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Swisspers Organics Cotton Balls

Certified OrganicSwisspers Organic cotton balls use only virgin staple fiber that makes superior cotton balls that are noticeably softer. Grown Purely on Organic FarmsThe organic farming methods replenish the soil, protect the purity of air, water and food supplies, and preserve precious resources. Swisspers Organic cotton is grown by a cooperative of family-owned farms. These fields are regularly inspected by independent certifiers to ensure the very highest standards of organic practices.

Key features

  • Certified OrganicSwisspers Organic cotton balls use only virgin staple fiber that makes superior cotton balls that are noticeably softer
  • Swisspers

Honest reviews


Softer than “ordinary” cotton balls

These cotton balls may be a bit more expensive than the alternative, but they are worth it in my book. I purchased them because my household is trying to cut out overly processed products and food, and cotton balls are on the list. These are amazingly soft, and very absorbent. They are a great buy if you are trying to avoid tons of additives in your hygienic products.

Cassie Mansfield, MA


These are the best cotton balls on the planet. They are so amazingly soft. I use it to apply toner to my face. I don’t dare use it to take off nail polish,I feel it would be a waste. I would definitely purchase these cotton balls again,well worth the money.

Samantha Staples, TX


I didnt buy these for make up purposes, I bought it to take off my nail polish since i needed an add on item for my cart this fit the bill. They are pretty large, i rip them in half and only need one for both my hands but in all honesty i wouldnt buy them again for this purpose. They really dont make a difference on your fingers, they feel just like the synthetic ones to me.

Vicki Park City, MT

It’s organic

I wish the smaller balls were available in single packaging rather than having to buy 3 at a time. They are soft and perfect for what I needed them for (nail polish removing). trying to go organic with as many things I buy as possible.

Kristin Lynch Station, VA

Large, soft, absorbent.

These cotton balls are very large, soft and absorbent at a very good price. I will buy them again and highly recommend them.

Maureen Milford, IN

Nice size, not much shedding

I was worried about ordering cotton balls online because some brands tend to mesh together and shed a lot. These keep their individual shape and are the perfect size for makeup remover and toner. I’ll definitely be ordering these again.

Leslie Amistad, NM

Work great

I use these to do a few different things and they have worked well for every purpose. They hold together well when damp or even wet and don’t just fall apart.

Sallie Blandon, PA

nice, pure cotton, good size

These are exactly as described. Not too dense, not too springy. Nice medium size to fit in hand nicely. There’s no adjustment needed for me, just use & go. I have sensitive skin & no problem.

Georgia Brainardsville, NY