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Swissco Tortoise Wet Comb Wide Tooth

This Swissco comb will glide smoothly without hurting the scalp. Handmade in India.

Key features

  • This comb undergoes a 12-step process to ensure you the finest quality
  • Individually cut from sheets each comb is shaped polished and shines with pumics to ensure the smoothest finish
  • Handmade in India

Honest reviews


Arrived with a rather serious defect

BEWARE: When this comb arrived, I took it out of the packaging to examine it to make sure that it didn’t have any kinds of edges or ridges. The manufacture had left a very thick piece of sharp plastic on one of the teeth. I had to use a nail file to smooth out the edge. I found this rather annoying because I bought this comb because is supposed to be without ridges and edges that can tear hair. If you use a comb with a sharp edge, you can be literally stripping the cuticle off of your hair strands each time you use it. Please examine the comb after it arrives and make sure that there are no pieces of plastic that were left on the comb unintentionally. Test the comb by going over the edges of your teeth with the tip of your fingernail. If you hit any areas that don’t feel smooth, consider refraining from using the comb.I bought this comb along with the Mason Pearson rake comb, and there is no comparison between the two. This comb is cheaper, but I am now very cautious about using it at all, given the way that it arrived (unfinished).

Patty West Milford, NJ

Not so good

This comb is what I would normally use after washing my hair in the morning. But man, some days it just rips out the hair. I have shoulder length coarse hair. I like the color I guess. Still searching for a good comb to use after a wash.

Iva Wall Lake, IA

Swissco Tortoise Wet Comb Wide Tooth

This is a good product for the price. It detangles wet hair, reduces static and breakage when used on dry hair, and helps get knots out of thick, curly or delicate hair. The reason I gave it 4 stars (instead of 5) is only because I’ve been ‘spoiled’ by the Mason Pearson Rake Comb I recently purchased, which I prefer to this one. The Swissco is a good comb and does a good job doing what its description suggests, combing wet hair. It’s well worth the price, but if the choice is between a Mason Pearson Rake Comb (also Wide Tooth, with longer slimmer teeth and MUCH higher quality) and the Swissco, and the extra money is not a factor, I would definitely choose the former.

Libby Winfield, PA


This is a great comb that glides threw my waist length thin hair!! No more tangles and it don’t break or cause damage to your hair.. Also reduces static!! Well made and looks nice!

Juanita Georgetown, NY

Great detangling tool

Great for detangling thick, long, kinky textured hair. I use it on my wet or damp hair to gently detangle. It has a smooth, seamless hand finish and will not snag or break your hair.

Earnestine Cass, WV