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Swisspers Organic Cotton Swabs On Wood Sticks, 180 Count

Swisspers organic swabs use only virgin staple fiber that makes superior cotton rounds that are noticeably softer. The organic farming methods replenish the soil, protect the purity of air, water and food supplies, and preserve precious resources. Swisspers organic cotton is grown by a cooperative of small family-owned farms. Their fields are regularly inspected by independent certifiers to ensure the highest standards of organic practices. U.S. cotton, 531 cotton blossom circle, gastonia, NC 28054-5245 T: 800-321-1029.

Key features

  • Quality certification services certified cotton and FSC certified wood sticks
  • Grown purely on organic farms
  • Luxuriously soft

Honest reviews


Not as good as I thought

I was expecting more based on the reviews here. These are different but not any "better" than traditional qtips. Sure, the stems are wooden but they are very brittle and break with the slightest force. Obviously because they are so thin unable to handle any kind of stress exerted on them with the relatively long leverage arm you would apply force to in using these. What this means – they break when trying to clean your ears out. If you use these to clean delicate items they would probably break too. Not good & these weren’t exactly cheap.

Della Englishtown, NJ

Great Q-type tip

I guess I didn’t read the description very well because the wooden stick surprised me (yeah, yeah, I know). Since I like Swisspers pads, I sort of "automatically" purchased these swabs – and yes, they really are on wooden sticks!! I like it! It is a small container but since my Q-tips had been bending lately, I can say I like the wooden sticks better! I like they are organic, too. I will be purchasing them again.

Faye Betterton, MD

Awesome super strong cotton swabs!

The best cotton swabs I have ever used. The stick is very strong and they have lots of cotton on the ends. Really recommend them.

Elisha Willows, CA

Nice organic alternative

I like that they are organic. Not nearly as soft and thick as traditional a tips but they get the job done and it is worth it to avoid conventional cotton.

Della Presto, PA


These do exactly what they are supposed to, and also are biodegradable – what not to like? I used to use generic plastic swabs for years, but these are wooden, so it took me a couple of times to get used to it. Wood of course does not band, so these swabs have a different feel to it (it is more rigid, there is no flexibility in the stick). Cotton stays on and does not unravel. Overall, I would suggest it to anyone!

Melinda Seabrook, TX


I used to buy Q-tips until every box I bought (from various stores) suddenly had a chemical odor to them that also bothered my ears and nose. So did the store brands, which makes me think perhaps they’re all manufactured in the same place. I’m betting this chemical smell and feel is likely due to the cotton being GMO, as currently 88% of all cotton crops grown in the US are GE crops. The chemical sprayed on the crops–glyphosate (aka: RoundUp)–is currently sprayed at 10x the rate of former pesticide usage on non-GMO cotton, leaving a major chemical "imprint" on/in the plant. Glyphosate is systemic; it can’t be washed off. Not to mention that the crops, themselves, have been specifically engineered to BE a pesticide all on their own. So… I will not be going near any GMO cotton, or anything else that is GMO; and so I’m THRILLED for these organic cotton swabs! They’re excellent! Thank you for making them, Swisspers, along with your organic cotton rounds, which I also buy and love! 😀

Dorthy Savannah, GA

High quality cotton swabs.

These are high quality cotton swabs and do a good job at keeping your ears clean. They’re strong enough for whatever you need to accomplish.

Mina Petersburg, MI