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Swiss O Par Eyelash & Brow Dye Tint Color Kit BLACK

Swiss O Par is Europes Best Selling Eyebrow and Eyelash Color Kit Takes minutes to apply and lasts 4 to 6 weeks! Allows you to color your own eyelashes and eyebrows for a fraction of what it would cost in a salon! Very easy to use! It takes just a minute to apply the color and unlike mascara, Swiss o Par is totally waterproof! Each Package contains fixing liquid, color gel, eyelash leaves, cotton wool applicators coloring comb and illustrated instructions. Instructions are in German, French, Spanish, Italian and English. Kit will do at 10 applications. That is enough for a whole year or more! To Apply: 1. Clean the eyebrow and eyelashes and place the eyelash leaves on the skin below the eye 2. Wet the hair with the fixing liquid. Dip the cotton wool applicator into the fixing liquid and apply to the hair to be dyed. Repeat 2 to 3 times. Leave for a minute. 3. Apply the color gel to one side of the small comb or brush included in your kit and comb through wet hair. The coloring is then complete and any remaining gel should be washed off immediately. Swiss-o-Par lash and brow dye can be used in the comfort of your own home without the need to visit a salon – and at a fraction of the cost Swiss o Par does NOT contain any of the harsh coal tar derivatives or hydrogen peroxide bleaching agents. The product is non-hazardous and non-toxic & is specifically designed for home use. The product is perfectly safe if used as directed. If either ingredient comes into contact with the eye wash immediately and thoroughly with water until the stinging is relieved The bleaching agents are: 1,2,4 trihydroxybenzene citric acid sodium sulfite disodium PEG-5 laurylcitrate sulfosuccinate SLS The dye element contains: silver nitrate ammonium hydroxide acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer New packaging but same fantastic product!

Key features

  • Color your own eyelashes or eyebrows for a fraction of salon cost!
  • Lasts up to 6 weeks
  • 10 applications or 1 years worth
  • Non-hazardous and non-toxic and is specifically designed for home use.
  • Very easy to use, takes minutes!

Honest reviews


Cure for Blonde Lashes

I have pale blonde eyelashes and have tried various dyes that never quite took them to black. This stuff made them jet black and lasts forever! It was a bit hard to use but well worth the effort! I don’t have to use mascara at all now. Awesome stuff!

Kristie Achille, OK

Good for blondes AND sensitive eyes

So, first realize that this is NOT going to make you look like you are wearing mascara. It WILL make nearly invisible lashes darker.Because I’ve used eyelash tints before, I knew the weird little comb thingy that comes with the kit is awkward and basically worthless if you don’t want to get the tint all over your skin!I ordered some inexpensive, disposable mascara brushes to apply this which works much better – especially when trying to get those tiny lashes on the inner and outer corners of your eyes.Make sure your lashes are clean and dry before you start!I don’t suggest doing both eyes at once! One eye at a time works best and, if you have longer hair, put a head band on to keep from getting this stuff in your bangs and hair that may fall forward when you do this.Don’t rush the application and take your time to apply the step one gel first to all the lashes. I do 2 coats. Then, carefully apply the tint. The color will appear right away. If you get sloppy with step one and get any on your skin, if the gel tint touches it, you will have stains on your skin.It doesn’t take much product so it should last for several application. I’ve noticed that the color lasts about 3 weeks.Again, if you have short lashes, this will give you short, dark lashes! It’s great to have some color when you go without make up. I find I use less mascara after tinting because my very light colored lashes have color to start with.While there are other tinting kits out there that are stronger thus the tint lasts longer, this formula is far better for sensitive skin and eyes!I dinged one star because I think they should include more under-eye protection papers with the kit!

Augusta Canadys, SC

product hard to control

Don’t use this kit to dye lashes. Using all the aids they suggest, you will still get dye all around your eyes, and it is impossible to get off quickly enough. You end up with black stain all around the skin on your upper and lower lashes that doesn’t come off for days, almost a week, really. Use a dye that comes in capsules that you blend with the peroxide and apply, together, but be very careful and follow directions and DON’T get it in your eye. If you do the whole operation is finished, it takes awhile to rinse it out and get over the pain. Better yet, have it done professionally.

Wendi Tarzana, CA

not for me

Smells a little funny and made my eyes sting a bit. Just not fore me, so I gave it 2 my sister.

Jean Ulster, PA


This lash tint kit did work to tint my eyelashes (they went from brown to black) and it wasn’t terribly complicated to use, but it IS a little scary that it’s permanent on skin. Be careful! When I am super careful and am conscious of every move I’m making, I don’t have any problems, but if I make one wrong move I sometimes get a smudge. I haven’t noticed any irritation from the product, but I also tend to keep it mostly on the ends of my lashes since that’s where I need darkening the most.Tips: Do this when you’re not tired, are feeling focused, and don’t have anything distracting going on. Also, applying some jojoba oil or eye cream to the skin underneath the lash leaves helps them stay on the skin well and protect you better. I usually do just one eye at a time so that I have less going on and can be more focused on each eye.Be aware that when they say “12 Applications”, they really mean 6 total applications, x2 for each eye. This is apparent because they only supply 12 lash leaves, not 24. However, it appears based on the bottles of product that there is probably enough product for more than 12 (6×2) applications, so if you can purchase more lash leaves separately you can probably get more uses out of this.

Merle Clio, IA