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Talika Eyebrow Lipocils Serum – 0.34 Oz

Eyebrow Lipocils is a Botanical Extract based gel which is clinically proven to stimulate brow growth. This best-selling brow conditioning gel works to promote and maintain longer and stronger eyebrows.

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I am still waiting…

Sadly, I am an the victim of over-plucking in the 70’s (BEFORE Brooke Shields…)who has been trying to get the over plucked portion to grow back for YEARS. This product was recommended to me and I am still waiting for something to happen.

Janell Springfield, SD

Not Sure About This Yet . . .

I’ve been using this for 28 days as instructed and definitely see some improvement, but only in certain areas. I still need to use eyebrow pencil so it hasn’t done the job completely for me. I will use it for another 28 days before I decide if I should continue using it or not.

Vonda Waverly, FL

Once you start you cannot stop.

In the first 28 days it says to try out I saw a significant change in the length of my eyelashes. The thickness didn’t change but mine are pretty thick to begin with so I’m happy. I have noticed my eyes burn a little and itch a little when I first started and now that I’ve stopped using it twice a day my eye lashes are slowly going back to the way they were.

Lottie Fort Bridger, WY


This stuff is worth the price and has been working for me. I bought a bottle about 4 months ago and I could see a difference in about 3-4 weeks. I also had found some other product on Amazon that was cheaper but had great reviews so I bought a bottle of that to use for the 2nd month. What a mistake… my eyebrows started falling out again so I got another bottle of this and am using it daily. I’m VERY happy with the results.

Lynne Annabella, UT

What, exactly, is this claiming to do?

If this is supposed to do nothing, I guess it is good at it. I notice no difference at all in my eyebrows’ condition, growth, or otherwise. If you’re looking for fuller brows, look elsewhere.

Michaela Merrill, IA

Actually working

I’ve been a vegetarian for most of my life and as a result of not always getting enough protein I’m loosing my eyebrows. I have tried all different products (rogaine, billion dollar brow, etc.) and almost didn’t buy this because nothing has worked before, but this one is actually working.

Chasity South Mountain, PA