what it is, but I have not found a solution for that for my hair, yet. During my search for detanglers I ran across reviews for the Tangle Teezer.The Tangle Teezer has a lot of reviews online. I watched youtube videos and read blog posts. From those blog posts, I thought “What in the world? It looks like a brush that will drag out all my precious strands of hair” (and yes my strands are precious because I have very thin hair). I held off on buying it because I honestly thought it would be a waste of money for my hair. But after avoiding detangling my hair for 3 weeks I knew that the next detangling session would be stressful, so I went by Sally and picked one up to use the next morning.The next morning I opened the box and felt the bristles. They were rubbery and flexible; not like a regular brush which is a lot more stiff. After feeling the difference, I trusted the Tangle Teezer more. Anyways, after washing my hair and applying Kinky Curly Knot Today then sectioning my hair into four, I put the Tangle Teezer to my hair. I held it in the palm of my hand and used it like a brush. I brushed from the ends to the roots, despite reviews that say you can start from the roots. Hair came out, but I expected that, since three weeks of shed was sitting in there. I knew that it was different from a regular comb because I didn’t feel any pain. I had to tug a little, but not to the same extent of using my fingers or a comb. At the end of it all, I wasn’t in pain from the tugging and about 25% less hair came out. But even better, it took me 20 mins. Usually when I wait this long to detangle my hair it takes about an hour; at least. For that alone, I give it 5 stars.As for others who said it left “mini locs” or that it didn’t detangle, I get the feeling that they didn’t use the product correctly. It can’t make sense to leave mini locs when it’s a brush. Logically, if there are matted hairs, then it didn’t go through the brush. The bristles on the Tangle Teezer are closer than a wide tooth comb, so if the Tangle Teezer is leaving mini locs, then a wide tooth comb is leaving larger ones. But that is my opinion.

Francis Raleigh, ND

Kiss Detangling Problems Goodbye!

Can I get a Hallelujah! I am truly ecstatic over the Tangle Teezer! I didn’t think it would work since my hair is coarse, but I was wrong. This detangling brush is the real deal. I have a few problem areas that pone difficult to detangle and no more of that thanks to this hair tool. Again if you have thick, kinky, and/or coarse hair no more 30-45 minutes of trying to get your hair tangle free, you can instantly cut that down in minutes!Not only does it detangle well but the fact it catches all those nasty shed hairs on the teeth without it lingering on your hands is a dream. Plus the amount of shedding that usually is on the brush is almost limited, no more of those big, overgrown hairballs. And if you still don’t believe it works well, run a wide tooth comb through your hair and you will see that the Tangle Teezer did the job. It also defines the curl like no ones business too. My only request to the creator is that they make an elastic band going across the brush for better control and grip since I only use this on wet hair.Lastly, it doesn’t hurt! If you have small kids who have thick and/or coarse hair and it’s hard to comb, brush, or even finger detangle without them moving around or fussing this product will really come in handy. Ladies and gents, I don’t know what else I can say about this brush. I was so mad when my Denman brush went missing but I don’t care now. This brush is a staple tool and worth what it’s being sold for.

Tiffany Churchs Ferry, ND

not quite as expected

Didnt find this effective. wouldnt really hold onto my hair and kept slipping out of my hand. I struggled with getting a good grip and just reverted to a comb. Ineffective for me

Adeline Palermo, ME

no more tears and happy 3 year old!

i just ordered my 2nd of these.. the first one i gave away to a friend who has 4 girls and never heard of them.. i felt bad for her cause she has more work then i do (only one girl and 2 boys) and her oldest is really hard with getting her hair brushed..she loved it!!!so i ordered a second one as my daughter calls it the "magic brush".. it even works with wet her right out of the bath tub! thats the ultimative test for a brush and even with wet and tangled hair its just awesome… i recommend it to everyone and should buy a 3rd just in case something happens with mine… 🙂

Herminia Newfield, NY

SO surprised – but this is great!

I was skeptical buying this…wondering what all the hype was about. But, it truly IS a great brush! It detangles so much easier than any ordinary brush. I use it on my dogs too, and it gets through their long hair so much easier. LOVE IT.

Patti Lone Pine, CA

Runs easily through the kinkiest curliest hair!!

I use this comb on myself and my son. I have type 4c hair that is very tangly and thick, and this comb runs through it easily dry. My infant son has curly kinky hair and the comb works on his hair like a charm. No detangler needed. It of course helps when u comb the hair wet or with detangler. I will be ordering more of this.

Natalia Hope, KS

A must for curly or tangle-prone hair!

I have curly hair and this is the ONLY product I use for detangling my hair. It actually works to get out the tangles when no other combs or brushes have done so in the past. I basically had to finger comb my hair in the past and I am so so happy that I have this now (I even purchased two more brushes). This brush has become a staple in my life and I definitely don’t know how I could live without it!

Heather Lazbuddie, TX

It has replaced all other styling tools!

I love this tool. At this point, this is the only combing tool i use in my hair. I’m even thinking about tossing my other detangling combs. FYI i’m natural, my hair is 4a/3c and i get the worst tangles and knots.

Winifred Providence, RI

The only Brush!

My 3 year old daughter has hair to the middle of her back and she hated having her hair brushed! I had to fight her about it every day. But not with this brush, I can brush it for hours and she wont care.*Note- It says "pearl blue" in the description. It is just a basic neon blue and pink. But thats okay because I liked it better.

Allison Mamou, LA

This is a long hair must have!

I tried the wet brush and other brushes like it but once my daughter and I tried the Tangle Teezer we’ll never go back to anything else. I subscribe to several long hair forums and it’s what they all recommend as well. It might cost more but it works amazingly.

Kristen Dorris, CA

Best Hairbrush Ever!!

If you have ever struggled with tangles and knots, particularly in wet hair, this brush is revolutionary. It looks a bit odd at first, but the tiny bristles break up tangles amazingly and painlessly. I will never use another hairbrush for detangling.

Tracie Keysville, VA

This thing changed my life!

My hair lays down so easy with this. I originally bought it for detangling, but it works better than any brush I’ve ever used as well. My hair regimen has been cut in half because of this thing! Styling is so much easier.

Aurelia Chatsworth, IL

Game changer!

For YEARS I’ve been fighting with my whinny (but wonderful) daughter about brushing her hair… this has changed it all. It’s not perfect.. there is still pain but its so much better!! Haven’t used a regular brush since getting this. I actually threaten to use a regular brush when she stats whining and it shuts her right up. You do have to be careful with thick hair, It won’t get to the under layers.

Angeline Kosciusko, MS


I loved mine so much that I purchased this one for my sister who also fell in love with it. This product is brilliant and every woman who has hair should buy it. Nough said.

Marissa Reynolds Station, KY

All compliments are true.

Super product. I like it. Every woman with long hairs MUST HAVE it. Save my time on mornings, feels good, don’t damage the hairs.

Marsha Gibbon, MN

Great brush!

I have fine, dense, colored hair. I got the Tangle Tamer which I was happy with but I wanted to compare this one with it. I love this one much better. I have a tough scalp & I feel this is much better on my scalp which feels like a massage. I think this is a little better for tangles on my hair but both are really good brushes. If you have a tender scalp then I’d say get the other one, but for me this brush is ace #1!

Alba Coventry, VT

Great for my girl’s very thin hair.

Highly recommend it. Solve my girl’s long-term tangled hair. She likes it so much that she brushes her hair herself.

Virginia Cassatt, SC

What is this sorcery?

I cannot believe how smooth this goes through my hair. I have bleached hair, meaning I have to deal with split ends and fuzziness every single day. This comb, however, has no trouble running through my hair. Amazing product! Definitely get this if you need control over your hair 🙂

Nita Odell, NE

The color does not look so bright as it is in the pic.

The color does not look so bright as it’s shown in the picture. I am definitely a visual animal, so I am a little disappointed. I wish I had chosen a better-looking color.

Esperanza Lynchburg, SC