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Swissco Tortoise Perm Comb Wide Tooth

This Swissco comb will glide smoothly without hurting the scalp. Handmade in India.

Key features

  • This comb undergoes a 12-step process to ensure you the finest quality
  • Individually cut from sheets each comb is shaped polished and shines with pumics to ensure the smoothest finish
  • Handmade in India

Honest reviews


Awesome Little Comb

This is an awesome little comb! I was looking for a cute little tortoise comb to keep in a small pocketbook, and that’s what I got, and then some. It is handmade, and however they did it, they made the edges smooth, not pointy, so that the comb just glides through your hair and does not hurt your hair and scalp like so many other combs. I plan to pick up some more as little stocking stuffers. Simply a great, quality little product.

Susan Lake Village, AR

Swissco Tortoise Perm Comb Wide Tooth

It’s very well-made, nice, good grip, no sharp edges for hair to snag on — just didn’t use it too much, as I got my hair permed and I wanted larger spaces in between the teeth. So I was primarily using this –Goody Ouchless Detangler Comb (Pack of 3)

Penelope Stewardson, IL

Awkwardly Small

I purchased this comb in addition to the Cricket Ultra Clean Section (small) comb, which was not only much better designed, but very inexpensive. This tortoise comb is pretty, snag-free, and (apparently) handmade (hence the price?), but its slick finish is hard to hold on to, which kind of defeats the purpose of using it in the shower to comb in conditioner. The teeth work just fine, no snagging, pulling, or other complaints, but this comb is not at comfortable to grasp.

Eve Copen, WV

Great for detangling

This is a nice compact seamless comb that is great for detangling my 4b hair in the shower. It’s lightweight but not flimsy.

Shawna Adna, WA

Very good comb for short natural hair

I bought this comb when my hair was relaxed, unfortunately I really found no use for it until I decided to BC my hair. I just started using it again on a whim. The comb is palm sized which is perfectly fine for me and goes through my hair with ease. Just when I didn’t think I’d have any use for this comb it happens to come in handy. I love the size, it’s well made and sturdy.

Ernestine Starkweather, ND