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Swissco Clear Acrylic Hand Held Mirror 1X/10X, 8.1-Ounce

This Swissco Clear Acrylic Handheld Mirror had 10X magnification and normal view.

Key features

  • Acrylic hand held mirror
  • 1X/10X Magnification
  • 2 Sided glass mirror

Honest reviews


Pretty good, but…not good enough

I have a 12x Tweezerman-brand mirror that I have been using to apply makeup without my glasses. And it’s a great magnification level, but it’s only about the size of a post-it note, so I can only work by closing the ‘off’ eye, putting the other eye in the center of the mirror, and applying my makeup to that eye. A nuisance. This Swissco mirror was the only one I could find that was:(a) affordable(b) a high magnification level(c) a large mirror surface (so I can use both eyes), and(d) ships directly from Amazon so I get Prime shipping 🙂 (a minor consideration and I see it is no longer available from Amazon).Unfortunately, with my eyes as bad as they are, a 10x is just not good enough. I could see both eyes, and I could focus on one eye with that same eye, but could feel my ‘off’ eye roving around trying to get comfortable, and it couldn’t. This will do for emergencies, but I’m off to find a 12 or 15x handheld that I can afford.Just FYI, my reading glass prescription is +2.00. I do wear prescription glasses, but if you want to compare how this mirror might work for you, the reading glass thing is a guideline.

Ladonna Rena Lara, MS

best mirror

Finally a decent hand mirror that’s large enough to see my entire face! The other side is a regular mirror. I would be lost without it.

Sybil Stump Creek, PA

Nice Mirror

I use this mirror both at home and when traveling as it fits nicely in my luggage and is lightweight. Great for both putting on make up and plucking eyebrows. If you want to see your whole face then I would suggest going 5x instead of 10x magnification. Could not find the stand in the box but then it may have gotten thrown out accidentally so I cannot comment as to whether it works.

Jeanine Kingston, WA

Ideal Hand Mirror

This is my ideal hand mirror. The handle is slim and easy to hold. The mirror is a good size but light weight to hold for any length of time. The quality of the glass mirror is excellent, giving true to life reflection. The magnification side has a small sticker towards the bottom saying "10XMagnification" so I immediately know which side is which. The clear Lucite styling is classic and would go with most dressing tables or counter tops. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Diane Toluca Lake, CA

10X, wow!

This mirror is a little on the small side, but the 10X lets me see things I didn’t even know existed (a little scary). Good quality glass.

Margaret Wetmore, CO