Swiss-Ultimate Eye Serum with Argireline + Essential Oil Therapy – New Anti-Wrinkle Technology – Order Risk Free!

No painful needle treatments here! Swiss-Ultimate Serum contains a completely new, high-tech blend of ingredients to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Mixed with an extremely effective, highly concentrated blend of potent moisturizers from nature. Our professional-grade European treatment is specially-designed for women and men who desire real results that work deep-down with your skin (not just short-term fixes). And are willing to follow treatment guidance for 30 to 60-days. Because all-new, European technology is now straight out of the lab… allowing you to benefit from reduced appearance of your wrinkles… but without any needles, whatsoever. Instead, this new treatment is in the form of a special serum application you simply place under and around your eyes (once in the morning and once at night, before bedtime). – Formulated with the high concentration ingredients (including Argireline & IlomaStat) – Organic Seaweed extract base (ensures even-distribution to your skin) – Advanced delivery system (patent-pending 100% airtight, no-needle syringe maintains freshness) – Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes, within 3-5 minutes – Brings oxygen and additional nutrients to your eye area. Can also be used on other wrinkle-prone areas, such as the forehead & around the mouth – Involves no injections, ever – Contains no fragrance (so as to be non-irritating) – Can be used as a stand-alone application (or with other skin care products, as you choose) FREE BONUS: Sonic-Infusion Skincare device, uses ultrasonic-vibration & micro-electric pulses to gently ‘push’ your treatments deeper). Makes treatments more effective. Fully performance guaranteed within 90-days, or 100% of your money back. Please click the orange Add to Cart button now to take advantage of our guaranteed lowest, sale price!

Key features

  • Skeptical of anti-wrinkle appearance claims? Then don’t take our word for it (and KEEP your two FREE gifts, just for trying). 5-star reviews from our valued Amazon users show proof & real results. 100% genuine & certified Swiss-Ultimate Serum
  • Swiss-Ultimate Eye Serum is specially formulated by scientists, for medium to long-term anti-wrinkle benefits. To reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles & dark circles commonly associated with ages 33-69 years. Try it 100% RISK-FREE for 90-days. FULL MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – You can’t lose
  • Delivered FREE automatically with today’s order; your FREE, FDA-registered Sonic-Infusion ‘wrinkle-eraser’ wand (uses ultrasonic vibration & negative-ion micro-electric pulses to gently ‘push’ treatments deeper) + Wrinkle Grade Guide …You KEEP these items FREE, even if you later decide today’s purchase is not for you…
  • Years of dedicated European lab research, finally pays off. FDA registered cosmetic treatment
  • We ship daily from the USA… to the world. 100% Needle-Free Treatment in patented syringe pack – dispenses accurately every time, with zero contamination or evaporation [keep reading below for additional benefits]…

Honest reviews


Used up in 2 weeks

There’s not much in this applicator. You are supposed to see results in 28 days but I am already out of product. I used just one spurt for around my eyes and one for my forehead. I don’t see any difference.

Juana New Geneva, PA

Break out

I unfortunately did break out from using this product, for the first tim ever got 2 red marks , similar to a mosquito bite? , next to my eye! I only applied the product to the left side of my face and also on my laugh lines it broke me out.The seller Ultimate Cosmetics was awesome. I did not even have to send the product back, but he send me for free the full size version of a copper and peptide serum/creme that I now been using for 4 days. Stil have to review it , but give this product a try. Everyones skin is different .

Camilla Hooksett, NH

Allergic reaction…

After using it for a few weeks, it caused a pretty bad allergic reaction. My eyes got swollen and super red. As for the result of diminishing the appearance of wrinkles, I did not notice any difference…. maybe one month is not enough to see results (since it caused an allergic reaction, I had to stop using it).

Shelby Mayville, WI

Its an OK product

How to start about this product…I liked it overall. I purchased it based on the presence of Argireline within the elements due to its properties. I used it for quite some time, and I noticed a difference mostly on the appearence of the fine lines under eyes which were slightly diminished.What I liked about this product was the presentation: a syringe type of container. It makes it easier to apply and lasts quite some time, I might say like 2-3 months (in my case, maybe a little bit more). I used it every day and every night.To be honest I finished it and ended buying another product. Maybe this serum could work better on people not having wrinkles or fine lines to help control or prevent them. Im not saying that I have deep wrinkles or anything like that, is just that I didnt feel a huge difference by the end of the treatment, so It was either I had to buy another tube or keep looking for a formula that better suits my needs, and I decided for this latter.Now, what I definately liked was the company I was buying from, excellent customer service and amazing follow up, not to mention their gift cards which were an extra bonus on purchases I made on amazon. I would definately recommend this seller and I will buy from them again, not necessarily this eye serum but I might consider some other products.

Peggy Friendship, OH

The most reputable company around

After reading all the positive reviews about Swiss Ultimate Eye Serum I decided to give it a try. It arrived quickly and the product came in a wonderful dispenser. I called the company because I had just relocated from another state and my skin was not tolerating any new products. I spoke to a gentleman named Roger. He was knowledgable, courteous, and very accommodating. I was not looking for a refund, but he provided me with a very generous solution. Thank you Roger for renewing my faith.When our conversation was over I must say I was very impressed. In all my years of purchasing on Amazon I have never had the customer service, and professionalism from a seller like this. I think Amazon is fortunate to have a company who not only stands behind their product, but caters to the highest standards of customers satisfaction too! I truly understand the success behind their product. Read every positive review posted about this company because it’s true! I will continue to purchase because of my experience. Thank you!

Stella Worthington Springs, FL

The ULTIMATE FIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ladies & Gents, I thought I had found a good product prior to this one. I ordered “Swiss Ultimate Eye Serum” to try against my other. What a surprize! It was/is beyond awesome! I have only used it for a week & overnight I experienced a miracle! The skin looks tighter, makeup glides & doesn’t drag nor streak. I apply night & day, needing very little & also apply to smile lines. I have finally discovered the ULTIMATE eye creame!!! All that I read delivered the promises it claimed. Obviously, if you need plastique surgery nothing will work. This is UNIQUE!!! My clientele are going to go CRAZY!!!!This same product line will be launching a new Serum named “MD-Direct Serum.” To be selling online commencing 16th of April. I, most definitely,be the first in line & a devoted user. I can’t imagine being able to travel w/only 2 products for my face…What a delight!Delivery was prompt. Packaging was in safe surroundings (don’t leave in heat nor cold.) I am a licensed Cosmolologist,skin consultant,designer (for both sexes.) These products can/should be used for both genders.Purchase for yourself, your man or as a gift for parents. You can’t go wrong, I promise!ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeannette Harrellsville, NC


I read all the reviews of this product on Amazon and, what can I say, I ordered it. I sincerely did not see a difference that was worth the cost of this product. Please read my review of Skin Science, headed Soft Skin, instead. I will say the shipping, timeliness and packaging of the item was fine. Just have other products I like better!

Terry Stromsburg, NE

Love the product!

I really like this product. It’s very mosturizing for my eyes. I will probaby buy again when I run out, but you only have to use a small amount, and I love that’s it’s pre-measured for you…I’m hoping this saves me money, but it was worth ever penny I paid for it. 🙂

Maggie West Point, NE

On my 2nd tube!

I really like this lotion. I could really tell a big difference in my dirk circles under my eyes and even my husband said they really lightened up within 2 weeks. I’m 38 and don’t have crows feet, but the wrinkles under my eyes seem to be finer. I have extremely sensitive skin, but haven’t had any issues with it at all. I love the pump dispenser since it keeps the product sealed so air can only get to the lotion once it is pumped onto your finger, plus it gives you the exact amount needed for your eye area and it goes on so smoothly and isn’t greasy. It is almost identical to another argireline eye serum and is much cheaper, so I can’t complain about that.The only con I have is that the sticker goes all the way around the dispenser tube so you have no idea when you are running low and another order needs to be placed. I ran out and had to wait about 10 days before my new order arrived, which was frustrating. Also the product packaging materials look a bit like they are from a home computer and not a company since they arrive on neon yellow copy paper, but for the product ingredients and price I don’t have a problem with it.Recommend!

Mayra Jackson, NC