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Swissco Deluxe Bath Brush, Tortoise 1 ea

European Collection

Key features

  • 16.5″ long with angled handle
  • 1 piece construction

Honest reviews


Compare Yerba with Swissco

Originally I had five stars for this shower back brush. With the bike handle-bar tape wrap to increase size for gripping I loved the brush. A few months ago the handle broke about half way up from the brush. Because of that handle-bar tape it stayed together and I kept on using it. A couple days ago it broke agains where the handle connects to the brush head. Now it is useless and I am using the Yerba brush.The plastic should not break so I blame the plastic quality. I could glue or expoxy but obviously it will break again. I see there is another shower brush made out of bamboo. For $10 I will order one to try and keep using the Yerba. The Yerba head is heavy and cumbersom but it works. I have the bike handle bar wrap on the Yerba too. It is the best thing about these brushes, LOL Maybe I can take the wrap off the Swissco. Use it on Ecotools Bamboo shower brush. That bike tape cost about $20 now, yikes, LOL 12yrs ago I paid $5?Bought this and Swissco. Lots like this one and Swissco makes quality combs so worth a try. Both have advantages and by comparison disadvantages.Yerba is well made with long handle that slide/wedges in brush head for use as hand brush or long handled back brush. I like it as a hand brush and prefer the Swissco for long handle, not removable, back brush.With long handle attached Yerba brush is awkward compared to Swissco. Yerba handle is thin and head is heavier and thicker making off center weight harder to handle than Swissco. Swissco brush head is thinner and lighter and softer. Quite a bit easier to push/pull across back with less twisting torque due to lighter thinner head. However Swissco long handle has smooth ROUND edges. Swissco wants to slip/pivot in hand due to those round edges. Bike handlebar tape? Or rubber on grip? I like using the Yerba head alone in hand for arms, chest, legs, but it is rougher than Swissco so press lightly and wait til skin toughens or bristles soften with use?If I had to choose one it would be Swissco even for $7 difference. Wood resists water less than plastic over time. Might try Earth Therapeutics SHORT BODY BRUSH for front and Swissco for back. Yerba is better as hand brush without handle. That twisting heavier heads is awkward on back. My hands are extra large and I am fairly strong disc golf player.With any brush after use when wet ALWAYS lay down horizontal with bristles pointing down not against a surface just open air. Sometimes that is no easy to do. Find a way. Very important to let the water and minor soap drain down and away from bristle attachment into head. Hanging vertical is not nearly as good even if easier to do. Or hang it anyway you want and buy brushes more often. My old brush alway hung correct lasting twenty plus years clean and strong. It is an old Fuller brand with nylon bristles too far apart for soap lathering IMHO.

Bettie Sparrow Bush, NY

good bath brush

Nice and stiff, seems pretty durable, hard to wax poetic about a back washer. Actually, I use it on my whole bod and feet, feels pretty nice. A bit metro, but, hey, whatever.

Jodi Posey, CA

Nice Back Brush

I ordered this for my husband. I liked the reviews and love the brush. First, it works. Secondly, I like the materials, It is classy but doesn’t attract a lot of germs. I wanted something non wood. This has a nice look in the bath sleek and beautiful and has a nice angle that seems to be perfect for my husbands back.

Martha Dixon Springs, TN

Lovely but

But as lovely as this is it’s not for me. I have found the answer to a body scrubber is not the rather soft bristles here.

Natalia Meansville, GA

Nice bath brush

Ive had this brush for several months. Nice brush, bristles are a bit soft. The curvature makes it easier to reach tough spots. The acrylic handle and bristles dry quickly and therefore resist mold and mildew.

Candice Osseo, MI


I got this brush for my mom cause she has trouble reaching her legs and back during shower time and she loves it she said its perfect she uses it everyday recommend this to all

Tisha Pomona, NY

I do like it

Handle is long so doing the whole back is easier. This replaced one I’ve had for a while. This is better. Bristles are stiff, but not to hard which is perfect. Good back brush.

Sophia Fort Drum, NY

Shower Body brush

I can’t beleive I showred all these years without one of these it makes a great difference in the level of cleanliness

Phyllis Alkol, WV

great brush

nice soft brush to clean you back with soap while in the shower. it hold the soap with out dropping it out on the floor before it get to your back

Lenore Ellettsville, IN

Deep Cleaning Machine For Those Hard To Reach Places

It has two of the three features I most want in a back brush, it’s contoured and it’s almost long enough. (I’m 6’6" so finding one that really works is an impossibility.) Here’s the thing it needs; Where you grip it, there’s nothing to give you purchase and the slick plastic allows it to slip through your hands, particularly if your hands are wet with water and slippery soap. In all other ways I got what I thought I was getting. Some have wanted a rougher bristle but the abundance of the ones on the scrubbing surface makes up for some of that. Also, I’ve seen back brushes whose bristles were just one millimeter short of flexible steel and that was far too much.I like it, can’t say it adds or detracts to the décor of my shower but…that wasn’t the purpose.

Isabella Idaville, PA

Okay Quality

The brush is okay quality. I was really hoping for a tortoise look to the plastic to match my other bath accessories, but honestly it’s not at all what I was expecting or what the photo looks like. It’s more opaque light reddish-brown with a few swirls of black. Not the deep amber transparent/translucent you would normally associate with tortoise colored plastic. The customer photo that someone else posted is more accurate for color.

Louise Joliet, MT

Hits all of the spots I can’t reach on my back.

This brush works great for scrubbing my back with body wash, as well as putting lotion or body oil on it after my shower. The latter is especially important in the Winter, when the air is extra dry from heaters and such. No more dry, itchy back!

Helen Goodwin, SD


Good quality for a bath brush. Plastic handle which I though would be wooden. No trouble with it in the shower so far.

Leona Liverpool, TX

Nice Scrub

This brush provides a nice scrub and is long enough to clean your back. I would recommend this to everyone. The brush is about 16 1/2 inches long. This includes the head of the brush.

Kristine Clermont, IA

Nice brush

Does what it’s supposed to do and has a curved handle so that helps get everything. Bristles are still enough but not too stiff for me.

Janelle Wamego, KS

Very good bath brush

I wanted a brush that wasn’t wood and that wouldn’t rot out very quickly and I’m so glad I chose this brush. The angle of the handle is great for getting the back and other parts of the body. While the bristles start out as being a bit tough, they have softened out over time and now deliver good exfoliation with no irritation. Also, this brush, at least for me, foams up just fine. Doesn’t get super sudsy like a loofah, but I think it’s perfectly sufficient for a brush. The only problem that seems to be universally agreed upon is the lack of a rubber grip. The smooth plastic this is made of is attractive, sturdy and is holding up well to extended use, but it gets very slippery. This is a relatively small problem that doesn’t ruin this quality product for me. Affordable and durable, I will definitely buy this again.

Aimee Donalsonville, GA

Better Than the Wooden Ones!

Really nice bath brush that does a good job of rubbing soap around and also getting that itching back during the winter months! The bristles are a little soft compared to a natural hog bristle wooden brush I owned that cracked and shed the prickly pieces all over the shower floor. The handle has a nice curve that makes getting to those hard spots easier. From the way it is put together I believe the brush should last a nice long while. It’s a keeper and would buy again!

Bonita Lostine, OR

Nice brush

Great idea to bend it for better back scratching with bristles that don’t stab you but bend and scrub as hoped for.

Monika Yauco, PR

Nice looking brush thingie!

It’s really nice, heavy plastic, but has a great appearance of tortoise. The bristles are pretty stiff, which I love. You know. To remove back barnacles and such.

Delores Kunkletown, PA