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Talika Lipocils Eyelash Treatment Supplement, 0.34 fl. oz.

In normal conditions, our lashes never reach their maximum length : they fall out, they become brittle and break because of pollution, use of make-up and make-up removers, etc. Nothing gives the look a more lovely and glamorous appearance than long and lustrous lashes and now Lipocils Eyelash Treatment Gel makes it possible to have naturally longer and thicker eyelashes. This revolutionary lash treatment protects the lashes from the drying effects of mascara and is enriched with a blend of Nettle Extract and Horse Chestnut which helps to stimulate natural growth and strengthen the lashes. Allantoin hydrates the lashes whilst Soy Lecithin and Witch Hazel offer anti-inflammatory properties and help to maintain optimal lash health.

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It began following World War II at the ophthalmologic services of the Hospitals of Paris when Dr. Danielle Rochas developed a plant based anti-bacterial unguent to heal those who had suffered serious facial burns. The results astounded, not only did this unguent heal but her patients’ eyelashes grew back!So Talika was born and since 1948 these laboratories have produced remarkable products that reverse signs of aging on delicate eye skin. I’ve been more than well pleased with my purchases from this French skin care company, especially with Eyelash Lipocils. This is a plant-based gel that stimulates and replenishes eyelash growth. It took about four weeks for my lashes to be longer and fuller. I simply applied in the morning and at bedtime to clean lashes. Thank you Talika!Among the efficacious ingredients in Eyelash Lipocils are Nettle Extract, Horse Chestnut, Allantoin, Soy Lecithin, Witch Hazel, St. John’s Wart and Apple Extract.

Sadie Georgetown, CA

Very Disappointing

After some extensive research on lash-restoring products, I finally decided to try Talika because the price was neither astronomical nor cheap, and because of reviews I had read that I believe now are likely bogus.After over two months of application, I have seen no change in my eyelash length, whatsoever. Perhaps this conditioner helps to prevent eyelash loss, but it does nothing to enhance growth. I have good eyelashes but wanted to see if the hype was true and that these products actually help your eyelashes grow. So far, this particular product does not meet expectations.I may try something else.Talika does make a great little nylon mascara product “Lash Extender” that is better than false eyelashes and easy to apply. That product I would HIGHLY recommend. This product? Useless.

Dominique Franklin, PA

Works great and much cheaper than Lattise

I used to pay $110 a month for Lattisee (spelling?), I been using this Talika for 2 weeks and have maintained my lash length from Lattisee so its working. I was worried if stop Lattisse that i would lose my lashes but this has kept it going. Very happy:)

Susanna Yates Center, KS

I Love it

I love this eyelash condition gel. I use this first thing in the morning and then again at night. My eyelashes get brittle in the winter and this helps to keep them moisturized.

Amalia Annabella, UT

Does not work

Do not waste your money on this. It does not work and I used it diligently. Lashes do not grow and look the same, no change in apperance noted.

Antonia Lamar, IN