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Tangle Teezer Hair Brush, Flamingo Pink, 4.7 Ounce

Aqua Splash is the latest innovation from Tangle Teezer and the first upright, non-slip, water-loving detangling hairbrush. It just loves to dive in and save stranded hair. The hollow design makes for easy, lightweight handling and the rounded edges allows for smooth, free-flowing detangling.

Key features

  • Innovative and upright handy design with unique drying feet; Allows water to drain quickly after use
  • Unique, ergonomic oval body ensures a firm, non-slip wraparound grip for ease of use in water
  • Revolutionary convex teeth configuration delivers pain-free detangling; Distributes hair conditioners and treatments evenly

Honest reviews


a must for crazy curls

if you have thick curly long tangle pronged hair this works wonders. I have spent 30 minutes a day brushing my hair broke so many brushes/ combs snap on the first section, and my hair is always shedding as my little sister calls it. this product stops all of that and it takes 5 minutes now =] no more asking my sisters (26 and 18 to brush my hair for me any more =]

Angie Greens Farms, CT

Better than the Original

Really like the redesign of this newer version. Has a more ergonomic "handle" and glides through the hair with very little effort. Nothing to clean out asthe interior allows any product/water to flow through the opening. Still going to hold on to my original but this one is definately better!

Winnie Evarts, KY

Gets tangles out my sons hair.

Does what it’s suppose to do. Would buy again. I thought the bristles would be rubber but don’t know if that was mentioned. Any who I would buy again.

Georgia New Freedom, PA


This brush detangles like a dream. I have long straight hair that tangles constantly, I have never been able to detangle my hair so easily. Love this brush!

Serena Glen Jean, WV

Great brush, shower or regular use.

This works just as great as the Original Tangle Teezer, only it doesn’t have any cracks or a handle to hold water. No standing water = no mold.I have LONG THICK hair. the bristles are not long enough to go through all of my hair at once. For example, if I start at my forehead, it touches scalp to just past the crown, but then only combs the top layer of hair. Easily resolved by parting hair down the middle and brushing hair straight down.Would definately purchase again, more as gifts too!

Lesa East Waterford, PA

Very useful

I didnt ever think to use a brush while in the shower. But i noticed that my hair was so tangled that shampoos and conditioners just didnt work in those parts of my hair. I found that brushing the conditioner in helped to both detangle the hair and at the same time allow the conditioner to be evenly dispersed. My hair is much softer now and no more tangles!! The brush itself also has very flexible spokes so its not tugging and stretching the hair out. Great buy!

Nellie White Rock, SC

very good

Brightly colored, the quality is also very good. Comb your hair easily, cut small. Sense for me to recommend it to friends.

Francisca Adamsville, OH