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Swisspers Cotton Rounds, 80-Count

Swisspers Girl 100% Cotton Rounds. For Cleaner, Fresher Skin. Removes Foundation, Eye Make-Up, Nail Polish. Applies Toners, Astringents, Lotions. Question or comments? Call 1-800-888-0747

Key features

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Perfect for all your cosmetic needs
  • Lint free, quilted for strength, covered with a durable, yet soft fleece surface
  • Applies Toners, astringents & lotions
  • Removes Foundation, eye make-up, nail polish & lipstick

Honest reviews


Great price for these and they work really well

I started using this type of cotton pad/round a few years ago, after years of being tired of the lint that cotton balls would leave in my eyelashes when taking off my eye makeup. I used to buy a similar brand of these at my local warehouse store, but they stopped carrying them so I’ve had to pick them up at a drugstore. I was thrilled to see that Amazon carries these since the cost is great and the Swisspers brand is very good.One reviewer mentioned that the quilted side leaves lint, but I haven’t found that to be the case at all. For my needs (removing eye makeup, using toner, and removing nail polish), they work great!

Gay Jefferson, MD

No Lint

I remember the days when you used to have to use cotton balls – what a mess. These very modern hypoallergenic cotton rounds are really a step up in the cotton world. One side looks like it is quilted and the other side is smooth. I use these to remove nail polish and they hold together great for all ten fingers or toes. I also use these daily with an astringent to keep my pores clean and face fresh. You will also love these for makeup removal, especially eye makeup. These don’t leave any lint on your face and are soft and gentle.~The Rebecca Review

Nora Stacyville, ME

Saves me trips to the drug store.

I hate going to the drug store for random purchases when I don’t need to be there to pick up an Rx. I order these from Amazon so I can avoid just such trips. A pack of 6 lasts me roughly 8 months or so. I don’t mind the ‘bulk’ purchase, as this is a small item and does not take up much space.Thanks for taking the time to read my review, and I hope you found it helpful in making a purchase decision.

Lacy Smith, NV

SMALL pads

This pad-package is generally satisfactory. I love the texture on smooth side.Drawback is: soooooo small pad. i have to use more than 3 each time

Arlene White Pigeon, MI

High absorbancy cotton

I really liked using these rounded "puffs" as the cotton stayed WITHIN the little pad and there were no little wisps that would come off in my hand when I used the cotton balls which I got at my local pharmacy. I found these Swisspers to be perfect for removing eye shadow and mascara as they didn’t disintegrate. I’d definitely recommend them and, in fact, gave one of the packs to a friend to try.

Adeline Littleton, MA

Work well

Not much I could say about cotton rounds. These work well and can take off my makeup without using 25 rounds at a time.

Carly Kenton, DE

Supremes version is better

I bought the larger, thicker swisspers supremes rounds first and I like those a lot. The supremes cost more and (on amazon) only come in the hard plastic cases, 6 at a time, so I thought I’d refill the cases with these. In the end, the supremes cost less since I used 3 times as many regular rounds taking off make-up and 2 times more applying astringent. These clean fine, but I prefer the wider, thicker supreme version, where I save a little money and time.

Karina Cincinnati, OH

Not like they used to be

These used to be the best brand around until they changed them. As the other one star reviewers mentioned, the embossed cotton side just sheds and rolls when you try to use it…and then it feels rough against your skin.I’ll be looking for another brand once I’ve used these up.

Bridgette Rock Island, WA

Swisspers Cotton Rounds, 80-Count (Pack of 6)

Swisspers Cotton Rounds, 80-Count (Pack of 6) Work well for applying certain lotions that I would not want on my hands and cleaning skin with Witch Hazel, etc. A good purchase.

Felecia Chestnutridge, MO

These are Great!

I use these cotton rounds to apply clear lotion and facial essence and they are great. There is no pilling or remnants of cotton left on your face afterward. The rounds are smooth and soft and don’t curl up as you’re applying product. Perfect for application of any water-like skin care product. I haven’t tried them with foundation or a thicker product type.

Jocelyn Port Arthur, TX

Beauty staple

These are one of the biggest staples in my beauty routine. I use them primarily for removing eye makeup, and for using toner, but I also use them to wipe off makeup brushes between uses. I have these auto-delivered as I literally go through one of these packets every two weeks- but they are versatile, soft, and do not cause any issues with my skin. Better than cotton balls for me.

Marie La Cygne, KS

Great deal!

The price is just right on this 6 pack of Swisspers cotton rounds. It saves me from going to the store so often & they are just right for cleaning the last residue of make-up & eyeshadow off my face after I wash it. They’re all cotton & gentle to the skin. Thanks for such a great deal!

Mabel Sanborn, IA

Sturdy and dependable cotton round

These are my go to cotton rounds. They are sturdy and don’t shred. They also have a smooth side and a preforated side.

Amie Auburn, WV

Swisspers Cotton Rounds

Excellent product. Not fuzzy, holds together for anything you choose to use it for. Will definitely buy again. Thanks for making this product available.

Rosalie Danevang, TX


Such a better value than buying in the store, and a great product. Some brands I’ve tried have "hard bits" in the cotton round, but not these. Thick, plush and effective every time.

Jade Canyonville, OR

So much cheaper than the store

I’ve purchased these 3 times now! I go through about 4 of these rounds per day and at the amount of money the drug store charges for one package I would be spending a small fortune in these so I’m super happy I found these and will continue to buy them!

Staci Edmon, PA

Good if you go through these quickly

These are cheap and just as good as what I would normally buy at Walgreens/CVS. I go through 3 of these a day for bioderma and toner so it’s awesome to have a massive bag stashed in my bathroom.

Katina Anaheim, CA

Great rounds…

These are great for applying facial serums and oils or removing nail polish. They are strong, with a smooth size and a puffy side, depending on your needs. They work equally well in apply chalk or ink to mixed media art or cleaning your dogs ears gently and effectively. They really are great cotton rounds.

Gussie Dolphin, VA


I use these for applying toner to my face after cleansing. No linty residue is left on face. Once done, I rinse these and use them to wipe the sink, faucets and handles before I toss them.

Janine Swampscott, MA

better than cotton balls

I love these cotton rounds! So much easier to take off eye make up than using regular cotton balls. With subscribe and save, they’re a great deal, and you can’t beat having your toiletries arrive at your door with free shipping.

Yvette Brewster, NE


I use these cottons everyday for toner usage after I wash my face. It helps clear out my face and it refreshes my face

Lynne Bismarck, IL