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Swissco Bath and Spa Pillow with Suction Cups

Bath & spa pillow w /suction cups

Key features

  • Spa pillow
  • With suction cups
  • Large size

Honest reviews


You haven’t had a bath if you haven’t used a bath pillow

First off bath pillows are great and this one is no exception!! Really not too much to say other than great comfort, the suction cups keep it nice and tight on the bath tub, and best of all it isn’t like those cloth ones where it stays damp for a week.GREAT PRODUCT!!

Mina Port Hadlock, WA

Really Ideal for me

I don’t take baths that often, but on occasion I like to lay and soak to relax or when I’m feeling less than perfect. We have a smaller tub that has a vertical back instead of a slope. (Similar to another reviewer). This makes laying in the tub alone horrifically uncomfortable. I felt a little silly buying a tub pillow since I really don’t use the tub that often, but since it is impossible to use the tub without it, I decided to go for it. I ended up turning the pillow long ways, and it works perfectly, wonderfully comfortable! I don’t have an ounce of complaint. People have mentioned the suction cups not working, but the way I use it my upper back is actually on the pillow so I imagine my body weight is holding it in place. I don’t have any issues with it moving even though I don’t worry about engaging the suction cups. Now that I think of it, I haven’t actually tried it horizontally (the conventional way). I guess it worked so well vertically that there was no need to experiment. I can’t attest to any durability of it, because I use it so infrequently and have only had it for a very short while. I’m really happy that I purchased it.

Viola Falkville, AL

Not that great

This doesn’t work that great.The suction cups don’t suction and the pillow isn’t that comfortable.But, it does the job.Not much else to say.

Marcella Lost Hills, CA


This pillow is everything they advertised. It’s very comfortable & the little suction cups work well. Not sure yet as to whether I’ll have a mildew problem as I’ve only used it 4 times.

Marisol Palm Bay, FL

Great pillow, turns my garden tub into a spa!

After we bought a new hot water heater, I was finally able to take long baths and enjoy my large garden tub. The only problem was the hard tub when I tried to lie back. This pillow fixed the problem immediately! I can bend the pillow and use the suction cups so that I stretch from one corner to another. Or I can use the suction cups and lie straight back. The suction cups hold well, even in hot humid conditions (like a bath tub!). This was an inexpensive and practical solution that has made me more comfortable in my garden tub!

Noreen Middlebury, VT

It works!

I’ve tried many bathtub pillows but this is my favorite so far. It’s not too cumbersome, the suction cups actually work and the price is right.

Rosalind Eloy, AZ

It’s alright

I had high hopes for this pillow but it’s ok at best. It’s nothing really special and the shape isn’t the most comfortable. Though that could just be how my tub is shaped that it doesn’t fit it well. It also seemed to act as a sponge for water if it came in contact with it. I’m keeping it just incase but will probably buy a replacement sooner than not.

Keisha Benavides, TX


I am getting older and I use one of these to sit on in bathtub and one behind my head

Paige Marksville, LA

Very sturdy

Happy with my purchase. It is very good quality and the price was right. Here is my only problem, having the time to soak in a bathtub undisturbed!

Juliet Puckett, MS

Bath & spa pillow

I bought 3 of these, 1 for niece, 1 for sister & 1 for mom. They were thrilled with the pillows.

Kelly Adjuntas, PR


This is a comfy bath pillow that stays in place well and last a long time. The only complaint I have is that it got moldy in the little holes after sitting after showers and it was impossible to clean. I tried soaking it in bleach and scrubbing it, but nothing worked and I had to throw it away. It a great product, but eventually can’t be cleaned.

Shauna Efland, NC