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T3 Tourmaline 83808 Professional Featherweight Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer

The most advanced professional hair dryer available. Made of 100% crushed Tourmaline jewels. Powerful 1800 watt motor yet super-lightweight at 13oz. Generates Tourmaline negative ions and infrared heat technolgy for 60% faster drying. The only dry with a true ceramic heater coil.

Key features

  • Leaves hair soft, smooth and shiny. Doesn’t damage hair like other blow dryers.
  • Closes the cuticle layer to protect hair
  • Eliminates frizzy, “blow dried” look
  • Negative ions add moisture and sheen.
  • Comes complete with removable filter and screen, 2 speed settings + cool shot and ionized concentrator.

Honest reviews


Very light & dries fast but other claims exaggerated

I first saw this hair dryer on a TV show talking about beauty products used by the stars. Then I noticed my hairdresser had switched to this brand. His observations were the same as mine. If you take a lot of time drying hair and the weight of the dryer is an issue, this is a very good purchase. But your hair will be no shinier or softer than with other dryers.

Hattie Reed City, MI

This thing is fantastic!!!!!!

A product that really lives up to all the hype for once?????? Could it be true??? YES!!!! I was SO skeptical about this product, especially since it retails for $200!!! I saw all of the magazine reviews (In Style’s Best Buy list, 2005, Allure, etc.), and being the product whore that I am, I was REALLY tempted when I saw that had it for $159 (plus free shipping and no tax!) So, I gave it a try. I really didn’t expect it to live up to all of the hype. Well, I have used it three times now and I am AMAZED!!!1.) I really does dry your hair in half the time.2.) My hair really did look and feel healthier!!3.) I can’t believe how light this thing is! It feels like a toy!!!4.) It’s SO QUIET, and5.) It does all this without getting hot and making me hot!!! Sometimes after a shower and then blow-drying my hair, I swear I need another shower my bathroom gets so hot. Not with this baby!!!I highly recommend it!!! It’s definitely worth the money.

Irene Crook, CO

What a rip off

Seemed to work OK at first although I didn’t notice much improvment in speed of drying. It is lightweight and easy to handle — but it is hotter than I’m used to. After 6 months, my hair started to feel dry and had zero shine. My hair had always been very healthy and shiny before. My hair stylist noticed it and couldn’t figure out what was wrong. After about 9 months, I switched back to my old hairdryer and my hair was instantly healthy and shiny again. Maybe this hairdryer is good for some people but it was bad for me, and costly!

Doretha Lanse, PA

Better than my old $10 hair dryer…

Well, my last hair dryer cost about 10 dollars and for the most part this one is much nicer, and quieter, and I guess it dries my hair faster. It certainly looks nicer.What I don’t like about it is the handle. When my hands are slightly damp it can be hard to hold on to properly and my biggest problem is I keep turning it off when I’m really just trying to hold it. The on/off switch easily toggles back and forth right there in the middle of the handle and while I am drying my hair I will accidentally hit it with the palm of my hand or my fingers and turn it off. It drives me nuts.I have also set it on the counter and then it has either slipped or gotten knocked onto the floor – it has a very sleek design which looks cool but seems to make it harder to set on a small bathroom countertop. I may be a bit clumsier than most, but I must say with my clunky, ugly $10 hairdryer I never accidentally turned it off OR dropped it on the floor.It certainly looks nice, though, and the cool air button is quite handy. I just need a hook to hang it on my wall and an on/off button that slides instead of flipping. Oh, and maybe a refund of 2/3 my purchase price because I really think it’s overpriced.

Pearl Frederica, DE

Loved it at first but then it started shooting out sparks!

I bought this hair dryer after doing a ton of research and thought it would be a good investment. When I first started using it, it worked great. I was amazed at how quickly it dried my hair and how shiny it looked afterwards. I have naturally curly hair and prefer it straight so I used this to dry it straight (along with a round brush) and it did the job amazingly well.Well I had this for a little over a year when all of a sudden one day it started shooting out some sparks. I couldn’t believe it. I turned it on another day just to see if it even turned on and it did but you could see the coils in it started to get red and then shoot out some sparks. This wasn’t even overused or anything. In fact since I was pregnant at the time I bought it, I had a hard time standing up for too long so I only used it once or twice a week. After that little use it was already not working properly in just over a year. In fact, for about 4 months out of that first year, I didn’t even use it right after I had my son. That was way too short of a time and too much money spent on an item that wasn’t working properly.I am very diasspointed with this and will NEVER buy anything by this company ever again.If you need a good hairdryer, look elsewhere. I’m just glad and lucky that the sparks didn’t land on my hair and cause a fire or anything.

Pansy High Bridge, WI

Overpriced Dryer, No Differance In Hair

I recently purchased the T3 Tourmaline II dryer and had great expectations. My hair came out exactly the same as with my cheapo hair dryer I bought for $19.99. I would think after paying out $149 plus shipping for a blow dryer I would have noticed a difference. Nothing different. I expected my hair to come out with a salon look and I got the same flat hair no matter how much time I spent on styling my hair. I have short, layered hair and thought this dryer would add some volume but nothing changed. Luckily I have a 30 day return policy so I’m sending it back for a refund. Save yourself the shipping cost and buy something else.

Tanisha Oak Ridge, MO

Great product

I have used this hair dryer for several years now and it is a winner. I even take it on trips with me because I cannot stand the hotel hair dryers now–they take too long and my hair gets frizzy. Prepare to be spoiled.

Dena Cazadero, CA


We’re all familiar with often used grading standards – A down to F, Excellent dropping to Poor, and Better or Best. I’m happy to say that this T3 Bespoke Labs Featherweight Dryer rates a solid A, an underlined Excellent,and with no doubt a Best from me.It dries my hair in half the time it took other dryers, and leaves it shiny, sleek – no more fly-away strands.As my hair is fine I also use T3 360 Plump for added fullness. Simply spray on towel dried hair and work through with a wide tooth comb. There’s nothing like it! Totally non-sticky Plump gives me amazing volume as well as sun protection.T3 is tops!

Cecile Renwick, IA

I was a skeptic, but tried it and was won over

If you have straight, shiny hair then don’t bother reading this review and stick with a cheaper hair dryer. I have wavy hair that frizzes at the MENTION of humidity. I was visiting a friend in Orlando recently (I hate going to Florida because the humidity makes my hair ugly) and used her T3 dryer. When she told me months ago that she spent $200 on one of these hairdryers I thought she was nuts but kept my thoughts to myself.I used this dryer and yes, it dried my hair faster and yes, my hair was straighter and shinier. I have purchased one and will ask for the travel size for a holiday gift. Sigh, I guess my days of using hotel hair dryers are over…….

Briana Jeffersonville, KY

Light, Quiet, Fantastic and Fast!

After having read the majority of the reviews here, I’m happy to report that this dryer is fast and very lightweight. My hairdresser who uses this dryer daily had recommended it to me awhile back. Unfortunately, I bought back then what I thought was a better more economical option: an Andis Ionic hairdryer with a retractable cord and folding handle. While very light weight and space-saving, I soon learned after several months of frequent use that either the cord was going to fray from from the retracting into the handle or worse, the handle could break from folding. Well, it did. After the handle broke, I decided to purchase this hair dryer and I regret not having done so sooner. What a great hairdryer – very lightweight, dries hair quickly to a smooth satiny shine. I have straight, medium length, medium thickness hair that usually would take at least 45 minutes to dry. Well, the T3 cut the drying time to 14 minutes and that’s taking my time. The T3 dryer is also very quiet and despite having only 2 speeds and a cold shot button, does the job quite nicely and I don’t miss having all of the other speeds. This was well worth the price and I wouldn’t ordinarily spend this much on a hair dryer. But the results are well worth it. Highly recommend!

Tammie Bremen, AL

You get what you paid for!

I’ve just purchased this particular dryer of Bespoke Labs and I am very, very satisfied with the results! I’ve decided to purchase it because cuts down drying time tremendously. I had another ionic dryer and its nothing compare to professional T3. My hair does feel dry at all, no breakage, no frizz. The engineering is fantastic! It does what it claims. I can stay this company creates TRUE CERAMIC, TRUE TOURMALINE composed items. I have relaxed hair and I hate drying it. It takes up most of my time but not anymore! I used the low setting with a nylon bristle brush and I could believe it, flat shiny moist hair. And when used the my flat irons, it straighten very fast–a breeze. Users stay they burn out quickly but it produces salon results each time over. You’ve already saved hundreds of dollars compared to the times used in total. I will be purchasing their flat irons/ curling irons. I am Bespoke brand loyal now! Then won me over!

Pam Uniondale, NY