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Tan Towel Half Body Towels, Classic, 10 Count

TanTowel® towelettes are infused with a clear self-tanning formula which works with the proteins and amino acids in your skin to produce a healthy and natural sunless tan in just a few hours. TanTowel® Half Body towelettes give you a quick and even application with no streaks, mess or fuss.

Key features

  • Exfoliate, Tan and moisturize all in one
  • Classic Size
  • 10 Towels Included

Honest reviews


Very Nice color!

I picked this product up on a whim and was very surprised with the results. The first thing I noticed was the smell, there is a very faint tan odor but it is not a bad smell at all. I was expecting the pungent smell of a gross tan product but after 2 hours there was absolutely no smell of any kind.The color is very nice, it is not orange or fake at all. I am naturally very pale, so one application made me 3 to 4 shades darker in color. I also tried it with their exfoliating towel and the results seemed to last a little longer. For anyone using this for the first time I recommend applying it only once; the directions say you can apply more after fours hours when it has completely developed, but I found it became very streaky after trying to layer it. This might not be the case for naturally darker skinned people (I’m not sure). I use it with a gradual tan moisturizer which seemed to help blend the color on my hands, elbows, knees, etc. (But be sure to wash the palms of your hands!)I also layer it with a liquid bronzer or a temporary spray bronzer and I find it enhances the color. The directions also said this was safe to use on the face, but I have not tried this and I don’t think I would; I think it would be difficult to blend and would not absorb well.I bought the Tan Towels that come in a silver package because I thought they would similar to this product. Those towels say, “Dark” on them but they were actually not as dark (on me) as these ones. (Although they also did not smell or streak). I’m not sure if those are a different company but there is definitely some differences in the two types of towels.I would definitely recommend these Tan Towels to my friends because: There is little to no odor, the color is a beautiful bronze and not orange at all, streaking is minimal- and with practice not an issue, you can reuse the tan towel if you put it back in the package and seal it in a zip lock bag.

Deana Dania, FL

No great, but not bad 😼

I’m pretty pale. I thought it would at least give me a glow, but I really didn’t see a difference, I was still pretty pale. They do pretty good with no streaking. I think I would purchase them again, but will buy the darker color. They do dry very quickly and don’t smell bad. The towelettes are small! i have to use 2 just for my arms and legs, thats the parts I use it on, and i barely can get 2 towelettes to do my legs and arms,& no I’m not fat! the towelettes dry out very quickly! Bad part is, when I take a shower, which would be over 24 hours after putting it on, the shower would be brown water from the tanning stuff coming off of me and then that’s when I see streaks, from washing and drying myself, I would say if your going out and want to have a nice glow, take a shower, put the stuff on, so by the time you leave you look good, it’s dry and not have to worry about the streaking from the shower. :).

Marjorie Roosevelt, UT

work but pricey

these towels work if you need to tan your legs for an event where you will be wearing shorts or a skirt but they are pricey for everyday use. Also the tan is slightly orange.

Liza Hamilton City, CA

Tan Towels

I was very skeptical to purchase this but there were some great reviews so I thought why not. Not a good product. I applied per the directions and did not notice any change in my color. I will not purchase again.

Ellen Uniontown, OH

Worst self-tanner ever?

I’ve probably tried close to twenty different self-tanners through the years, and these towels may have been the worst ever. I’m white, when I use these I’m orange. You won’t fool one person that this is a natural skin color. I’d rather go for Piz Buin or Dove which actually give close to natural colors instead of turning totally orange.

Christian New Durham, NH



Sheila San Rafael, CA

Perfect self tanner

I have tried almost every self tanner product on the market today. But when I tried the “Tan Towel” I knew that I had found the perfect fit. I’ve never once had any kind of blotching, streaking or that obvious orange color that self tanners often have. The towelettes are so easy to apply and you really can’t mess the application up. You just simply drag the towelette over any part of your body that you want tanned and let it dry for awhile. Within a few hours, the beautiful color will begin to develop. For me at least the color has always looked very natural and makes the skin feel soft and healthy.One note of caution is that you definitely have to be careful during application around areas like your feet, knees or elbows. What I recommend is simply using the towelette until it feels pretty dry without touching those areas and once most of the tanner has been used up from the towel, come back and apply very lightly (barely graze those mentioned areas) and the color will be perfect. If you don’t do this, you will notice a buildup of orange color. Another thing I’ve noticed is that you have to make sure no water touches the skin anywhere you’ve applied the product for up to 30 minutes. It only takes a tiny drop of water to cause the tan to develop oddly. I was washing my hands after application and a little splash got on my leg and it caused small streaks there. So if this happens, just reapply the used towelette to that area and it will develop color normally. But overall, I’d recommend these Tan Towels to anyone at least to try and see if it works just as well for you.I hope this review helps make your self tanning decision a little easier. Good luck!

Tamara Cylinder, IA

Tan legs!

I do not sit in the sun because of the skin cancer factor. Each year I have no color to my legs. This year, it was going to be different so I decided to try Tan Towels. They worked perfectly. For my purpose, I use the product 2-3 days a week so my legs always have a nice color without stripes or too much around the creases of my feet and knees. Follow the directions and you will be satisfied with the results.

Mallory North Washington, IA

It’s perfect for me.

I’ve liked and used this product for several years. Some people don’t find the Classic dark enough. I am afraid to try darker. One careful pass over the legs and tops of feet give a light tan. A second one a couple days later gives a very, very smooth look. I don’t find it turns orange. It doesn’t smell bad. It dries in a few minutes. It has never stained any clothing or other items like towels or sheets. I do apply it sitting on top of my toilet cover, just to be sure I don’t get it on anything. Could also sit on the shower stool. Sitting gets more even coverage.If you plan to use a product constantly, there may be something better. I just use for "occasions" when I want to have a little color on my legs as I do not wear nylons or panty hose and am soooo glad that is actually in fashion now. I threw out every pair but one set of thigh highs and have not worn them since deciding to hang on to them. (This is when I retired about 10 years ago.)So, if wearing a dress, say, into San Francisco, or wearing shorts to a nice resort, or that winter I spent in Finland, these are great.

Brianna Murphysboro, IL

Tan Towels : )

We just LOVE the Tan Towels!!! Been using them for YEARS, however, just wish they weren’t SO expensive : )

Fannie Kelso, TN

works well

These cloths work really well, no splotching at all-I think they are cost prohibitive though, for my fair skin, would have to use them every other day.

Elisha Winfield, IL

will take some practice

At first I thought it didn’t work, because the one application took two days to develop on me. But two days afterwards I noticed a big difference. The problem was I was much darker on one leg, the leg I did first. Now I know when I try it again, to go faster and maybe try to go back and forth from leg to leg so that all the product doesn’t come off on the same leg. The color lasted only a couple of days after developing. I think this would be good to prepare for an event, but maybe not to try to stay tan for an entire summer. Much cheaper and more convenient than a spray tan, definitely.

Reyna Darlington, MO

excellent tanning product

no mess to worry about after applying. Drives very quickly and is the most natural tan that I have gotten from any tanning product that I have tried.

Alissa Southport, CT

I love Tan Towels. Particularly when inexpensive!!!!

I ordered these for under $20.00 (shipping included) and I would have paid $25.00 + shipping at Sephora. I got a 10 item box so cheaply and quick. Very happy.

Alyce Readfield, ME

Three Stars

so so wouldn’t buy again.

Ila Port Isabel, TX

Great Value

I love these towels, they work wonders. I really like the color I get from the towels. they are super easy to apply and don’t stain your clothes or sheets. this purchase is also a great value.

Shawna Ferrum, VA

Tan Towel Self-Tan Towelette Classic 10 Pack

If you are looking for a nice looking fast tan in 4 hours this is the product for you. There are two shades to choose from, I am fair so I choose the lighter one. If you want a deeper tan just re-apply after 4 hours. No orange color, can be used on face also. Will last about a week if you don’t reapply but you will if you like a sunless tan. For you legs make sure you shave and exfoliate before applying. Use lotion to keep your skin soft and moist. Smell is not too bad and goes away quickly.

Muriel Catawba, WI